Scenes from a Mall

Trump’s press secretary said many stupid, mock-worthy things during the “reboot” press briefing today, but one set of talking points pissed me off on a personal level. Via TPM:

White House press secretary Sean Spicer downplayed on Monday the massive women’s rights marches that took place Saturday in Washington, D.C. and across the United States, saying that protestors were actually “not against anything,” let alone Donald Trump.

That car trip my crew and I took over the weekend? Not an afternoon drive. And this isn’t a photo of some friends who just happened to be chilling in the same space:

Millions of us marched, in cities all over the fucking world. We marched to reclaim our status as full citizens of this country, after the election of Spicer’s boss implied our worth as human beings is linked to some leering, tiny-fingered old goat’s opinion of our boobs.

More broadly, we marched to send a message that Trumpism isn’t the future of this country, that those of us who embrace a diverse, inclusive, equal future are still here, and that we won’t give up without a fight. Read more

Spicer: Take Two (Open Thread)

Looks like Spicer is going to take a second run at the press. Let me know how it turns out. I can’t bear to watch.

Open Thread

Early Morning Open Thread: Well Somebody Has A Size Complex…

It was a really, very very small, inadequate, totally SAD! crowd…

Never to be overlooked: YOU OWN THIS, REPUBS!

Early Morning Open Thread: Brace Yourselves

Figure I put this out there, for completeness, after which I’m gonna ignore the whole thing. I usually sleep from 6am-2pmEST, so by the time I get up, the ceremony will be over, Murphy the Trickster God willing. I’m sure someone will alert us if the old man actually drops trou and takes a dump on the podium, or if Steve Bannon attempts to Oswald Jared Kushner while all eyes are on Chief Justice Roberts…

The NYTimes, does, incidentally, include the Women’s March as the capper of the weekend. Complete with interactive graphic of the Sister Marches all over the world!

Friday in DC it’ll be… pissing down rain:

Samantha Bee Vs. SpokesCobra

Cobra never had a chance. Open thread.

Open Thread: Palin Wept


All of them, Katie!

Yeah, I think Sam Bee is right — the President-Asterisk can’t read, at least not with any fluency. And he’s too spoilt to put in the effort to overcome his deficits.

(I always suspected Dubya was an unacknowledged dyslexic / ADD sufferer, but at least his parents had taught him to fake an interest. Sometimes. “All right, you’ve covered your ass… “)

REPOST: Women’s March On (Your City Here): Let’s Meet-Up

Artwork is attributed to Patrick Sean Farley (though I could not verify)

Reposting this  by request:

When Betty posted about attending  about attending the Women’s March on Washington, I saw there were a lot of people going to local marches. There is one in Denver:

Women’s March on Denver

January 21, 2017
9 am – 3 pm
Denver’s Civic Center Park
Marching in Solidarity for Human Rights…

Any Colorado folk want to do a meet-up for the march. Even if I can’t make it, I’ll help organize it.

Why don’t we use this thread to see if we there is any interest for meetups in other cities.

And I’m hoping Betty C and anyone else going to the marches will live blog/tweet their adventures – or at least provide photos after the fact.

If you have photos from your event, email them to me (whats4dinnersolutions at live dot com) and I’ll put together a post after the events.