“Radicals, Perverts and Liberals”

As a companion piece to Anne Laurie’s post last night about so-called Christians embracing Combover Caligula, here’s the brilliant Samantha Bee entertainingly and accurately describing how the religious right was welded to the Republican Party decades ago:

Shorter Bee: There’s nothing new about god-bothering conservative busy-bodies jettisoning the principles of their faith in the scramble for political power. It’s who they’ve been all along.

DOJ and North Carolina

Loreta Lynch just spoke and basically put a stiletto heel in Gov. McCrory’s ass, telling them where to stick his lawsuit:

The U.S. government filed a lawsuit Monday against North Carolina saying that state entities were in violation of provisions in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Title IX the Education Acts Amendment of 1972 and the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act that outlaw discrimination on the basis of sex. The lawsuit comes hours after Gov. Pat McCrory sued the Justice Department, asking a federal court to rule whether the state’s so-called bathroom bill violated U.S. law.

She was openly contemptuous of these knuckle draggers, and offered a full throated defense of transgendered persons. Good. As I noted elsehwere, I simply do not understand these bigoted culture warriors, because I just don’t have the energy to be such a busybody to tell everyone how to live their life. I don’t understand why who pisses where is such a big deal, and it isn’t because of men perving on little girls in bathrooms. There are already laws against that.

I’m also sick of the argument that liberals are trying to “normalize” X, where X is whatever the reich wing jeebus freaks have decided is the target du jour, whether it be homosexuality, transgenders, etc. Homosexuality and transgender individuals are normal. It happens naturally. It’s not something that happens as commonly as heterosexuality, but it is quite normal.

When these jackasses say they don’t want something like homosexuality normalized, what they mean is that they don’t want to have to stop brutalizing homosexuals and transgenders both physically and emotionally and socially. They want them back in the closet, so they don’t have to confuse their pretty little heads with something that scares them or that they don’t understand. What they really mean is not that they don’t want homosexuality “normalized,” what they mean is that they want to continue to treat normal people like shit for no reason or because Jeebus told them to. Or because it makes them feel superior or because they see political gain. Or because they are sociopaths. Or because they themselves are having feelings for the same sex or are confused about their gender identity and it scares the living shit out of them because they are surrounded by people like them who have spent their entire lives telling that that is wrong. Or some combination of all of the above.

So fuck them. You know what I would like normalized? People minding their own fucking business, and not worrying about who is fucking who or which disgusting fucking rest stop bathroom someone decides to take a shit in. If it’s not happening in your bedroom, shut the fuck up. It ain’t your business. If Laverne Cox demands to take a shit in your home’s bathroom, you have a say. Until then, shut the fuck up. That’s what I would like normalized.

Breaking News: Alabama Chief Justice Moore Suspended (Again…)

Once again the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission (h/t: RawStory) has brought charges against Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Chief Justice Moore is being charged with violating judicial ethics in regards to same sex marriage by instructing Alabama probate judges to ignore both a Federal Court ruling and the Supreme Court rulings legalizing same sex marriages. He will be suspended with pay until his case is resolved before the Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission. Here’s a link to the complaint. Consider this a late night/early morning open thread.

Maybe Just Repeal the Damned Bill, Jackass

Today, Deutsches Bank became the latest to tell the bigoted shitheel Tarheel state to piss off:

Deutsche Bank (DBKGn.DE) is freezing plans to create 250 new jobs in North Carolina after the state enacted a law last month that opponents say discriminates against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens.

The announcement on Tuesday by Germany’s largest lender follows other corporate protests of the law, one of a number of measures pitting LGBT equality rights against religious freedoms in state legislatures across the United States.

The North Carolina law prohibits anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. It also bars transgender people from using bathrooms or locker rooms in schools and other public facilities that do not match the sex on their birth certificate.

“We take our commitment to building inclusive work environments seriously,” Deutsche Bank co-Chief Executive Officer John Cryan said in a statement.

This led to another flop sweat filled maneuver from the NC governor:

What he signed, however does nothing, really:

In fact, the executive order mostly seems to reiterate what the law already allows. Under the law, it’s already legal for private employers to set their own bathroom and locker room policies, and local governments and private employers can already set up their own nondiscrimination policies for their own employees. There was zero doubt about this prior to the executive order.

So these are not the problems with the law. Again, the actual criticisms are about the anti-trans bathroom law for schools and government buildings and the ban on cities and counties passing nondiscrimination laws for LGBTQ people. If anything, the executive order doubles down on the former.

As the American Civil Liberties Union put it, the executive order “is a band-aid on a brain hemorrhage.”

I read piece the other day on the anniversary of Sherman’s March about how Sherman was basically the only one to understand what these backwoods racist redneck peckerwoods were all about, and that he was going to give them what they wanted because it was the only damned thing they understood:

“The only way the people of Atlanta can hope once more to live in peace and quiet at home, is to stop the war, which can only be done by admitting that it began in error and is perpetuated in pride.

“You have heretofore read public sentiment in your newspapers, that live by falsehood and excitement; and the quicker you seek for truth in other quarters, the better. I repeat then that, by the original compact of government, the United States had certain rights in Georgia, which have never been relinquished and never will be; that the South began the war by seizing forts, arsenals, mints, custom-houses, etc., etc., long before Mr. Lincoln was installed, and before the South had one jot or tittle of provocation. I myself have seen in Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi, hundreds and thousands of women and children fleeing from your armies and desperadoes, hungry and with bleeding feet…But these comparisons are idle. I want peace, and believe it can only be reached through union and war, and I will ever conduct war with a view to perfect an early success.” Seems clear enough, right? “I just took your city, and out-thought as well as out-fought your generals and troops (and by the way, just to lay another fond Southern myth to rest, the Confederate troops who faced Sherman’s army were inferior, not just in numbers or equipment, but man-for-man, one-on-one, as they showed in dozens of battles)—so are you going to wake up and stop whistling Dixie, you loons?”

It’s war they want, it’s war they will get. They haven’t changed at all- the neo-confederate religious bigots are just as entrenched in their own idiocy as they were 150 years ago. The only things that have changed is their memory of their last humiliation has faded and now it is a new minority class that is the subject of their anger.

I hope this will shake some sense into the bigot caucus in West Virginia, but I don’t have my hopes up.

Everyone Hates Ted


That New York Values quip from the right-wing Bible humper is paying dividends:

Rep. Peter King of New York said in a radio interview on Thursday that New Yorkers should not vote for Ted Cruz in the state’s upcoming primary.

“Let me say something about the New York primary: Any New Yorker who even thinks of voting for Ted Cruz should have their head examined,” King said on the Joe Piscopo Show on AM 970 The Answer. “Really, here’s a guy who refused to sign onto the 9/11 health care act for the cops and fireman. Here’s a guy who talks about New York values.”

“New York keeps going forward,” King continued, citing the city’s response to 9/11. “We’re tough, and to have some guy like Ted Cruz with cowboy boots walk around criticizing us. Look, I hope he gets the cold shoulder and other things from every New Yorker. Send him back where he belongs. He’s a phony, and that was all off the record by the way. I don’t want anyone listening. That was all off the record.”

“I just can’t stand that guy,” he added.

No one likes him. No one.

Adios, Bigots

Paypal bids NC a fond farewell:

In a move that will cost the city hundreds of jobs, PayPal on Tuesday scrapped plans for a new Charlotte operations center in the most dramatic corporate response yet to a new North Carolina law that limits the legal protections of LGBT individuals.

The payment processor’s decision led to renewed calls for Gov. Pat McCrory and the state legislature to overturn a law that has drawn criticism from big companies such as Bank of America and American Airlines as well as sports organizations such as the NBA. The CEO of Red Ventures, a prominent Charlotte-area marketing and technology firm, on Tuesday said he would “seriously reconsider” adding jobs in the state because of the legislation approved last month.

N.C. Attorney General Roy Cooper, a Democrat running against McCrory in this November’s election, said the legislation, known as House Bill 2, poses a threat to the state’s economy.

“These are new, better paying jobs North Carolina won’t get because Governor McCrory has put his political ideology above all else,” Cooper said. “It’s time to reverse course and take actions to undo the damage.”

WV voted down our religious bigotry bill, it sure would be nice if maybe someone like PayPal would give us a looksie. It’s not being overdramatic to say 400 jobs like that could be a game changer here for a community. Plus, if it works out, maybe more companies will show up.

Easter Afternoon Open Thread

gop happy easter deering

(John Deering via GoComics.com)

Speaking of Lucifer’s testicles… (I owe someone a hat tip for the link to that parody site, and as soon as I find out who it was they’re getting a bill for brain bleach.)

And another Easter treat for those of us who grew up in the Catholic/Christian traditions: