Thursday Morning Open Thread: Holiday Cat Greetings


Getting into the holiday spirit, without the indignity of wearing a party hat. From cat whisperer WereBear:

Per your request, here is Tristan, enjoying our Holiday Rug, an annual tradition.

I get a cheap holiday themed rug every year, lay it in an open space, and it becomes a cave, a mountain, and a wrestling ring — the virtual boundaries draw the cats like a magnet.

(Click here for full explanation, on WereBear’s Way of Cats blog.)

Also, a(nother) great piece from Ta-Nehesi Coates, in the Atlantic — “My President Was Black“:

… Last spring, I went to the White House to meet the president for lunch. I arrived slightly early and sat in the waiting area. I was introduced to a deaf woman who worked as the president’s receptionist, a black woman who worked in the press office, a Muslim woman in a head scarf who worked on the National Security Council, and an Iranian American woman who worked as a personal aide to the president. This receiving party represented a healthy cross section of the people Donald Trump had been mocking, and would continue to spend his campaign mocking. At the time, the president seemed untroubled by Trump. When I told Obama that I thought Trump’s candidacy was an explicit reaction to the fact of a black president, he said he could see that, but then enumerated other explanations. When assessing Trump’s chances, he was direct: He couldn’t win.

This assessment was born out of the president’s innate optimism and unwavering faith in the ultimate wisdom of the American people—the same traits that had propelled his unlikely five-year ascent from Illinois state senator to U.S. senator to leader of the free world…

… I came to regard Obama as a skilled politician, a deeply moral human being, and one of the greatest presidents in American history. He was phenomenal—the most agile interpreter and navigator of the color line I had ever seen. He had an ability to emote a deep and sincere connection to the hearts of black people, while never doubting the hearts of white people. This was the core of his 2004 keynote, and it marked his historic race speech during the 2008 campaign at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center—and blinded him to the appeal of Trump. (“As a general proposition, it’s hard to run for president by telling people how terrible things are,” Obama once said to me.)

But if the president’s inability to cement his legacy in the form of Hillary Clinton proved the limits of his optimism, it also revealed the exceptional nature of his presidential victories. For eight years Barack Obama walked on ice and never fell. Nothing in that time suggested that straight talk on the facts of racism in American life would have given him surer footing…

It’s a long read, but even if you don’t have time for it now, I wanted to make sure you could bookmark it for later — given the pace of new outrages news right now.
Apart from that, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Possible SoCal Meet-Up?

From respected Cascadia commentor OpieJeanne:

We will be in SoCal by Monday evening and someone suggested a meet-up next time we are in the Los Angeles area. Probably Mnemosyne. We’ll be there until the 20th, so maybe we can meet some people.

We’re staying in Blue Jay but we have a car and can travel. Saturday ( the 17th) is the only date we’re unavailable.

JPL told me to email you to post about it.

If you don’t want to put your personal info in the comments, send me an email at annelaurie dot verizon dot net, and I’ll hook you up with each other.

PRE-Thanksgiving Meetup Pic!

Sorry to be late getting this posted! But we had a super little meetup in Chinatown Monday night.


From left to right: JAFD, RedDirtGirl, Stuart, Me, and my partner JT .

The conversation was great, and of course it was wonderful to be among kindred souls post election and pre holiday. And a special shoutout to commenter Sue?? who, when we initially said we were going to meet at Joe’s Shanghai said it was kind of touristy and suggested this nearby alternative:

Shanghai Cuisine, 89-91 Bayard Street , 212-732-8988

Which turned out to be amazing!

Open thread follows…

Meetups in NYC, Montclair (NJ), and (sorta) Rochester, NY

My partner and I are doing our Thanksgiving jaunt, and I’d love to meet some Juicers en route. Please email me at if you’d like to join any of the below events. (Also please email me even if you already did, as my email has been craptastic lately.)

I guess we’ll have some stuff to talk about…

New York (Manhattan)
Monday, November 21
Dinner@ 6:30 p.m.
Venue: TBD based on who is coming (suggestions welcome)

Montclair, NJ
Saturday, November 26 (post Thanksgiving)
Morning Coffee @ 10:00 a.m.
Javalove Coffee Shop & Espresso Bar
Montclair Center – 49 Church Street
NOTE: NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair. NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair. NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair.

Rochester, NY
Monday, November 28
Not a BJ meetup but I will be speaking on effective vegan activism and you’re welcome to attend the free potluck and talk. (If you do please say hi!)
Vegan Potluck: 5:30
My talk begins: 7:00 p.m.
Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Ave., 3rd floor (follow signs)
Space limited – preregistration required (email me).

Also open thread!

Open Thread: Hillary Clinton, President & Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi Rally in Philadelphia, PA

(h/t commentor Hovercraft)

Suspect there will be some fireworks at this rally…

Meanwhile: What’s on the agenda for the evening?

Open Thread: North of Boston Meet-Up Proof of Life

Jonathan (lurker), EFGoldman, Mrs. EFGoldman, Jeff R

A smallish group, but select — and the food was delicious. I underestimated how noisy it would get during the Saturday rush, though.

Photos by Mary (Lakhe), who thereby avoided having her own included. Also not shown, by request, Tenar.

We agreed (as always) that we need to do this again, preferably at a venue more suited for talking. Anybody got suggestions for an eatery in Waltham, Cambridge, Brookline, or that area?

How about those of you in New Hampshire or Maine — maybe in Portsmouth? Or Manchester?

Mike (Cataphract), AL’s Spousal Unit, Anne Laurie

Alright You Unsympathetic Jackals…

Y’all want me to quit kvetching about something on the internet? That’s practically active sympathy for Putin in my book, but Bqhatevwr.

Y’all want something a little more inspiring? Well, intercourse yourselves sideways with an oxidized agricultural implement, but here you go anyway, because I love you folks.

This is Tikka 2016, getting ready for his next campaign speech.


And here he is unwinding after a demanding five minutes or so on the campaign trail:


So drink these in until you’re catatonic.