NYC update

To update the post below, I will stay in the upper west side of Manhattan tomorrow night before an interview on Thursday, so if anyone knows a good place to hang out please share it in the comments. I know this is a last minute thing so please don’t feel any pressure to get fired or leave the toddler with strangers on my behalf. At the worst I will get sloshed and show the bartender five hundred pictures of my dog.

Open thread and NYC have-a-beer-with-Tim

The last time we met up, some of you very people got me so hung over that the next morning I found myself trapped in a middle lane of Connecticut Avenue on the way to a career-making conference talk in DC with sunglasses on and the visor down, seeing double from the headache and trying not to barf into my hat because the car had one of those ‘How is my driving?’ stickers on it.

The talk went well. I have another big one in NYC on Thursday, so let’s do it again. If anyone knows a spot with good beer and decent food and the space for however many excellent people might show up, share it in the comments.

Picture of Max. I prettied it up using HDR.

Max and the lake


Interest is pretty tepid, so maybe not. The plan would have been for Wednesday.

Take a look around, see which way the wind blow

There’s a Balloon-Juice meet-up in LA this weekend:

Date: Friday, May 10th

Time: 7:30 PM

Location: Golden Road Brewery (, 5410 West San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

They do not take reservations, but I plan on being easily identifiable by wearing a gray “I am not drunk, I’m awesome” t-shirt while waiting near the front entrance.



And here’s a pic from the San Diego meet-up (not sure what the Absolut Vodka insignia is there for but I dig the black-and-white):


Carry the news

Balloon-Juice meet-up in San Diego and commenter ranchandsyrup asked me to post the details. I need tv when I’ve got Tbogg?

Meetup is scheduled for Saturday at the Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. We have an area set aside and there will be some liquor sampling (read: SOME “free” booze) from 7-9. The Duck Dive people are excited to have us and the food is pretty darn good. We’ll put up some Balloon Juice related stuff so you’ll know where we are.

Duck Dive info:

The Duck Dive
4650 Mission Blvd
San Diego, CA. 92109

Looking forward to it!

Tbogg is planning on being there.

San Diego serenade

Commenter randandsyrup would like to organize a Balloon Juice meet-up in San Diego. Here’s his suggestion and contact info:

Proposed San Diego meetup:

Saturday 4/20 (just a coincidence) at the Duck Dive in Pacific Beach. Thinking sometime in the evening (6 or 7 start time?). We will have a reserved space. Food is pretty darn good there. Also, my wife is having an event during the evening that is sponsored by a well known vodka to help defray drink costs.

Can email me at my username at g mail dot com with questions, suggestions, etc. Looking forward to seeing y’all in meatspace.

A good saloon in every single town

Hope you DC people can make it to the meet-up tonight. It will be at Carpool in Arlington, near Ballston metro stop at 7:30 pm. Hopefully, someone will bring a balloon this time. I’ll have on gray-checked pants and a blue sweater. I look like a less woozy former Congressman Patrick Kennedy.

Also too, what’s up with the Pope resigning?

Public Service Announcement–Seattle Area BJ Meetup

That’s right, kids, a BJ-meetup in Seattle!  The things those people get up to…

Here’s the specifics that I was asked to post for you all:

We crazy folk up in Seattle are planning another meet-up type thingie. We’ll be hosting it at Vessel ( on Saturday December 1st aiming for a 7 pm initial starting time. This is our planned time to meet up with Lojasmo and possibly The Dangerman if he’s about. Should be a rather decent time!

Joshua De Mers

So, now you know what I know.  It’s a long drive from central Oklahoma, so I’m going to beg off, but I do hope that somebody goes and takes pictures, and I or one of the other front pagers will post them.

Use this thread to hash out details and so forth and for the rest of you not in or close to Sea-Tac, open thread!