Open Thread: Possible DC-Area Meet Up?

Note from beloved (by me, anyways) commentor EFGoldman:

I’ve been in touch w/Shakezula about a possible Lawyers Guns & Money/Balloon Juice combo meetup in DC in the next couple of weeks. Here are the details:

We’re arriving in DC Friday, May 6, staying thru Tuesday May 17 (leaving the 18th). However, for the whole first week (thru Saturday the 14th) we won’t be available in the evening, because the reason for the trip is to take care of our toddler granddaughter while mom & dad are in London and Paris. We could do brunch or lunch, because she goes to preschool.

From Sunday thru Tuesday the 17th, we can do any time.

For the week of babysitting, we’ll be at Lyon Village on Lee Highway, just off I-66. Sunday thru Tuesday, at the Best Western on South Glebe Road just off 395. Either way, we’ll have a car.

I can attest from the couple of meet-ups we’ve had here in Boston that EFG and (especially) his lovely wife are wonderful people with whom to talk. (Yes, Boston-area peeps, we need to do another meetup — maybe at the Helmand?)

Meanwhile, leave a comment if you are interested / have suggestions for a DC venue, or email me (click on my name in the right-hand column or use annelaurie at verizon dot net) and I’ll forward your message.

Open Thread: Memphis Mini-Meetup

memphis meetup feb 16

From universally beloved commentor SiubhanDuinne:

Attached, L-R, photo of Balloon Juice regulars Dee Lorelei and SiubhanDuinne at the Memphis meet-up. We enjoyed a number of adult beverages at the Peabody and the Kooky Canuck, and some truly delicious tourtiere. Kooky’s waitstaff, manager, and owner all made us feel more than welcome.

We missed Eclare and hope she feels better and that she (and other Memphians) can join in a bigger BJ meetup in May.

Anybody wants a meetup in your area, leave a comment here / send me an email with a tentative date & venue (i.e., ‘Springfield commentor, how about second weekend in March, the Funky Chicken is a great place for a bite or a brew’). If there’s interest, I’ll put up a catch-all post tomorrow, to front-page suggestions…

memphis meetup tortiere feb 16

Social Notes: Memphis Meet-Up This Weekend

From universally beloved commentor Siubhan Duinne:

I’m going to be in Memphis this weekend and have made tentative plans to meet up with local residents ECLARE and DEE LORELEI Saturday evening. Would love to meet any other Memphians.

Time and place to be determined — as I will be in Memphis on behalf of Canada, I’d kind of like to throw some business in the direction of “The Kooky Canuck,” owned by a Canadian. It’s on 2nd Street, across from the Peabody Hotel. But I’m certainly open to other suggestions from people who actually live there…

Anyone interested can email me at SiubhanDuinne (at) gmail (dot) com, and include phone number or best way of reaching them.

Open Thread: Chicago Meet-Up Success

chicago meetup jan 16

From ever-reliable commentor Satby:

Here’s the best picture from last night’s meet up in Chicago.

Counterclockwise from bottom right it’s Elmo, Eric S, MGB, my exchange daughters Valentina and Qunoot, me (satby) in the red sleeves, ThomasB, and Christopholes. We had lots of fun swapping stories.

Elmo gets to Chicago several times a year, so we’ll plan further out for the next meetup and give people a chance to plan.

Tales of Balloon-Juice glory, increasing global outreach :) !

Seattle Brunch Meet-Up Tomorrow

Per former-&-future Seattleite Yutsano:

Looks like we are settled for Sunday January 31st at 10am. Come one come all! Could I get a post tomorrow so I can get a head count? I’ll be able to check in during the day after my appointment tomorrow morning.

Venue: The Watershed, 10104 3rd Ave NE. Menu (.pdf) at the link, and I must admit it looks delicious!

Lurkers, spouses & friends always welcome. Drop a comment below if you’re planning to be there, or send me an email (click my name in the right-hand column, or annelaurie at verizon dot net) if you have questions, and I’ll forward them to Yutsano.