Boston Labor Day Weekend Meet Up and Primary Election Eve Open Thread

We can probably use a new election eve open thread, and since I’ve been waiting till we got within three weeks or so to post this Boston Meet Up request, consider this an open thread to comment about either or neither or, as usual, anything else that strikes your fancy.

So primary returns are coming in. Balderson is currently barely ahead in OH12 with 100% of the precincts reporting by 1,766 votes. There are 3,435 provisional ballots outstanding that still have to be verified and counted. And the rules in Ohio is that provisional cannot be counted until 10 days after the election. Right now the margin is at .9 for Balderson. Ohio law requires an automatic recount if the margin is .5 or less. So the provisionals have the potential to push this to a recount. This one won’t be finalized and certified for a while. And once it is, because this is a special election, Balderson and O’Connor will be running against themselves for this seat in the regular midterm in November. Regardless, this was a huge swing in this district from Republican to Democrat, which is, itself, a positive indicator of the mood of the electorate.

In Kansas, Krish Kobach is currently trailing the incumbent Kansas governor with 57% of precincts reporting. I know a lot of folks want him to win so that the Democratic candidate can run against him as an extremist. Personally, I just want him out of office. And since, because of his legal issues and the fiasco that was the President’s special committee to investigate non-existent voter fraud, which will make it almost impossible for him to get a Federal appointment. So if Kobach loses this primary, he’s out of government, back in private practice, and a senior fellow at some anti-immigrant institute. He’ll still be able to cause trouble and be a nuisance, but he won’t be able to directly negatively impact people’s lives.

As to the Boston Meet Up. Here’s the details from mostly lurker Big R:

I’ll be in Boston for the American Political Science Association over the Labor Day weekend. My schedule is fairly light; I have a teaching mini-conference on 8/29, I present on 9/2, and I have a few interviews lined up here and there. If BJ readers wanted to get together for a meal and/or a drink, I would be delighted to join them.

So those of you in the greater Boston area, if you’re interested, please chime in in the comments about availability for a meet up over the Labor Day weekend. I’ll run this again on Sunday and next week to make sure we get some good feedback.

Open thread!

NYC Meet-Up Open Thread: Proof of Life

From participant / commentor Arrieve:

Here are a few pictures from the NYC meetup Sunday evening. Thanks to NotMax for making the arrangements — a wonderful time was had by all. There were so many of us that unfortunately we couldn’t all fit into one picture, and somehow LAO managed not to be in any of them.

I’ll let everyone who wishes to identify themselves. I’m in the left front of the picture below.

Obligatory food report: We met at Tir Na Nog, an Irish pub with a varied menu and an excellent selection of beers on tap. The photo below is of my chicken quesadilla, because no one makes a quesadilla like the Irish.

Another fine-looking pack of Balloon-Juice jackals!

Sacramento Meet-Up: Proof of Life

From expert photographer and beloved commentor BillinGlendale:

As you know we had a Balloon Juice meetup during my recent visit to Sacramento, here are the pics.

I’d like the thank the SacTown jackals for their warm welcome, even with the cooling Delta Breeze. I don’t remember(and too lazy to check the comments) who suggested Urban Roots but the food was fantastic as was the company. I will not ID the folk since I will certainly screw it up, but leave it up to y’all.

The first pic [at top] is a group photo excluding your humble photographer.

The second pic is from the other direction and includes your humble photographer in the back and to the left.

Finally, a pic of my meal(they really wasted money on knives).

Fine looking bunch, our Balloon Juice jackals!

Meet-Up Proof Of Life and Cute Toddler-Puppeh Playing

I think we need a non-political thread to give us a break.

The Denver meet-up was a great success. I don’t know about everyone else, but I love meeting everyone. Jackals are the best. I had to head out early, because…work. But when I left, everyone was cheerfully chatting away. If you ever get the chance, meetups are great fun. Proof of life below the fold.

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July Denver Meet-Up: Tuesday July 17

We’ll be following in some pretty big shoes. :-)

This is our final post before the big event. Looks like we are 12+ and we are at WYNKOOP in Denver.  We are looking to meet between 7-7:30 pm.

Thanks to thruppence we have a table reserved. He’ll bring the balloons, I’ll bring the name tags and camera.

Here is the google map:  Wynkoop Brewing Location and Denver Map

And here is Wynkoop’s webpage and menu

Parking on a Tuesday night with no baseball should be okay. Double-check your meters, some still require $$ after 6 pm. If you want to come early and hangout before the big event, here are some options: Union Station, Tattered Cover Bookstore, Civic Center Park with the Capitol and the Denver Art Museum, 16th Street Mall.

I may popover to the Kirkland Museum to see the new location.   I’ve been wanting to see it for a while.

Hit the comments if you have any questions.  Also, please be aware that despite all my efforts, the contact form here goes to my junk mail box. If you email and don’t hear back, try this one:  whats4dinnersolutions at live dot com



Previous posts:

UPDATE: Okay, just for my sanity, can we please just use this for the meetup. Thanks! And for FSM sake, please don’t feed the troll.

Lots of interest in the meet-up. I’ll post again the night before as a reminder. Here’s what we need today:

You guys to agree on a venue. UPDATE: WYNKOOP has been chosen. Do we have a time?

A volunteer to set-up the restaurant choice – see if we can get a table reserved – I believe Wynkoop may even have areas available for larger groups. I would do it, but I am out of town until the 12th.

Someone to bring the green balloons.

A general head count.

Anything I’m missing? We can get a final head count the night before.

Original Post:

Mnemosyne will be in Denver in July and suggested a meet-up on Tuesday 7/17. It would need to be early evening/evening, as she flies in that afternoon. We’ll need to meet near the Sheraton Denver Downtown, which I believe is right near the 16th Street Mall.

Who is up for a meet-up? We’ll need suggestions for a place to meet near the hotel and a volunteer to coordinate with the location.

I’ll repost this the first week of July with an update of numbers. I’ll be out of town from July 1 to just before the meet-up, so I’ll have limited availability for more than that, but I think as long as someone secures the venue, we should good.

I had hoped that our next meet-up I’d bring Bixby and Scout, but even as friendly as most locations are to dogs on the patio, the 16th Street Mall might be a bit too much for me to wrangle them. We will see how that goes. I would very much like for you guys to meet them sometime.

Hit the comments if you’re going to join us and/or volunteer to help out.



Sacramento Lunch Meet-Up, Tuesday, July 17?

From indefatigable photographer / commentor BillinGlendale:

Anne, could you front page a proposed meetup in Sacramento on the 17th of July. I’ll be BillinSacramentoCA for a day and would be happy to meet my fellow jackals for lunch.

Leave a comment below, or send me an email at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll forward it to Bill.

Potential NYC Meet-Up?

From intrepid commentor NotMax:

Tis that time of year for the reluctant trek from Maui to NYC, so
putting out tentative feelers re: a meet up.

AFAIK at the moment open dates for me are from July 26 to August 5.

Thanks for your assistance with spreading the word.

Anybody in the area got suggestions as to venue, times, etc.?