Monday Morning Open Thread: “… Your Generation Will Build A Wall, and Our Generation Will Knock It Down”

Via heartfelt commentor MomSense. Kudos to those young women!

Social note from commentor Yutsano:

So this huge weather storm that has affected much of the country is also impacting my ability to travel. Looks like I’m gonna have to postpone my plans to meet up on Wednesday. By all means let it still happen, I’ll just have to arrange something a bit later when Mother Nature is more cooperative.

Apart from such bumps in the road, what’s on the agenda as we start another week?

More wisdom from Professor Krugman, on “The Age of Fake Policy“:

On Thursday, at a rough estimate, 75,000 Americans were laid off or fired by their employers. Some of those workers will find good new jobs, but many will end up earning less, and some will remain unemployed for months or years.

If that sounds terrible to you, and you’re asking what economic catastrophe just happened, the answer is, none. In fact, I’m just assuming that Thursday was a normal day in the job market…

But why am I telling you this? To highlight the difference between real economic policy and the fake policy that has lately been taking up far too much attention in the news media.

Real policy, in a nation as big and rich as America, involves large sums of money and affects broad swaths of the economy. Repealing the Affordable Care Act, which would snatch away hundreds of billions in insurance subsidies to low- and middle-income families and cause around 30 million people to lose coverage, would certainly qualify.

Consider, by contrast, the story that dominated several news cycles a few weeks ago: Donald Trump’s intervention to stop Carrier from moving jobs to Mexico. Some reports say that 800 U.S. jobs were saved; others suggest that the company will simply replace workers with machines. But even accepting the most positive spin, for every worker whose job was saved in that deal, around a hundred others lost their jobs the same day.

In other words, it may have sounded as if Mr. Trump was doing something substantive by intervening with Carrier, but he wasn’t. This was fake policy — a show intended to impress the rubes, not to achieve real results…

So why are such stories occupying so much of the media’s attention?…

Women’s March On (Your City Here): Let’s Meet-Up

When Betty posted this morning about attending the Women’s March on Washington, I saw there were a lot of people going to local marches. There is one in Denver:

Women’s March on Denver

January 21, 2017
9 am – 3 pm
Denver’s Civic Center Park
Marching in Solidarity for Human Rights…
Sponsored by Women, For Everyone! 

Any Colorado folk want to do a meet-up for the march. Even if I can’t make it, I’ll help organize it.

Why don’t we use this thread to see if we there is any interest for meetups in other cities.

And I’m hoping Betty C and anyone else going to the marches will live blog/tweet their adventures – or at least provide photos after the fact.

Possible Seattle Meet-Up?

Note from indefatiguable commentor Yutsano:

It turns out I’ll be in Seattle from January 10-12. Hoping a meet-up can happen while I’m there! I’m free the evening of the 10th and the 11th going back on the 12th in the afternoon.

Leave a comment, or if you want to get in touch directly, email me at annelaurie dot verizon dot com and I’ll forward your message.

Possible SoCal Meet-Up?

From respected Cascadia commentor OpieJeanne:

We will be in SoCal by Monday evening and someone suggested a meet-up next time we are in the Los Angeles area. Probably Mnemosyne. We’ll be there until the 20th, so maybe we can meet some people.

We’re staying in Blue Jay but we have a car and can travel. Saturday ( the 17th) is the only date we’re unavailable.

JPL told me to email you to post about it.

If you don’t want to put your personal info in the comments, send me an email at annelaurie dot verizon dot net, and I’ll hook you up with each other.

PRE-Thanksgiving Meetup Pic!

Sorry to be late getting this posted! But we had a super little meetup in Chinatown Monday night.


From left to right: JAFD, RedDirtGirl, Stuart, Me, and my partner JT .

The conversation was great, and of course it was wonderful to be among kindred souls post election and pre holiday. And a special shoutout to commenter Sue?? who, when we initially said we were going to meet at Joe’s Shanghai said it was kind of touristy and suggested this nearby alternative:

Shanghai Cuisine, 89-91 Bayard Street , 212-732-8988

Which turned out to be amazing!

Open thread follows…

Meetups in NYC, Montclair (NJ), and (sorta) Rochester, NY

My partner and I are doing our Thanksgiving jaunt, and I’d love to meet some Juicers en route. Please email me at if you’d like to join any of the below events. (Also please email me even if you already did, as my email has been craptastic lately.)

I guess we’ll have some stuff to talk about…

New York (Manhattan)
Monday, November 21
Dinner@ 6:30 p.m.
Venue: TBD based on who is coming (suggestions welcome)

Montclair, NJ
Saturday, November 26 (post Thanksgiving)
Morning Coffee @ 10:00 a.m.
Javalove Coffee Shop & Espresso Bar
Montclair Center – 49 Church Street
NOTE: NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair. NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair. NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair.

Rochester, NY
Monday, November 28
Not a BJ meetup but I will be speaking on effective vegan activism and you’re welcome to attend the free potluck and talk. (If you do please say hi!)
Vegan Potluck: 5:30
My talk begins: 7:00 p.m.
Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Ave., 3rd floor (follow signs)
Space limited – preregistration required (email me).

Also open thread!

Open Thread: North of Boston Meet-Up Proof of Life

Jonathan (lurker), EFGoldman, Mrs. EFGoldman, Jeff R

A smallish group, but select — and the food was delicious. I underestimated how noisy it would get during the Saturday rush, though.

Photos by Mary (Lakhe), who thereby avoided having her own included. Also not shown, by request, Tenar.

We agreed (as always) that we need to do this again, preferably at a venue more suited for talking. Anybody got suggestions for an eatery in Waltham, Cambridge, Brookline, or that area?

How about those of you in New Hampshire or Maine — maybe in Portsmouth? Or Manchester?

Mike (Cataphract), AL’s Spousal Unit, Anne Laurie