Anyone Interested in Another NYC Meet-Up?

A proposal from commentor RedDirtGirl:

There seems to be some interest in a NYC meet-up, to welcome M4 to the area, and celebrate HeleninEire’s return.

I’m thinking about possibly the last Sunday in February, the 24th, at around 3pm in Manhattan somewhere south of 34th Street.

Can we put up a post at some point in the near future to gauge the broader appeal of such an endeavor?

Seattle Meetup: Proof of Life

From left to right: mr. opiejeanne, Beautifulplumage, Sarah (no nym yet, but we’re hoping you’ll comment!), Dan B, H.E.Wolf, thalarctosMaritimus, Yutsano, opiejeanne, and CaseyL.

ThalarctosMaritimus sent me photos and a nice write-up of the Seattle meetup. Sounds like they had a good time:

The Sunday-evening Balloon Juice meetup in Seattle was joyous. Yutsano suggested the Indo Café on Aurora, and from the corn fritters to the main dishes, it was every bit as good as he described it. We had our own room, and the company and the conversations were excellent.

Amir, we did have fun and we did think of you and wish you were with us. Although the food was Indonesian, rather than Malaysian, we’d have loved to hear what you thought of it, and maybe gotten a little guidance in navigating so many delicious choices!

Of course, toasts were raised to absent friends: we remembered Schlemazel, the beloved animals who left and the people who missed them, and, specifically, Tunch.

Here’s hoping we can do this again soon.

Open thread

Seattle Meet-Up(s) — This Sunday *and* Saturday?

Per party-sparker Yutsano:

So I’ve been talking to a few of the Seattle peeps…and some can do Saturday and others can do Sunday..

So in grand Balloon Juice tradition, ¿Por que no los dos?

The Saturday plans are still fluid so those can be discussed. For Sunday, we’re meeting at Indo Cafe on Aurora just south of 145th at 6pm. Parking could be a bit tight but we could probably figure that out.

Come Saturday. Come Sunday. Come to both! I’ll be available for all the shenanigans!!!

Now to get some green balloons…

Seattle Meet-Up, Next Weekend?

From commentor and determined party-sparker Yutsano:

I just got jostled by H.E. Wolf to remind folks I’ll be in the Seattle area from January 26-29. I’m staying just north of the airport but I can travel anywhere.

My appointment is at 8am on Tuesday and I may be doing brunch with a friend on Sunday morning but otherwise I am totally wide open. Let’s spread the word and see what happens!

Proof of Life: Denver Meet-Up

From commentor Comrade Scotts Agenda of Rage:

Low key evening at a nice, low key microbrewery. Left to right: Scamp Dog, PsiFighter37 and moi, comrade scotts agenda of rage.

Hopefully we can pull more Denver folks out of the woodwork for another one this year.