Open Thread: Who’s Going to A Science March?

Note from commentor Quinerly, whose Travels with Poco enlivened many early-morning threads:

It would be cool if a Front Pager would throw up a dedicated Meet Up thread maybe on a Wednesday before these marches. People could pipe in with their areas, pick places for Juicers to meet, if they wanted to….no pressure, no planning clusterfucks. Just a suggestion.

Look forward to meeting you [St. Louis, Missouri]. I just put up an invite on my Book of Faces page to generate some interest. My neighborhood peeps pretty much hang at Howards on Saturday and Sunday anyway. Soulard is a neighborhood of misfits, hippies, and derelicts….we like our music and cocktails…Ozark will attest to it from his days in the area.

I know various commentors from a number of cities/states have expressed their intentions over the past several weeks. If you’d like to meet up with other Balloon Juicers, or have questions, leave a comment below. (Or you can email me at annelaurie dot verizon dot net, but don’t expect to hear back until late afternoon or early evening.)

And a Good Time Was Had By All

Well, I hope so. I had a great time, and didn’t even feel anxious like I normally do at affairs like this, which speaks to the excellent company. I hope others have pictures because I just have, not surprisingly, a bunch of crappy ones.

And I don’t care what you say about EFGoldman, he’s ok in my book.

Also, if most people were as nice as everyone that showed up tonight, I would go out more often.

Asgard Tonight

Dear all,

To repeat the update below:  We’re set for Asgard in Cambridge tonight. The reservation is under my name.

Time — 6 until the die-hards wander off into the snow/sleet/rain bouquet with which we aim to greet distinguished visitors.

Address:  350 Massachusetts Avenue (corner of Mass. Ave and Sidney St.) Phone no: 617-577-9100.

By the Red Line T:  Central Sq. stop.  The Asgard is on the south side of Mass Ave. about 350 yards east of the stop.  That is:  its on the side closer to the Charles River, heading back towards Boston from where one gets off the T.

Parking:  There are several municipal lots, most on Bishop Allen St., which parallels Mass. Ave one block to the north, including the closest public lot to the Asgard, just off Columbia St.  There’s more parking on Green Street, also parallel to Mass Ave., one block south.

I think that’s it.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Image: Édouard Manet, George Moore at the Café1878/9

Boston Meet-Up Hive Mind

Update: Resolution!

Asgard made it easy:  We’ve a reservation for 15-20 at 6 p.m. under my name.

Website.  Address:  350 Massachusetts Ave. Parking:  on street or various near-by municipal lots.  (Lot 6 on Bishop Allen is probably the closest muni one.)

Nearest public transport: Red Line T, Central Sq. Station.  Taking John’s location as the Greenwich Observatory of our new global map — with the Parker House at one’s back, turn left towards Boston Common on Tremont St.  Pick up the Red Line in the Alewife direction at the Park St. Station, on the corner of the Common — Park and Tremont Streets. Three stops to Central Sq. Sit near the rear of the train and take the exit nearest that end.  Asgard is on the corner of Mass. Ave and Sidney street, about 350 yards east (back towards Boston) from the subway stop.

See y’all there


Dear all,

We’re meeting up tonight with the Blogfather in attendence, weather be damned.

No details have yet been worked out, so here goes:

Unless howls of rage/despair suggest otherwise — 8 p.m. on the time?

Update: per John — timing is 6-9 —which probably makes the venue a little easier, as we’d sneak in ahead of the worst crush at more restaurant-y places.

Location…Been working on that this a.m., with some perplexity.  So a time-limited appeal to the hive mind (and/or those planning to come) seems in order.

Here are the criteria:

Has to be able to handle a party of up to 20 on a (snow-struck) Friday night.

Not disastrous parking.

Decent public transit access. (Pretty much Red Line, in my experience. Demur if you must.)

More or less central.  John’s staying downtown, right by the Common, so while there’s a reasonable circle of travel, not deep suburbs.

Not terrible:  decent food for those hungry, not too expensive, not pure bar focus given the range of folks that like adult beverages, those that don’t etc.  I don’t think we’re looking at a sit-down dinner thing for the whole gang, but could stand to be corrected.

I’ve been looking at the Cambridge axis from Kendall Sq. to Harvard Sq. and at some Boston venues — but I’m sufficiently house-bound these days to be a little unsure of some of the more recent options. (For the olds out there — I still miss Cronins.)

So some options:

Dive bar, often with reasonable space betw. Central and Harvard Square:  People’s Republik (how not, for this gang). Cons: dive bar, could be crowded, probably too bar like.

Asgard, near Kendal Sq. — bland, generic Irish-ish bar-restaurant, but very spacious.

Russell House Tavern, Harvard Sq. — Friday night problem, but it’s a big place and very easy to get to.  Again, nothing special on the food, more a convenience choice.

Mead Hall, Kendall Sq. — great beer list (epic); crowded, loud.  I could show up somewhat early and try to colonize space, but it can be a zoo. (It is spring break at MIT, which might help, but still).

Za in Kendall Sq. — they could accomodate us in a standing/high top area.  Not ideal, and constrained to Za’s mostly pizza menu.

In Boston, a BJ tweep has suggested Brandy Pete’s, which I don’t know; business district joint; parking issues, possible Friday night terrors.


I’m looking at some other stuff, but figured that the jackals may have a much better idea — so vote on the above and/or come up w. something better.  I’ll check in on the comments and try to make a consensus or a command decision w/in the hour.


Yr feckless social secretary.

Image: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, At the Moulin Rouge, 1892

Boston Meetup!

Sorry, been busy meeting with old friends and the like. Did we decide on a meetup and a location?

Am I supposed to be organizing this? What do I do?

Help me Anne Laurie, you’re our only hope.

*** Update ***

Someone name a place. I literally have no idea where to go and never got the emails from Levenson or AL where they suggested where to go.

I am downtown and can be anywhere a cab can go. It’s you all who will probably have a harder time getting there.

Haven’t you all had a Boston meetup before or am I misremembering? Was that place ok?

Friday Boston Meetup

Figure Friday would be the best for everyone, so let’s get a head count of how many people might show before we pick a place.

Monday Morning Open Thread: “… Your Generation Will Build A Wall, and Our Generation Will Knock It Down”

Via heartfelt commentor MomSense. Kudos to those young women!

Social note from commentor Yutsano:

So this huge weather storm that has affected much of the country is also impacting my ability to travel. Looks like I’m gonna have to postpone my plans to meet up on Wednesday. By all means let it still happen, I’ll just have to arrange something a bit later when Mother Nature is more cooperative.

Apart from such bumps in the road, what’s on the agenda as we start another week?

More wisdom from Professor Krugman, on “The Age of Fake Policy“:

On Thursday, at a rough estimate, 75,000 Americans were laid off or fired by their employers. Some of those workers will find good new jobs, but many will end up earning less, and some will remain unemployed for months or years.

If that sounds terrible to you, and you’re asking what economic catastrophe just happened, the answer is, none. In fact, I’m just assuming that Thursday was a normal day in the job market…

But why am I telling you this? To highlight the difference between real economic policy and the fake policy that has lately been taking up far too much attention in the news media.

Real policy, in a nation as big and rich as America, involves large sums of money and affects broad swaths of the economy. Repealing the Affordable Care Act, which would snatch away hundreds of billions in insurance subsidies to low- and middle-income families and cause around 30 million people to lose coverage, would certainly qualify.

Consider, by contrast, the story that dominated several news cycles a few weeks ago: Donald Trump’s intervention to stop Carrier from moving jobs to Mexico. Some reports say that 800 U.S. jobs were saved; others suggest that the company will simply replace workers with machines. But even accepting the most positive spin, for every worker whose job was saved in that deal, around a hundred others lost their jobs the same day.

In other words, it may have sounded as if Mr. Trump was doing something substantive by intervening with Carrier, but he wasn’t. This was fake policy — a show intended to impress the rubes, not to achieve real results…

So why are such stories occupying so much of the media’s attention?…