NYC Meet-Up: Proof of Lively

nyc meetup 5

Via commentor RedDirtGirl, instigator & organizer…

nyc meetup 1
Standing at left, “Celia Dexter”, “RedDirtGirl”, can’t remember first seated woman on left :(, Helen, LAO, Robin Gittelman, ads, DaveNYC, Jerry, Sam, IvanX

nyc meetup 2
PurpleGirl and Helen
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Last Reminder: NYC Meet-Up TONIGHT

One more update from commentor RedDirtGirl:

Friday NYC Meet-up at Old Town update:

Any time after 6pm at the tavern. As I said, they don’t take reservations, but if I give them a headcount in the afternoon, they should be able to set some space aside.

So far, as of right now, this is what I’ve got:
Me (lurker-instigator) I’ll be there at 6.
Ivan X
Celia and ______
and maybe PsiFighter,
if we are still hanging out when he gets in from…Miami?

MDC and JAFD, we’ll see you at the next one.

Friends & lurkers welcome, of course!

Phoenix Area Meet-Up This Sunday!

One meet-up leads to another. Message from commentor Prescott Cactus:

PHX Balloon Juice Meet Up
Sunday afternoon (3 to 4pm arrival?)
Oregano’s Pizza Bistro (the one in Tempe just off I-10 on Elliot.)
1475 W Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284
Phone: (480) 966-0401

Oregano’s does NOT take reservations. Once we have half the party present, they will seat us. They said to expect a little wait. 6 confirmed hoping for 10 total.

@Suzanne: + one
@karen marie:
*Prescott Cactus: + one

Awaiting Responses
@piratedan ?
@demz taters: ?
@Corner Stone: If you get stuck in town, we’d love to have you.

Come on Arizona, anyone else?

Lurkers, friends & significant others obviously welcome.

Leave a comment below if you’re planning to be there, or if you have questions. Or you can email me (click on my name in the right-hand column, or annelaurie at verizon dot net) and I’ll pass your message along to Prescott Cactus (aka Gary).

Reminder: D.C.-Area Joint BJ/LGM Meetup TOMORROW, Monday May 16

In case you need to set your plans for tomorrow, Shakezula of Lawyers Guns & Money (here), beloved Balloon Juice commentor EFGoldman, and other blog readers will be getting together tomorrow evening at Fado Irish Pub, “5:30ish until the authorities arrive”.

Fado is at 808 7th Street N.W., near Metro Center and Gallery Place stations, i.e. all of the Metro lines. Reservation is under the name Goldman.

Lurkers, friends & spouses always welcome. Leave a comment below if you’ve other questions/suggestions.

NYC Meet-Up, Friday 20 May: Old Town Bar?

Per yesterday’s post, the Old Town Bar seems to have at least two votes. It’s said to be easy to reach by public transit, the burgers are good, there’s a quiet area upstairs that’s good for conversation. On the negative side, those stairs may be a problem for some potential participants.

Anyone want to weigh in, pro or con? (Still room for other suggestions, if you got ’em.)

Proposed NYC Meet-Up — Friday, May 20

Per the comments on yesterday’s post, Friday the 20th seemed like a good consensus, and so did “somewhere in Midtown or Hell’s Kitchen”.

Now open for suggestions as to the exact venue (or any other questions / suggestions). Tag, you’re it!

(Best I can tell from our archives, the last couple NYC meets, both in early 2014, were held at Rudy’s and Ballaro. I could swear there’ve been others since then, but if so, I managed not to tag them correctly — or they just didn’t get covered on the front page.)

Event Bleg: NYC Meet-Up?

Commentors RedDirtGirl and PsiFighter37 have separately indicated a wish for another NYC meet-up, even without a visiting fireman convenient.

Date and place to be determined. I’d suggest the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, which is not so soon that people won’t be able to rearrange their plans nor so distant that people won’t be able to commit. But unfortunately I won’t be attending, so leave a comment below with your more pertinent ideas!