Proof of Life: Buffalo Meet-Up


From participant Zamphour:

From Left to Right, in the standing photo, are Smedley the uncertain, Groucho48, Our American Cousin 16 (!), mle, Zamphuor & her SO Bill, and Gelfling545 in front.

A good time was had by all (or so they all said). Was hoping you could post a couple of photos…
We all agreed that we’d like to do this again, so if anyone else is interested from the area, please leave a comment & we’ll try to set up another get together.

The weather was less than hospitable, so we were sorry to miss out on meeting dogmom & catpal. Hopefully they can make it next time.

Good-looking bunch of jackals!

Remember… if these pics inspire anyone, send me a proposed city / general date, I’ll put up a post, and y’all can hammer out a meet-up for *your* town, too!

Reminder: BUFFALO MEET-UP, Wednesday, April 4, at 5:30pm

From party-sparker Dog Mom:

Buffalo – Wednesday, April 4 at 5:30 at Founding Fathers, 75 Edward Street — (716) 855-8944

Probable / possible attendees:
Zamphuor and SO
Smedley the uncertain
Tazj – maybe
Geeno – maybe
Athenaze and spouse – iffy
Gelfling 545 – interested

One thing to be aware of with Founding Fathers… parking can be a problem. Might have to walk a bit.

Reports (in lieu of pics) from last week’s Rochester meet-up:

It was well attended by the interesting and intelligent front pagers, commenters and lurkers from the area. Not to say there are not other interesting and intelligent folks who were not in attendance. (That sentence just hurt my head.) Good conversation occurred – the group was comfortable enough to feel photographic evidence was unnecessary. Pictures of babies and pets were shared as well as favorite blog moments. Most if not all suggested we meet again. Thank you to John Cole for creating and keeping this place in the digital universe.

And from Central Planning:

The Rochester Meet-Up was great. I got there a little late because apparently I read 5:30 as 6:30.

There were about 11 of us. Both mistermix and DougJ were there, as well as a couple other nyms I remembered. A good time was had by all. Interesting discussion was all around the table.

We have no proof of life in pictures, but we will all submit our receipts. Will that count?…

Receipts not needed, but photos are always welcome. So are lurkers, significant others, insignificant others, and the vulgarly curious!

Proof of Life : Seattle Meet-Up

From eyewitness Casey L:

BJ’s Seattle Chapter had a lovely meetup at Korean Bamboo, and here are a couple photos to prove it.

The usual suspects were there (from left to right):

H. E. Wolf
Mike J

Plus of course the Official BJ Sign, giving our gathering the benediction of St. Tunch!

Seattle Meet-Up TONIGHT, Saturday 3/31, 6pm

At the Korean Bamboo.

As of pre-dawn, commentors Yutsano, Mike J, Bumpers, CaseyL and HEWolf plan to be there… also no doubt one or two I’ve missed.

Lurkers, friends, significant or not-so-significant others always welcome.

And if you’re at the party — remember to take a photo or three, to share with those of us who aren’t so fortunate!

Seattle Meet-Up This Weekend?

From party-sparker Yutsano:

So I made it Thursday afternoon and am just awaiting details of what we’re doing. I know a lot of folks said Saturday was the best day, we just need a location and a time!

Leave a comment below, or contact me at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll forward your message…

Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Happy News


The Rochester Balloon Juice Meet-Up should be getting underway at the Tap & Mallet.

Too also…

(The BBC points out there have been temporary suspensions before. But one assumes the whinging on the so-far-“Left”-they’re-in-97%-agreement-with-the-Wingnuttiest-Right is epic.)

Reminder: Rochester Meet-Up Tomorrow — Wednesday 3/28

From commentor and party-planner Dog Mom:

I am looking forward to the meet ups and will call the pubs with a rough count and appropriate warning.

Rochester – Wednesday, March 28 at 5:30 at Tap and Mallet (South Wedge)

I am planning on attending both this and next week’s meet-up in Buffalo, and will bring the green turquoise balloon (that’s what the store had).

From the prior posts, I will look out for:

Athenaze and spouse
Nancy and spouse?
Old Dan and Little Anne
Zamphuor and SO (hoping to make it)
Kevin (are you still in the area?)
DougJ (not confirmed)

As always, lurkers, friends, and drop-ins welcome. Leave a comment below, or send me a message at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll forward it.