Triangle Meet-up tonight

We’re are still on tonight at Ponysaurus in Durham starting at 5:30. I will have green balloons on my chair.

Regarding dogs, this is the message that I got back:

“We are very dog friendly, however, due to state laws, cannot allow pets inside the taproom. They are welcome on our patio and in our beer garden!”

See you tonight!

Durham/Triangle meet-up on 8/23

Good morning —
For the RTP-ers in the readership, let’s meet at Ponysaurus Brewing Company for beer and bites this Wednesday at 5:30. I will have green balloons on the back of my chair.



Early Planning: NYC Meet-Up, Labor Day Weekend?

Got this from prolific Pacific-based commentor NotMax:

Very early feelers regarding a NYC meet-up sometime on Labor Day weekend.

Have a venue in mind but would help to know if Friday, Saturday or Sunday night works best for folks (holiday weekend). Personally partial to Sunday as it would probably offer a less crowded atmosphere.

Leave your notes / suggestions in the comments, or send me an email and I’ll forward it to NotMax.

D.C. Meet-Up : Proof of Life

From organizer Lahke:

Here’s the meetup picture from DC, kindly taken by our waitress on Caphilldcne‘s camera. Also Barbara was there, Mike in DC, I believe ET, boatboy, woodrowfan, MattF. It was a little loud and I had trouble hearing, so may have missed some. Also not sure if people want to be identified, even by nym, so maybe they should identify voluntarily? That’s me on the left in purple.

Tell Cole that we honored him in absentia with an accident–someone who will not be named broke their wine glass. Since no one got sliced up on the glass, however, we can’t be said to have done a full Cole. These things take time, Grasshopper.

Washington DC Meet-up post

Via Barbara for tonight’s meet-up in DC:

Can one of the FPs put up a post about the DC Meet up? My plan is to reserve a table at Elephant and Castle beginning at 5:15. E&C is on Pennsylvania Ave., NW between 12th and 13th Streets, across from the Old Post Office Building, now known as Trump Hotel. I will try to get there at around 5:15, and I will be wearing an orange dress. I would really like to know how many people (give or take) are planning to come so I get the right size table +2 (which I will just plan for). Thanks!

Please respond in comments so Barbara can get a decent table.

Santa Fe Meetup Monday

O. Felix Culpa and I will be having lunch at Joe’s on Rodeo Road Monday, June 19, at noon.

Any Juicer in the area is welcome to join us.

Santa Fe Meetup

Not too surprisingly, the responses to my earlier request are few, and some of the responders live quite a distance away. I think what I’ll do is set something up with O. Felix Culpa and let you know about it. That will probably be next week or later.