PRE-Thanksgiving Meetup Pic!

Sorry to be late getting this posted! But we had a super little meetup in Chinatown Monday night.


From left to right: JAFD, RedDirtGirl, Stuart, Me, and my partner JT .

The conversation was great, and of course it was wonderful to be among kindred souls post election and pre holiday. And a special shoutout to commenter Sue?? who, when we initially said we were going to meet at Joe’s Shanghai said it was kind of touristy and suggested this nearby alternative:

Shanghai Cuisine, 89-91 Bayard Street , 212-732-8988

Which turned out to be amazing!

Open thread follows…

Meetups in NYC, Montclair (NJ), and (sorta) Rochester, NY

My partner and I are doing our Thanksgiving jaunt, and I’d love to meet some Juicers en route. Please email me at if you’d like to join any of the below events. (Also please email me even if you already did, as my email has been craptastic lately.)

I guess we’ll have some stuff to talk about…

New York (Manhattan)
Monday, November 21
Dinner@ 6:30 p.m.
Venue: TBD based on who is coming (suggestions welcome)

Montclair, NJ
Saturday, November 26 (post Thanksgiving)
Morning Coffee @ 10:00 a.m.
Javalove Coffee Shop & Espresso Bar
Montclair Center – 49 Church Street
NOTE: NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair. NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair. NOT the Javalove in Upper Montclair.

Rochester, NY
Monday, November 28
Not a BJ meetup but I will be speaking on effective vegan activism and you’re welcome to attend the free potluck and talk. (If you do please say hi!)
Vegan Potluck: 5:30
My talk begins: 7:00 p.m.
Rochester Academy of Medicine, 1441 East Ave., 3rd floor (follow signs)
Space limited – preregistration required (email me).

Also open thread!

Open Thread: Hillary Clinton, President & Michelle Obama, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi Rally in Philadelphia, PA

(h/t commentor Hovercraft)

Suspect there will be some fireworks at this rally…

Meanwhile: What’s on the agenda for the evening?

Open Thread: North of Boston Meet-Up Proof of Life

Jonathan (lurker), EFGoldman, Mrs. EFGoldman, Jeff R

A smallish group, but select — and the food was delicious. I underestimated how noisy it would get during the Saturday rush, though.

Photos by Mary (Lakhe), who thereby avoided having her own included. Also not shown, by request, Tenar.

We agreed (as always) that we need to do this again, preferably at a venue more suited for talking. Anybody got suggestions for an eatery in Waltham, Cambridge, Brookline, or that area?

How about those of you in New Hampshire or Maine — maybe in Portsmouth? Or Manchester?

Mike (Cataphract), AL’s Spousal Unit, Anne Laurie

Alright You Unsympathetic Jackals…

Y’all want me to quit kvetching about something on the internet? That’s practically active sympathy for Putin in my book, but Bqhatevwr.

Y’all want something a little more inspiring? Well, intercourse yourselves sideways with an oxidized agricultural implement, but here you go anyway, because I love you folks.

This is Tikka 2016, getting ready for his next campaign speech.


And here he is unwinding after a demanding five minutes or so on the campaign trail:


So drink these in until you’re catatonic.


Saturday Morning Open Thread: President Obama (Finally) Talks to Bill Maher

Maybe a little more complex than my usual Saturday-morning offering, but what better morning to listen to a half-hour interview? Lots of real content, too.

As previously mentioned, a few of us (at least six, maybe as many as eight or nine) will be getting together at Su Chang’s in Peabody, starting at 5pm this evening. I’m sure they can find us another chair or two if you’re in the area and discover a gap in your schedule.

And of course, there’s plenty GOTV work to be done just over the border…

Craig McMahon says:
A great idea would be for anyone planning on going to the meet-up to head just a litttttle further north to 15 Ermer Rd in Salem, NH at 12:00pm, knock a few GOTV doors for yours truly, then finish by 3pm, debrief with me, remind me there’s still sanity in the world and good Democrats in my party, then bomb up to Peabody and send everyone who can’t make it my warmest regards and fondest wishes.

GOTV door knocking is the easiest door knocking in the world! We spent the last 4 months finding you Democrats, so you can go, meet cute dogs, talk to wonderful liberals, remind them to vote, and have me charm you all with my canvass training and Keurig ability.

Apart from that, what’s on the agenda for the day?

North of Boston Meet-Up, This Saturday

As previously discussed, EFGoldman and his lovely bride will be weekending in my area, so we’re planning to get together at Su Chang‘s in Peabody on Saturday. I’m thinking a start time of 5pm will give us a chance to get settled before the weekend dinner rush (although in my experience, it won’t get too noisy to talk even at the busiest time).

Confirmed attendees, so far: Party-sparker EFGoldman & spouse, me & my Spousal Unit, and Lakhe (who set up the first Boston-area meetup). If you plan to come, leave me a comment here, so I can make a reasonable guess at the headcount when I call to make our reservation… Lurkers, significant others & friends all welcome!