Something good today

Let’s celebrate something good this week. It could be small. It could be big. Just make sure it is something good.

For me, I’ve become an uncle again. I have two absolutely amazing new nephews. Their big brother is adjusting to the trauma of not being an only child. If everything works out well, I’ll see them all this spring after the grandparents and other, far more, helpful relatives get out of my brother and sister-in law’s way.

So tell me something good about your week!

Late Night Politicking Open Thread: Bernie Sanders Has His Defenders

… And they’re not Democrats, either.

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Something good this week

Let’s take a break and celebrate something good from the past week.

For me, I was able to head up to DC for a couple of days. There was a decent size conference that I did not directly attend but I wanted to be around for the social events. I got to see a bunch of people I follow on twitter, several collaborators and informants that I’ve never met in person and a bunch of friends I’ll see once or twice a year. We laughed, we geeked out, we ate, we drank and we were merry.

So tell me something good about your week….

Open thread

Mid-week good news

I think that we should celebrate unabashed good news more often.

So today’s thread and comments section is only for good news, things that made you smile, things that brightened your day sometime in the past week.

I’ll start.

Last week at a parent-teacher training event, my son’s teacher was describing how a student in her class finally had everything click.  This student had been struggling with a core concept for the entire year but all of a sudden, the student put everything together and practiced all of the skills that had eluded him for months and was able to do something that had been frustrating the living crap out of him.  And at the end, he Dabbed in celebration.

I was fairly certain she was referring to my son.

When I went up to talk with her after the training event, I was 80% sure it was my son.  She saw me, smiled and even before I asked, said she had been referring to him.

And my eyes glistened and I was smiling as I know he had been struggling with that concept all year.  And the discussion we had about him Dabbing in school made way more sense now that I had the concept.

As soon as I picked him from childcare, I told him how proud I was of him.

That is my good thing of the week….

What about yours?

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Rep. Pete King Shames His Clan

As a fellow member of the Irish-American community, I apologize for this… person.

You can be sure young Peter was taught to despise the cruel Brits and effete WASPS who hand-waved Irish suffering because “Those people don’t really care about their children — that’s why they have so many, so carelessly.”

We were not supposed to think “I can hardly wait to oppress other people the same way”… but then, in those days decent Irish-Americans didn’t become Republicans, either.