Friday Evening Open Thread: Clown Shoes

I’ll always have a soft spot for Michael Moore, because he reminds me of the best and the worst of the big, well-meaning, blue-collar doofuses I grew up among. On the one hand, he means well! He has a big heart, and it’s in the right place (mostly)! On the other… Dude, Michelle Obama is not your mother, your girlfriend, or your maid.

We’re in a mess, and dumb “populists” like you who didn’t even realize your own biases played no small part in getting us it. YOU get to start the massive job of cleaning it up. And maybe if you’re working hard enough, earnestly enough, the women in your life — and those ‘black friends’ you’re so proud of knowing — can find a space to help you without (also, again) taking on the thankless task of fixing up what’s gotten broken!

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And while we’re on the topic:

DNC Debate Reviews: Seems Like Elizabeth Warren Had A Good One

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Friday Morning Open Thread: The Best Revenge




Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Detroit Respite

Hey, at least these two are having fun running in circles!


Monday Morning Open Thread: Striving to Be Better

It was a (small, but not to me) Pell grant that enabled me to attend an out-of-state college. I understand that Pell grants have changed, not for the better, in the almost 40 years since then, but this still seems like a worthy idea:

Judging from my experience (and that of some of my classmates), grants targeted this way would also be useful to graduates hoping to return to their ‘decaying’ rust-belt post-industrial hometowns, or those ‘forgotten’ ex-coal-mining or Midwestern family-farm hamlets. You know, the sacred haunts of the White Working Class!