Open Thread: Stacey Abrams’ SotU Rebuttal

I started watching this promptly at 10:05pm and the Bloviator-in-Chief didn’t seem to be anywhere near shutting up already. The sacrifices I make for you people…

Ten-thirty, and he’s finally wrapped with a last round of self-applause. Here goes…

Monday Morning Open Thread: Bread & Roses

I still hope I won’t have to give up my senior Senator. But as a childhood survivor of the ‘duck’n’cover’ era (the nuns at our primary school didn’t bother, since — as they pointed out — Manhattan was most assuredly one of the primary Soviet targets, so the only preparation we needed was to keep our souls in a perpetual state of grace), I think Warren’s already found some damned good talking points. Per NYMag:

In a bold and controversial move, Elizabeth Warren introduced legislation this week that would revoke Donald Trump’s existing authority to trigger a nuclear holocaust whenever he feels like it. The “No First Use Act,” which Warren co-authored with House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, would legally establish that it is the policy of the United States to never be the first power to use nuclear weapons in an armed conflict…

Advocates of “no first use” believe the adoption of such a measure could spur more concrete changes in atomic policy, like putting our nuclear arsenal into a lower state of readiness (and thus reducing the probability of an accidental world war).

But leading Republicans believe that maintaining “calculated ambiguity” about whether America is a rogue, terrorist state that just might wipe a city off the face of the Earth at any moment is cool and good. Nebraska senator Deb Fischer said of Warren’s bill Wednesday, “With Russia and China increasingly attempting to intimidate their neighbors — some of whom are U.S. allies — this is the wrong message to send. It betrays a naïve and disturbed world view.”

Thank God our current leaders have a worldview that is sophisticated and sane.

Yeah, about that…

Bring it, Kyrsten

A couple of days ago it was brought to my attention that a bunch of wingers had their knickers in a twist about Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s outfit:

Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler said he will weigh challenging Democratic Sen. Doug Jones in 2020. But on his Facebook page, Zeigler has fixated on another junior senator.

On Saturday, Zeigler posted two pictures of Arizona Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema wearing a short dress and tall boots accompanied by the headline “What newly elected AZ democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema wore to work.”

Zeigler, a Republican, originally referred to Sinema as “inappropriately attired” but edited the words out of the post an hour and a half later.

Personally, I thought she looks fine, and then I read this this morning:

Kyrsten Sinema, at the time an Arizona congresswoman, didn’t pose for the cutesy photo op the Dems staged on the Capitol steps. Nor did she tweet about her “right to bare arms,” as many of her colleagues did. But few legislators stood to benefit from the loosened rules as much as she did. In her three terms in the House, Sinema became known for a signature style: bold colors, graphic patterns, glittery hoop earrings, and lots of flouncy sleeveless dresses befitting the climate of her home state. With a few notable exceptions (see: eccentric “hipster” Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut), women in Congress usually favor more conservative ensembles: solid neutrals, structured sheath dresses, and shapeless trousers. The evident joy Sinema took in dressing outside the Washington norm was a welcome departure from the dutiful businesswear that currently populates the Capitol. It was also appropriate for the image of a post-partisan, aisle-crossing “social butterfly” she strove to present.

And you know what? She looks great. As I mentioned elsewhere, I was born wearing khakis and an Oxford cloth blue button down, I don’t like jewelry on men to the point that I do not wear a watch, and my fashion sense is even worse these days. But, as my grandfather used to say, “I can’t lay an egg but I can tell a good one from a bad one.” Her clothing is colorful, fun, and most important, she looks confident and happy. If the addled old farts can’t take her seriously because of her attire, that’s, you know, THEIR FUCKING PROBLEM.

And really, this is more of the faux decorum that makes Washington suck so much. We’ll spill column inches about someone taking their fucking jacket off in the oval office or not wearing what some addled old state auditor in Alabama thinks is appropriate for SOMEONE ELSE to fucking wear, and then look the other way when we put kids in cages. Only in America is someone saying “fuck you” worse than fucking over millions of people.

Also, this:

Fuck ’em. Be your bad self, Kyrsten.

Friday Morning Open Thread: Getting Our Hopes Up…

(Sorry for the delay; was getting the dread ‘Data Base Connection Error’ message for the last hour-plus.)

If nothing else, it’s some consolation to know that the conspirators around Trump had a bad night last night… even if the Figurehead-in-Chief is too addled to remember what happened this time last week.

Speaking of addled, or at least resistant to reality…

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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Who’s Having More Fun?


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