Election 2020 Open Thread: Kamala Harris Will Be Hard to Beat

And if we can afford to lose any Senator, surely one from California should be relatively easy to replace with another Democrat!

Thanks to commentor LAMH for the following clips:

And, of course, Harris knows how retail politics works…

Sellers, who is from Denmark, S.C., will campaign with Harris and formally announce his support for the California Democrat during a Saturday town hall at South Carolina State University in Orangeburg. Harris is returning to the state on Friday for a town hall at Winthrop University in Rock Hill.

Harris has made early investments in the state given its central role in her fight for the nomination. Ahead of her presidential announcement — and before she and top surrogates began holding events across the state — Harris attended a gala for the nation’s oldest black sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Nearly 4 in 10 voters in the 2016 South Carolina Democratic presidential primary in the state were black women — and Harris has been working to lock down local endorsements, including from state Rep. Pat Henegan of Marlboro; Berkeley County Democratic Party Chair Melissa Watson; and Marguerite Willis of Florence, an attorney and a former gubernatorial candidate…

Harris’ weekend swing also includes headlining an event with the Orangeburg County Democratic Party and a meeting with faith and community leaders in Holly Hill. She then will attend Easter Sunday service at Bible Way Church in Columbia.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Got Summer Vacation Plans?

I am (perhaps overly) sensitive to the charge that I’m prejudiced towards my personal favorite Senator — and, boilerplate: I will do everything in my power to support the eventual Democratic nominee — but damn, Elizabeth Warren does not get the credit she deserves!

Everything in this proposal is noteworthy, but giving lower-income families more of a chance to enjoy national parks is *not* a small thing, if we want support for those parks to be more than ‘a little perk for white totebaggers’…

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{Eye Roll} Open Thread: Sanders’ Team Preps for His Fox News Town Hall

… by threatening (actual) Democrats, of course — with the assistance of the NYTimes:

One of the “digs” on Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the 2016 presidential campaign was that he was all about himself — insufficiently attuned to concerns about unity, quick to lash out at critics and exceptionally thin-skinned. Those concerns surfaced again in Democratic ranks when he hired a rabid social media hit man, David Sirota (who hadn’t initially disclosed his affiliation with the Sanders camp).

Now he has gone into full attack-and-destroy mode, targeting in a vitriolic letter the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank that has advanced, for example, a health-care plan that expands Medicare but is distinct from the Sanders Medicare-for-all plan, and CAP Action Fund, CAP’s political arm…
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Monday Morning Open Thread: Strong Women Are Our Hallmark

And some happy news out of London — from the Guardian, “Michelle Obama gets rock star reception at London O2 interview”:

With homemade signs and spontaneous Mexican waves, it was an audience fit for the most famous musician. Speaking to a 15,000-strong audience of mostly women at the O2 Arena in London, the former first lady Michelle Obama called on those who were unhappy with the Trump White House to “roll up your sleeves”.

She was welcomed on stage at the event on Sunday night – part of an international book tour – with a standing ovation and screams. Asked by the US television host Stephen Colbert how she liked her reception, she said it gave her hope in difficult political times.

“I think it’s a testament to how much we all have in common around the world,” said Obama. “The fact that people are finding themselves in the story of this little girl, Michelle Robinson, on the south side of Chicago … is not a testament to me and my story, but it’s a reminder that we’re OK, folks. We’re going to be OK.”…

“I have to remind people that Barack Obama was elected twice in the United States. That really did happen,” she said. “That wasn’t make-believe. The country actually did accomplish it and half the people who voted in the last election, if they could have, they would have voted for him for a third term.

“We have to remember that what is happening today is true, but what happened before was also true … that should give us some solace at some level.”…

Open Thread: Motivation