Open Thread: The Not-Yellow Rose of Texas

Anybody from the area want to comment? From what I can see, the assumptions seem to be that this is (a) putting down a marker for future elections; (b) a way to encourage voters to show up for down-ballot races; and/or (c) a relatively low-cost way of messing with Trump/Cruz/the Texan GOP…

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Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Inch by Inch, State by State


Apart from running the numbers, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Gimme Brains for Breakfast Baby


Holy shit, Senator Elizabeth Warren apparently murdered a bankster in the Senate today:

I’m honest to goodness physically aroused.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: A Place to Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

As a reminder (and for those of you who only read Balloon Juice during office hours), MisterMix did some research and put together an ActBlue widget for those who want to donate to “winnable” races for Democrats competing in the Senate and the House:

Goal Thermometer
(click on the widget pic to be redirected to the ActBlue page)

Apart from continuing the good fight, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Monday Morning Open Thread: Keep the Faith, and GOTV

Ted Strickland, that would be. Have I mentioned recently that I {heart} my senior Senator, Liz Warren?

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren spent a weekend in Ohio revving up Democratic base voters by laying into Republican Donald Trump, calling him everything from a “nasty little bully” to a man with a “dark and ugly soul.”

In Cleveland on Sunday, Warren targeted him for “inviting his followers to commit a terrible act of violence on his opponent,” charging only “a little bully who can’t win in a fair fight” would do such a thing.

Warren added that “Trump has led the charge on the “birther” movement and only when his handlers tied him down and made him did he finally admit that it wasn’t true.”

“What kind of a man does that? A man with a dark and ugly soul. A man that will never be president,” she said…

Ohio remains a key swing state, particularly for Trump, whose path to the White House narrows considerably without the state. But recent polls have shown the Republican opening a slight lead on Clinton, and Democrats are concerned he could win the state if their voters stay home.

To avoid that possibility, the Clinton campaign dispatched two of the liberal movement’s most beloved figures this weekend to rev up millennial voters weekend: Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, both of whom delivered red meat to the liberal base at college campuses across Ohio…

Apart from soldiering forward together, what’s on the agenda as we start another week?

Excellent Read: “‘I hate palm trees’: The sentimental journey of Harry Reid”

For certain extremely dry values of ‘sentimental’… President Obama and Joe Biden aren’t the only retiring Democrats keeping rhymes-with-bucket lists, per the Washington Post:

Reid is known as a shrewd tactician, a killer who speaks softly but carries a sharp knife. Ask him about regrets or mistakes and he will often say he doesn’t like to look back. He’s the kind of a guy who hangs up without saying goodbye, who called George W. Bush a “loser” and told him to his face that “your dog is fat.” But as he prepares to leave the Senate, with high hopes for his successors, even Reid can’t avoid displaying something resembling human emotion.

He was spotted crying backstage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia after giving a prime-time speech. He’s been telling the old war stories more often. And for once it seems as if he might actually care, just a little bit, about what people think about him; or at least what they think about the house he once kept. As the Chevrolet Suburban pulled away from the family home, Reid couldn’t help but look back one more away from the family home, Reid couldn’t help but look back one more time.

“You see the house they ruined?” he said…

“It’s going to be an adjustment, I wish I could stay in the Senate forever,” he said earlier that day. Reid, 76, is a remarkably unremarkable-looking man; tall but hunched, a pale face with pale eyes and hair now similarly devoid of color.

He walked to the SUV gingerly, donning sunglasses and leaning on a silver-tipped cane, his new necessities of the past several months. Early last year, the senator had been exercising in his suburban Las Vegas home when the elastic band he was using snapped in half, whacked him in the face and sent him crashing backward into a set of cabinets. He broke multiple bones in his face and remains blind in his right eye. For three months, he had to sleep sitting up in a chair.

“I was hurt, okay?” he said. “Worse than most people know.” Being laid up gave him time to think. He felt lucky to have been so physically able his whole life, and grateful that he and his wife had their health. Though the Senate was his great love, he decided he didn’t have it in him for another run.
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We Need This Guy in the Senate

Here’s the best Democratic commercial I honestly think I’ve ever seen:

He’s running against Roy Blunt in Missouri, and could be the Junior Senator under Claire McCaskill.

Seems like the real deal.

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