Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Deep, Cleansing Breaths

What’s on the agenda for the new day?

Early Morning Schadenfreude Open Thread: Random Observations from the First 2016 Presidential Debate

When you’ve lost Megan McArgleBargle…

Smiling, serene, egged on by each groan and grunt and interruption she goaded from her rival, Clinton provoked Trump again and again—over his refusal to release his tax returns, his years-long “racist lie” about President Barack Obama’s birthplace, his foreign-policy views, and his treatment of women. Meanwhile, Trump drew some blood on the issue of trade, specifically calling out crucial battleground states in the process, but found little on Clinton’s most vulnerable fronts: e-mail, family foundation and policy crises of her tenure as secretary of state…

Trump started the debate relatively subdued, but grew increasingly testy as the night went on—and as Clinton’s jabs kept coming. He used negative emotion words like “terrible,” “stupid,” and “disaster” about 50 percent more often at the end of the debate than the beginning, according to a Bloomberg Politics analysis with Quantified Communications

A CNN snap poll found that 62 percent of voters who watched said Clinton won the debate compared to 27 percent for Trump.

His son Donald Trump, Jr. defended his father after the debate: “There’s a time for temperament, and there’s a time where you actually have to defend yourself,” he said…

Thing is, though — for all the well-deserved mockery, Trump said a bunch of stuff that in any other election cycle would have even the Media Village Idiots perturbed. He once again advocated “taking the oil” from Iraq (which would be a war crime, if it were physically possible); he said “we” should be demanding protection money from NATO; he thought “China should just go into North Korea” (because a manly commander like Douglas MacArthur would’ve done just that); he derided the Fifth Amendment; he said that stop & frisk was “extremely effective in reducing crime” (it wasn’t) until “a very anti-police judge” ruled against it, and repeatedly contradicted the moderator who pointed out that it had been found unconstitutional…
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Tuesday Morning Open Thread: YES SHE DID

If you didn’t watch last night, rest assured: Hillary did a fine job, and Donald Trump… repeated all his Greatest Hits from the Rallies bits. He didn’t lose a single member of his devoted “base”, but he sniffled, lied, talked over the woman on the stage, claimed that America is a job-leaking hellhole which every filthy brown terrorist can’t wait to invade, lied some more, contradicted the African-American moderator (while lying), sniffled, called President Obama “your president”, took credit for “settling” the birtherism issue, and by every metric and “optic” looked like a coked-up, aging con artist in a bad suit rambling about “the nuclear” and “the cyber”. Vox has a full transcript up, and I’m guessing one of the other front-pagers will be able to post a video later this morning.

But this is the Big Fat Gaffe that will probably attract the most attention…

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Post-Debacle Open Thread

Professional Republican ratfvcker:

Flash update, from a conservative HRC-hater who’s nevertheless #NeverTrump:

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Monday Morning Open Thread


According to ever-uplifting commentor MomSense:

Korra is practicing her debate watching faces.

He said what??? Please make him stop.

Distinguished commentor Omnes Omnibus linked to the following clip, and Adam was sad that he’d been “beaten to the punch”. But not everybody here reads the comments, especially on weekends, so I gave Adam 36 whole hours to front-page it… sorry, Adam, we need the eggs laughs:

“I will spoil every episode of Game of Thrones!”

Apart from stockpiling supplies for this evening, what’s on the agenda as we start another week?

Later Night Open Thread: Cole’s Favorite Candidate

Jason Kander — he understands how to meet the voters where they’re at!

Somebody may want to add “Thank you for putting on pants” to the rotating tags widget…

Goal Thermometer

Late Night Open Thread: Waiting and Rumor-Monging

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