Wednesday Evening Open Thread: More Popcult Favs for HRC


Apart from GOTV, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Also, wise words: “If you vote for Hillary you’re a grownup; if you vote for Trump you’re a sucker; if you don’t vote for anyone, you’re an asshole.”

(NSFW – language)

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Almost At the Finish Line

Best media response of the week (if not longer):

What’s on the agenda as we strive through this last week?

Oh, and speaking of long-awaited happy endings…

Something Very Strange is Happening In Cyberspace: FBI Twitter Edition – Updated

Apparently the FBI’s long dormant twitter account for its electronic records vault and Freedom of Information Act records depository has suddenly gone hot after a one year and 22 day hiatus. Here’s its last tweet before going dormant on 8 October 2015:

This account suddenly went active again on Sunday with the following tweet:

Since then its tweeted out links to 15 FBI policies or guidelines or programs, but has also put out three or four other bizarre tweets like the one about Fred Trump. For instance, if you’re looking for information on Nikola Tesla, here you go:

The Tesla tweet was only the second substantive one about a person or event. The others are:


Josh Marshall has indicated that he and his crew are investigating and should be reporting out something soon.

As I’ve stated before I’m not a computer scientist, nor a cyber domain/cyber warfare specialist. But I do know weird when I see it and this certainly qualifies. When I first saw mention of this my first thought was that someone had hacked this account and was using it to direct folks to information it wanted to highlight, but once I actually checked out the timeline, I’m really not sure its that coordinated. Sure tweets to the FBI’s files on Fred Trump and the Marc Rich pardon are strange, but the majority of the tweets since the account has gone active are things like this:


This one certainly qualifies as an X File!

(I’ll be busy this afternoon, but will update if 1) anyone figures out what is happening here and 2) when I get a chance)

Updated at 3:10 PM EDT

Over at TPM, Allegra Kirkland has provided some initial reporting on what is going on. She’s reported out that NBC’s Pete Williams has reported that the Rich documents were posted to the FBI’s online archive as the result of a FOIA request and that this happened on October 7.

The FBI has not responded to a request for comment, but Wikileaks is on the case!


Open Thread: Metaphors Made Concrete

Or, sometimes, stone. Per the Washington Post:

Video shows a man smashing Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a sledgehammer and pickax, destroying the Hollywood marker that honors the current Republican presidential nominee.

Police received a call around 6 a.m. Wednesday, and officers who arrived at the Hollywood Walk of Fame confirmed that the star had been vandalized, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said. The investigation is ongoing and there are no suspects.

Deadline was the first to post the video of a man dressed in a city construction worker’s uniform destroying Trump’s star. According to the outlet, the man said he planned to auction off the star and give the money to women who have accused the Republican presidential nominee and former “Apprentice” host sexual assault…

In January, a photo showing a swastika spray-painted over the star made the rounds online, and police investigated. The Hollywood Chamber quickly cleaned the symbol off of the star.

About six months later, an artist erected a mini-wall around the marker on the Walk of Fame, a nod to Trump’s promise to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico…

Friday Evening Open Thread: Canvassing Social Notes


Apart from GOTV, what’s on the agenda as we start the weekend?


Join Democrats Abroad for our fifth Global Town Hall of 2016 with special guest George Takei

Monday, October 24,

8:00 AM EDT (Washington DC time) by video-conference

Our very own Martha McDevitt-Pugh, DNC Member, Vice-Chair in the Netherlands, and Chair of the LGBT Caucus, will start things off by discussing the Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus and Advocacy Work.

George Takei will be sharing his thoughts with DA about what really makes America great, why he supports Hillary for President — and why we must win the White House and Take Back Congress.

Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner Live Feed: Its All Good Fun Until…


Wednesday Night No-Politics Open Thread


Since we are weenie lie-brul SJWs here: a safe space, for you!

What’s on the non-political agenda for the evening?