Killing the Republican Majority

Atrios links to this exchange between Paul Begala (ptooey- I have to spit every time I say his name) and Sen. James Inhofe (R., OK):

INHOFE: That isn’t true. That isn’t true. The Al Hussein missile goes further than that. And by the way, that would reach every capital in that whole region out there.

How do you know they don’t have a missile? We know one thing for sure, China has been trading technology and systems with Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, North Korea now for years and years. Indigenously? No they’re not going to have one. But they’re getting dangerously close to having one. We can all have reason to suspect. Why would they not if they’re trading with these countries?

It was your guys back during your president, Bill Clinton’s time in 1998…

BEGALA: He was your president too, we’re all Americans.

INHOFE: Well, you make that determination…

BEGALA: I just — you look like American to me. United States senator.

All together now- Clinton is no longer President. Breathe in, breathe out. Pull yourself together Sen. Inhofe, and you will remember that the reason you hated him was because HE WAS YOUR PRESIDENT. Otherwise he would have been just some other loudmouth from Arkansas.

Grow up, really. Please?

Fiscal Conservatives, My Ass

Instapundit links to this article:

Addressing the delegates more than two years ago at the Republican National Convention, President Bush invoked a line that had become a sort of mantra.

“Big government is not the answer,” he said.

Now, just past the midway point of his first term in office, Bush is presiding over the largest, most expensive — and, some would say, most intrusive — federal government in history.

The GOP, the responsible adults. Some more snippets:

– In the past five years, while median household income has grown by about 16 percent, the federal government’s spending has increased by 45 percent.

– After a four-year period ending in 1997 that saw fairly stable spending management — Congress’ budget authority grew from $509 billion to $511 billion — a spike began in 1998, when federal spending got an $18 billion boost to $529 billion. Spending in 2003 could top $750 billion.

Why? Because the Republicans held the House from 1994 on, and there was no spending proposed by Clinton that they would approve. basically, that was helpful, despite being petty. The real problem lies with the Senate Republicans, although if they this week had not managed to have 25 party line votes and finally showed some discipline, Kennedy, Byrd, and Daschle would have blown the budget entirely to hell and back, while the Democrat contenders for 2004 would be carping qabout the deficit.

This is a problem- and it has nothing to do with the problem of getting Bush re-elected. The problem is that they are pissing away my our money. I should have just ripped up my voter registration after the Lott affair. These people don’t represent me anymore than the Democrats.

*** Update ***

Read Zell Miller in the Opinion Journal.