Repub Venality Open Thread: Mick Mulvaney Gets Caught Telling the Truth

They’d throw him off the GOP Titanic for this, but Mulvaney’s the Acting Head of Everything They’ve Still Got… and possibly the only one who’s figured out how to work the light switches in the Oval Office.

Later Night Open Thread: … The Aristocrats ENABLERS!”

Former editor of the NYC paper Kushner bought & ran into the ground:

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End Timeline (Open Thread)

Didn’t expect Charlize Theron to turn up in today’s Armageddon-infused Twitter trends, but so be it:

This Trump madness is all just so damned exhausting.

Let’s expand our universe of topics. Anyone read a good book, seen a great movie, discovered a new band or heard a hilarious joke lately? Also, I’m in a “show hole” since the end of Years and Years and Big Little Lies, not to mention still suffering Game of Thrones withdrawals. Any recommendations?

This is an open thread that is not limited to the above topics. Feel free to discuss anything, even The Beast.

Late Night Open Thread: How Can They Tell?

What passes for ‘real’ among the Repub cognoscenti:

(FiveThirtyEight reports Trump’s current approval rating at 41.9%)

ETA: Bess Levin at Vanity Fair has an explication for the ‘Google stole mah votes!!!’ bullshite Cole mocked this morning:

Seven minutes prior to the tweet, Fox Business aired a segment discussing congressional testimony from psychologist Robert Epstein. In June, Epstein told Ted Cruz that Google’s bias had likely resulted in at least 2.6 million undecideds voting for Clinton, and that in 2020, Big Tech could band together and throw an extra 15 million-odd votes toward whomever the Democratic nominee turns out to be. As TechCrunch notes, Epstein puts out “anti-Google editorials almost monthly,” and has been attacking the company since 2012, when Google helpfully warned visitors to Epstein’s website that it had been hacked to serve malware to anyone reading it…

In April, Epstein presented another study in which he argued that Google’s algorithms are biased because their search results are dominated by news from mainstream outlets like the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, rather than conservative sites like Breitbart. In other words, Epstein’s basis for saying Google is biased is that it gives more weight to legitimate new sources and less to the since abandoned love child of Steve Bannon and erstwhile Trump sugar daddy Robert Mercer. Using this theory, Epstein tracked “47,300 searches by dozens of undecided voters in the districts of newly elected Democratic Reps. Katie Porter, Harley Rouda and Mike Levin,” and then claimed that an estimated “35,455 voters who were on the fence were persuaded to vote for a Democrat entirely because of the sources Google fed them.” Yes, people read stories from news outlets that have never had an entire section called “black crime,” and made a decision based on those stories. Or, as Epstein would put it, they were manipulated into voting for a Democrat by Google, a move the site may pull again in 2020…

{FacePalm} Open Thread: Greenland, Unlike the Trump Administration, Is Not For Sale

“Losing” — ?!?