Open Thread: Eleven Little Words

Margaret Doris, reporting for Esquire at the DNC:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Stella Adams came to the Democratic convention so full of hope that she’d sprinkled her face with red, white, and blue stars, swabbed on blue-glitter eye shadow, and topped it all off with a stars-and-streamers USA tiara. But after another in a stream of “surprise” delegate visits here from Michelle Obama on Thursday morning, this one to the Women’s Caucus, the alternate delegate from North Carolina found herself fighting back tears.

“We worked so hard to build a just, moral society,” Adams said, after the First Lady reminded the delegates and guests that the election was not just about issues, but “how we want our democracy to function for decades.”

Michelle Obama’s words were a grim foreshadowing of a future that Adams, a fair-housing advocate from Durham, had already begun to fear. “And I’m going to live to see it — see it go back,” she worried.

Adams says it’s hard to motivate young women to understand what’s at stake in this election. “I’m 53. I was a kid when we got these rights,” like Title IX and the right to contraceptives and abortion. “I grew up seeing women not allowed full participation in American life. My daughter is 28. My nieces are 17, 15, 16. They have never known when girls had to play half-court ball because it was thought women were too fragile to play otherwise.” And as young black women, the segregated world of their grandmothers seems to be the stuff of the Brothers Grimm….

“I’ve really been motivated… to protect my daughter’s future,” Adams said, with a hint of new resolve in her voice. Her daughter, Danielle, a graduate student at Appalachian State University, is also a North Carolina delegate. “We will win this election, or we will lose our future.”

I’m 56, and I fully endorse this message.

Food For The Heart And Soul

Republicans, complain all you want to about the President moving his acceptance speech Friday Thursday indoors due to storms, what the Democrats did afterwards for Charlotte is outstanding.  The logistics for the event move included deciding what to do with all the food for the 65,000 people expected to be on hand, and when the event was moved, the DNC absolutely did the right thing.

All the fancy catered food intended for the VIP suites and club rooms at the stadium – and perhaps even for the president himself – was redistributed Friday to local soup kitchens and shelters, via Second Harvest Food Bank of Metrolina.

On the menu: thousands of pounds of pecan-fried chicken, baked orzo, fresh crudités, three-bean bake, fresh-cut fruit and something called short rib cobbler.

And that’s only a partial list.

It had all been prepared in advance by chef Jon Morey and the kitchen staff of Delaware North Inc., the official food provider for the stadium. A dollar value for the food was not immediately available.

“It’s really a wonderful order,” said Kay Carter of Second Harvest, which got 7,500 pounds of the food.

“None of this food will go to waste. We contacted every shelter and soup kitchen in town and asked them how much refrigeration capacity they have and how many are they feeding. It will all be gone at the end of the day.”

Second Harvest has a history of redistributing fresh food at a moment’s notice, she said, including leftovers from major golf tournaments.

However, the Democratic National Convention’s gift is different, if only for the inclusion of enough popcorn for 70,000 people, popped and stuffed into bags. It will go to the community’s various children’s programs, including low-income day cares. “At least it doesn’t weigh a lot,” Carter said.

This is outstanding, and more people need to know about it.   Spread the word.

Friday Morning Open Thread

Via NYMag, to help with the morning’s sleep deprivation – hangover.
And a great quote from Jon Chait, too:

During his first campaign, Obama saw the blend of individual and communal responsibility as the obvious, shared belief of the entire country. Now he has come to see it as the belief of an embattled half of America.

In other commentary, Thursday morning’s cartoon (two-week lead time) is why Garry Trudeau remains necessary:

(Doonesbury via — enbiggenment available at the link)

What’s on the agenda, apart from recovery after the myriad emotional highs of the last three days?

Post-Convention Open Thread

Countdown to getting bigfooted in three… two… one…

(This’ll bring Cole back if nothing else will.)

DNC Open Thread: Proof of Life

Blogmaster JohnGCole is tweeting, again.

Imani ABL’s thumbs are much faster, though.

Can’t hardly wait for the post-con trip reports!