Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Be Of Good Cheer (Srsly)

The Repubs have a decompensating narcissist who only took his current position with the help of voter suppression and foreign money… and they’re all too terrified to challenge him. We have half a dozen excellent candidates, and several perfectly competent backups. Also, people like confidence!

And this would be bad… because?!?

Monday Morning Open Thread: I’m With Her

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Because a girl can dream…

Busy weekend in Iowa:

Another lady whose career I’m very following with interest [mildy NSFW]:

Friday Morning Open Thread: No Sooner Than Time

Happy Pride Month! Per the Washington Post, “‘Wrong, plain and simple’: 50 years after the Stonewall raid, New York City’s police commissioner apologizes”:

A half-century after the New York Police Department raided the Stonewall Inn — prompting a riot credited with sparking the modern gay rights movement — New York City Police Commissioner James O’Neill apologized…

O’Neill was speaking at a safety briefing for Pride Month events. After his apology, there was extended applause.

In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, plainclothes police raided the Stonewall Inn, a Greenwich Village bar frequented mostly by gay men, with some lesbians and transgender people, as well.

For the patrons, raids and police harassment were nothing new. But this time, they decided to fight back. A crowd of hundreds soon gathered outside the bar and threw coins, rocks and garbage, briefly trapping the officers inside the Stonewall.

Reinforcements were called in to break up the crowd; in all, 13 people were arrested that first night. Unrest around the Stonewall continued for days…

Joe Biden no longer supports the Hyde Amendment:

There will be any amount of discussion about Biden’s choices / timing, but it’s objectively good news that he’s no longer defending a bad law that hurt mostly poor and otherwise victimized women. Especially since it removes one last prop from the ‘electability’ argument — If normal guy Joe Biden supports it, we can’t reject it!

Circular firing squad at the NRA:

Kudos (again) to ProPublica:

Still to be done: Someone needs to slap Chris ‘Mad Bitcher’ Cillizza with a dead fish, repeatedly. His entire article — TBH, his entire career — is an eczema on the body politic…

Thursday Morning Open Thread: “But Are American Voters Ready for A Smart President?”

Well, “we” have gone about as far as we can in the opposite direction without, to paraphrase Molly Ivins, picking a President “who’ll have to be watered twice a day”. Elizabeth Warren originally wanted to be a special education teacher, and by Murphy the Trickster God, the American Media Village Idiots could use all the educational assistance available!

Of course, the GOP is appalled…

And because “savvy” is orthogonal to “smart”, Politico‘s wary of the whole ‘intelligent voter’ demographic:

Of course, past Democratic presidential primaries are littered with failed candidates who appealed to liberal elites — Paul Tsongas in 1992, Bill Bradley in 2000 and Howard Dean in 2004. Swiss cheese-eating John Kerry managed to clinch the nomination in 2004, only to fall to regular guy George W. Bush in the general.

But in a crowded primary, winning the well-educated lane would be no minor feat. Indeed, behind the enthusiastic wonkery of Warren and Buttigieg is a clear-eyed political calculation. Highly educated voters tend to be more politically active and more likely to donate money to candidates. They also turn out to vote at higher rates than other constituencies.

Then there’s the sheer number of votes up for grabs: According to a CNN analysis of exit poll data from the 2016 Democratic primaries, 53 percent Democratic voters had college degrees, up from 46 percent in 2008.

“In a race with so many candidates, people are looking for what there is to distinguish one candidate from another,” Richard Cordray, the former Democratic nominee for governor in Ohio and an ally of Warren, said of the efforts by the two candidates to woo highly educated voters…

AND YET. Just imagine once again having a national representative who didn’t make us all cringe!

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: The Neverending Battle

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