Friday Morning Open Thread: Day of the Girl (Year of the Felons)


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Election 2020 Open Thread: Tulsi Gabbard Threatens to Boycott the October Debate

Between Bernie’s health issues and Trump’s non-stop firehose of sh*t, it’s hard out there for an aspiring fresh Putin puppet to get any media traction…

You want us to beg, Tulsi? Here’s my answer: Don’t let the door hit ya…

Even the National Review, which normally cannot resist any excuse to ding us Dems, is… unsympathetic:

Are a bear’s sanitary arrangements conveniently located to its forested home?

Thursday Morning Open Thread: More Like This, Please

Also seasonal:

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Good for Madame Pelosi

After this week, I think we’re entitled to a little gloating. Karen Tumulty, in the Washington Post, “This might be the worst impeachment news of all for Trump”:

As the president of the United States rants and rages about the prospect of his impeachment, the woman who set the gears in motion is a study in serenity.

“I feel very at peace with all of this, very at peace,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told me in an interview Wednesday…

For many months, Pelosi had resisted the calls within her party to commence the process that could lead to Trump’s impeachment. What forced her hand, the speaker said, were the facts, the sheer impropriety of Trump pressuring Ukraine’s president to turn up dirt on Trump’s leading presidential rival, former vice president Joe Biden.

“He has committed impeachable offenses even before this, but I do think this is more easily understandable by the public,” Pelosi said. “He gave us no choice. And if he doesn’t understand and the Republicans can’t grasp that — the fact that he undermined our national security, our Constitution and our electoral system — that’s their problem.”

Pelosi remains determined not to give in to the impulses of some Democrats to make impeachment a vehicle for everything about the president that stirs their rage. All of that should await November 2020, she said, when voters will have their opportunity to weigh in on Trump’s policies, his temperament and his character…

In the meantime, Trump’s chief adversary at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue is settling in for the duration, however long it might be. “I have never talked about any timeline. I don’t have the timeline,” Pelosi said. “It will go expeditiously — that is to say, we’ll use the time well to get the facts. We’re not moving hastily, though.”

For a president who grows more agitated by the day, that might be the worst news of all.

Balloon Juice After Dark Open Thread: GO COUGARS, Sen. Warren!

Friday night, presumably the young & impressionable are either in bed or off partying somewhere, let’s indulge in a nice rowdy game of Kick the Wohl-ball!

First off — if Warren isn’t our 2020 candidate, the winner should most definitely hire her social media staff instanter, because they are GOOD:

Backstory / fisking, ICYMI:

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