Repub Senility Open Thread: Lindsey Graham Wants It to Be 1983 Again

And he’s not afraid to sacrifice other Americans’ lives in order to live out his days-of-political-glory fantasy:

According to Wikipedia, Graham is just a few months older than I am. So he didn’t actually have to avoid going to Vietnam, but he damn sure remembers what happened as that ‘intervention, for democracy’ wrapped up. But then, as long as you were a GOP politician, Grenada was just a splendid little military exercise!

The Guardian, on Saturday — “Pence hints at possible military intervention in Venezuela”:

Vice-President Mike Pence has told the most diverse graduating class in the history of the US Military Academy the world is “a dangerous place” and they should expect to see combat.

“Some of you will join the fight against radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq,” he said.

He also said: “Some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere.”…

Unlike ‘Mike Dense’, Lindsey Graham is not a certified idiot. But it seems he’s been huffing Trump’s farts so intensely, he’s beginning to hallucinate, per McClatchy:

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed posted online Wednesday, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican who leads the Senate Judiciary Committee, favorably compared potential military action in Venezuela to the U.S. invasion of Grenada in 1983, an operation that lasted about a week and led to the overthrow of the Caribbean nation’s military-run government.

“I think the military option has to be real, I think the ultimate solution is getting Cuba out,” Graham said in an interview with McClatchy. “If Cuba goes, Maduro goes and we have a history of standing up to Cuban intervention in the past and this is a defining moment for the Trump presidency in terms of how they deal with Cuba.”…

When asked about the scale of military force needed in Venezuela, Graham did not offer specifics but said the goal is “to restore order.”

“We’re not occupying Venezuela, but if Maduro refuses to go and the Cubans keep using their military apparatus to prop him up, it is in our national serucity interest to do in Venezuela what Reagan did in Grenada,” Graham said.

President Ronald Reagan sent about 6,000 troops to Grenada, an island nation about double the size of Washington, D.C., with a population of about 100,000 people. The weeklong operation in Grenada resulted in the deaths of 20 U.S. troops…

Also Lindsey Graham, earlier this morning:

Yeah, it’s not just Graham’s skin that’s as transparent as window glass…

Bootless Speculation Open Thread: Why So Agitated, Sen. Graham?

Digby, at Salon, has a milder interpretation:

Graham thinks he’s able to manipulate Trump into doing his bidding. Indeed, according to a friend who knew Graham’s thinking, he literally made that cynical calculation… Someone who has the president’s ear is in a powerful position, and today Graham is closer to Trump than any other senator.

Graham has betrayed his alleged principles and maverick reputation across the board, even as he makes half-hearted efforts to present himself to the press as an independent thinker who breaks with the president when he disagrees with him. He often falls back on his traditional conservative hawk credentials on foreign policy, coming before the cameras and sighing deeply when Trump makes one of his impulsive, ill-informed national security decisions which the GOP establishment perceives as a bridge too far. Graham will say he thinks it’s a mistake and promises to talk to the president about it. Once in a while he’ll feel compelled to weakly criticize Trump’s crude behavior or blatant racism.

… Graham is walking a fine line and has to go beyond flattery to stay in the president’s good graces. It appears he’s discovered the best way to do that is to become a vicious, conspiracy-mongering attack dog. Trump will forgive almost anything if someone goes after his enemies with the same fervor he does…

Yeah, Graham has always seemed to be most comfortable as the Man Behind the Man on the Podium — remember his long partnership with ‘Maverick’ McCain — but his antics over the last year or so have become increasingly unglued.

Perhaps he’s just another indicator that the hardcore Suthrun Treason-in-Defense-of-Slavery throwbacks feel like they’re (at long last!) losing the argument?


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Reinforce good behavior

For those who live in Arizona — encourage good behavior

And if need be, drink after you thank the very nice intern for working for such a Mavericky Maverick.

True-Life Tales of Terror

Jezebel has their top 10 reader horror stories up here. Meh. I think we can do better, Juicers. Anyone got any true-life tales of terror to tell this Halloween? I’ll start us off, even though mine isn’t really all that scary. I’ve alluded to it briefly before, but here it is in detail:

My maternal grandmother is from the Carolinas. She was a schoolteacher when my sister and I were growing up, so she had summers off, and she’d take us on road trips to go camping, see historical sites (she was a history teacher) and visit relatives.

One of her cousins had inherited the old family manse, which was built in the 1820s (I think):

haunted house

Everyone assumed Cousin Howard was gay because he never married or had a girlfriend that anyone ever heard about, and he was a natty dresser with a flair for decorating. Back then, people made those kinds of assumptions.

(Now that I think back on it, Cousin Howard’s speech and mannerisms were somewhat reminiscent of Senator Lindsey Graham’s, another confirmed bachelor from the Carolinas. So maybe things haven’t changed so much after all, as far as assumptions go.) Read more