Now I’m Back And Not Ashamed To Cry

This was amazing. Accept no substitutes.

(ETA: click back to the beginning to see her whole speech if you missed it).

I was in tears…so very proud to say this woman is the First Lady of the United States of America.

It looks like we could use a fresh DNC thread. Last one looks like comment overload. Carry on…Elizabeth is speaking now.

Democratic National Convention Livestream

Report so far: Some people are being dicks; others aren’t. Open thread!

Bernie Heckled by His Own Delegates

Well, as you’ve probably heard, this happened earlier today:

My first thought was something along the lines of sowing and reaping — if you sit back and bask in your supporters’ adulation for you and antipathy toward your opponent for long enough, if you indulge fantasies that can’t come true, it’s not possible to flip the crowd’s sentiments like a switch, and they may not believe you when you tell them that we don’t, in fact, live in that fantasy world.

So far, at least, hate is trumping the ever-loving fuck outta love at the convention. But Sanders gets some sympathy from an unexpected source:

I don’t take much comfort from the fact that the 1992 convention featured Jerry Brown boo-birds and that Bill Clinton went on to win anyway. Am I wrong in thinking today’s media is an order of magnitude worse than it was back then? That they’ll use the discord to mainstream the Republican freak show in a way they wouldn’t have attempted 25 years ago?

But Giordano knows a lot more about that topic than I do, so maybe he’s right. I hope so. Anyhoo, should be interesting!

Late Night Pie Fight (Open Thread)


Attracted by the agonized squeals emanating from “Even the Liberal” thread below, I began reading the comments and learned that Hillary Clinton had turned around and hired the ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

“OMFG,” I thought. “You are so goddamned gangsta with an ‘A,’ Hillary Clinton, to deflate the dingy cargo pants of so many bros who were positively tumescent with glee at having slain History’s Greatest Monster on the eve of the Democratic Party convention!”

So what position was DWS hired for, I wondered — from what lofty perch will she continue her evil machinations? Senior Stamper-Outer of People-Powered Revolutions? Earnest Moppet Dream-Crushing Consultant? Patchouli-Repellent Developer? Chief Unicorn Slayer?

I looked for tidings of DWS’s next act at the usual political news outlets but found nothing except a statement from the Clinton camp saying DWS is now Clinton’s “honorary chair” for a 50-state GOTV program and will continue to act as a surrogate in Florida. Seriously, that’s it?

Congrats, Berniacs who are bellowing like ruptured cows over this face-saving sop to a long-time party hack: You are now officially dumber than the PUMAs of aught-eight.

Lumpish Trump and Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin

Josh Marshall, who has been on fire during this primary season, IMO, has a must-read piece up at TPM on the ties between Trump and Putin. An excerpt that summarizes the case for closer scrutiny:

To put this all into perspective, if Vladimir Putin were simply the CEO of a major American corporation and there was this much money flowing in Trump’s direction, combined with this much solicitousness of Putin’s policy agenda, it would set off alarm bells galore. That is not hyperbole or exaggeration. And yet Putin is not the CEO of an American corporation. He’s the autocrat who rules a foreign state, with an increasingly hostile posture towards the United States and a substantial stockpile of nuclear weapons. The stakes involved in finding out ‘what’s going on’ as Trump might put it are quite a bit higher.

There is something between a non-trivial and a substantial amount of circumstantial evidence for a financial relationship between Trump and Putin or a non-tacit alliance between the two men. Even if you draw no adverse conclusions, Trump’s financial empire is heavily leveraged and has a deep reliance on capital infusions from oligarchs and other sources of wealth aligned with Putin. That’s simply not something that can be waved off or ignored.

Marshall explores the strong circumstantial evidence that suggests a Putin-Trump connection, including the fact that Trump owes his recovery from multiple bankruptcies to infusions of cash from Putin-connected oligarchs, Trump campaign boss Paul Manafort’s strong connection to the Kremlin and the fact that the Trump people’s sole involvement in the GOP platform was a pro-Putin intervention.

Marshall is sticking to publicly available facts, so he doesn’t address in depth the suspiciously timed Wikileaks DNC doc dump, which exposed emails that were obtained by a Russia-connected hacker and emphasize Democratic discord that Trump is playing to the hilt. But that’s one of the clearest signs yet that Putin is trying to manipulate the U.S. election, just as he supports right-wing nationalist movements in Europe to weaken the Western alliance that keeps his revanchist ambitions in check.

It remains to be seen whether the hardcore Sandersites will play the useful idiots here; I don’t think there are enough of them to swing the election, but it’s clear that is the aim of the wingnuts who are playing up the “Bernie wuz robbed!” aspect of the Wikileaks story, including Trump, who has been tweeting like a madman about it.

And maybe this is just me being paranoid, but this latest blatant attempt to divide the Democrats and advance Trump’s prospects explains a longer-term trend I used to find puzzling but no longer do: a weird affinity for the autocrat Putin among the fringier left in the U.S. I’ve seen it in the crackpot corners of the web for far longer than Trump has been a credible candidate: a drive to paint Putin as a victim of U.S. aggression. I used to write it off as individual crackpottery, but maybe Putin has been playing a long game.

FWIW, I don’t think Trump is directly taking orders from Putin. I think Trump is a vain and silly man, and Putin is playing him for a fool. But while Trump is certainly a clown, Putin’s interference in U.S. politics is serious shit. It would be swell if the Very Serious Persons in the Beltway would spend 1/100th of the effort they’ve expended on Secretary Clinton’s email server on the ongoing attempts of a hostile foreign government to manipulate a U.S. election.

The Kaine Mane

Tim Kaine gave a pretty good speech today in Miami. He was warm, earnest and self-deprecating. He fulfilled the VP’s traditional attack dog role without a hint of meanness.

Overall, I’d call it a great roll-out. I was especially moved by what he had to say on guns. He nearly choked up at one point, recalling the Virginia Tech shooting when he was governor.

Kaine seems like a great fit for the Clinton campaign. But one unique Kaine asset I haven’t seen noted by Democrats was raised by Peggy Noonan nearly eight years ago when Kaine was being considered as a running mate for President Obama: Kaine’s haircut. No, really:

I end with a thought on the upcoming announcements of vice presidential picks. Major props to both campaigns for keeping it tight, who it’s going to be, for by now they should know and have, please God, fully vetted him or her. On the Democrats, who are up first, I firmly announce I like every name floated so far, for different reasons (Joe Biden offers experience and growth; Evan Bayh seems by nature moderate; Sam Nunn is that rare thing, a serious man whom all see as a serious man.) But part of me tugs for Tim Kaine of Virginia, because he has a wonderful American Man haircut, not the cut of the man in first but the guy in coach who may be the air marshal. He looks like he goes once every 10 days to Jimmy Hoffa’s barber and says, “Gimme a full Detroit.”

That settles it then. I suspect Noonan finds Kaine’s no-nonsense ‘do especially reassuring when contrasted with Trump’s gravity-defying quadruple-combover. We can count on at least one cross-over Republican vote on the Upper West Side.

Secretary Clinton has Chosen Senator Kaine to be Her Running Mate

Because bigfooting my own breaking news thread with a breaking news thread is how my day has gone:


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!! Hillary Clinton has Chosen Senator Kaine to be Her Running Mate!!!!!


(Not an actual image of Senator Kaine!)

(Also not Senator Kaine, but borrowing this entry would be cool for the VP debate!)

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