Live – House Vote On Trump’s Racist Comments

Apparently one is not allowed to use the word “racist” on the House floor for reasons of decorum. And yes, I know it’s Fox. It’s the only easily embeddable feed I found.

Update: TaMara supplied a Washington Post feed. Many thanks!

A Dramatic Reading Of The Mueller Report

If you want to see it go here, the goddamned autoplay is making everyone mental.- John Cole

Mueller Statement at 11 AM ET

I am trying to keep my expectations down.

The floor is open for your speculations.


Update: Live Feed

North Korea’s 70th Anniversary Parade

Is just about to start. I’m not going to try to embed the video because there are several possible channels, and some probably won’t work. Or they may put the parade on delay, as they did last year. I’ll post information as I get it and embed if I can. IIRC, the state channel doesn’t embed, but I could be wrong about that.

The big questions are how many missiles will be in the parade, and will any of them be new.

Meanwhile, for informed commentary, follow these folks on Twitter:


Hashtag is #JucheFest2018.

The police have cleared the route.


Update: Looks like they kept it to themselves.

A number of the Twitter follows I gave in the opening post are very sharp analysts of the photos of the missiles. Sometimes North Korea uses mockups in the parade. We don’t know what that says about the production status of the missiles – they may want to use mockups for other reasons, like not damaging the streets. North Korea doesn’t like it when the analysts point out the mockups.

There were several network news people in Pyongyang. They were taken away before the parade began, perhaps to meet Kim Jong Un.

I’ll write a post tomorrow. Going to bed in a little bit.


LIve Coverage of Trump-Kim Summit

Enjoy. From Channel NewsAsia. Trump and Kim will be meeting within an hour.