“Sí Se Puede” On POTUS’s DREAM Deferral

So yes, it turns out that President Obama can do something about deportation, the DREAM act, and undocumented students.

President Obama will announce a new immigration policy this morning that will allow some undocumented students to avoid deportation and receive work authorization.

Under the president’s “deferred action” executive order, students in the U.S. who are already in deportation proceedings or those who qualify for the DREAM Act and have yet to come forward to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials, will not be deported and will be allowed to work in the United States.

An estimated 1 million young people could benefit from the deferral. To be eligible, applicants have to be between 15 and 30 years old, live in the U.S. for five years, and maintain continuous U.S. residency. People who have one felony, one serious misdemeanor, or three minor misdemeanors will be ineligible to apply. “Deferred action” will last for two years and can be renewed.

Obama is expected to speak about this new policy later today.

The Associated Press is already using terms like “immunity” and “amnesty”.  Republicans are expected to explode in 5…4…3…

[UPDATE Yep, Malkin and Co. throwing a fit according to Memeorandum.  And yes, the downside of executive branch action?  This program dies screaming the instant Mitt Romney should take office.  Might want to keep this in mind.

[UPDATE 2]  More on the announcement from MSNBC:

The Department of Homeland Security said that, effective immediately, the government would no longer seek the deportation of illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, and would allow them to apply for work permits if they meet certain criteria.

“Our nation’s immigration laws must be enforced in a firm and sensible manner,” said Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano in a statement Friday.

A senior administration official said in a conference call with reporters that as many as 800,000 undocumented immigrants stand to benefit from this change. Napolitano said that the shift represented neither immunity nor amnesty — buzzwords for conservatives who oppose illegal immigration — but instead represented an instance of “prosecutorial discretion” in which the government had re-evaluated its priorities in enforcing the law.

Echoing the comments of several in this thread, “Your move, Mittens”.

Governor Luthor Is Supremely Unconcerned With Your Democracy

Expanding on the LuthorCorp Rick Scott voter purge in Florida that Betty mentioned, it seems that the GOP in the Ironically Named Sunshine State will see your “mass disenfranchisement” thing and raise you a giant vat of “Go screw yourselves.”

Chris Cate, a spokesman for the state Division of Elections, defended the state’s actions. “It’s very important we make sure ineligible voters can’t cast a ballot,” he said in an email to the Herald on Tuesday.

He said the state continues to identify ineligible voters, saying the state Division of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles has agreed to update information using a federal database that the elections division couldn’t access directly.

“We won’t be sending any new names to supervisors until the information we have is updated, because we always want to make sure we are using the best information available,” Cate wrote. “I don’t have a timetable on when the next list of names will be sent to supervisors, but there will be more names.”

Of course there’s going to be more names. There are still people voting for the Blue team. That’s a problem they can fix, you know.

Moreover, the entire process of database matching to remove voters is problematic. The Fair Elections Legal Network, which is challenging the purge, noted that database matching is “notoriously unreliable” and “data entry errors, similar-sounding names, and changing information can all produce false matches.”

The first list was also created with information accessible to the state motor vehicle administration, which the former Secretary of State Kurt Browning considered so unreliable he refused to release. Browning resigned in February.

So yeah, at this point Florida is basically daring Eric Holder’s boys to do something about it.  I really wish they would.  Gotta purge them undesirables, ya know.  Next thing you know, they’ll want things like “representation” and “equality” and before you know it, BOOM.

After all, you don’t have to rig an election if you can’t lose in the first place.

Another respected leader in the conservative movement

Let me introduce you to celebrity sheriff and media personality Joe Arpaio (pdf):

From at least 2006 and continuing through the present, MCSO officers have unlawfully discriminated against Latinos and otherwise violated their constitutional rights through a broad range of police practices, including the following: Unconstitutional and unlawful targeting of Latinos, because of their race, color, or national origin, for pretextual traffic stops during routine enforcement activity, in connection with purported immigration and human smuggling law enforcement activities, and during purported crime suppression operations (suppression sweeps) Unconstitutional and unlawful detention of Latino drivers and passengers, because of their race, color, or national origin, to determine immigration status, when there is no lawful basis for the detention…

The Defendants’ violations of the Constitution and laws of the United States are the product of a culture of disregard in MCSO for Latinos that starts at the top and pervades the organization. MCSO jail employees frequently refer to Latinos as “wetbacks,” “Mexican bitches,” and “stupid Mexicans.” MCSO supervisors involved in immigration enforcement have expressed anti-Latino bias, in one instance widely distributing an email that included a photograph of a Chihuahua dog dressed in swimming gear with the caption “A Rare Photo of a Mexican Navy Seal.” MCSO and Arpaio’s words and actions set the tone and create a culture of bias that contributes to unlawful actions.

In another instance, MCSO officers stopped a car carrying four Latino men, although the car was not violating any traffic laws. The MCSO officers ordered the men out of the car, zip-tied them, and made them sit on the curb for an hour before releasing all of them. The only reason given for the stop was that the men’s car “was a little low,” which is not a criminal or traffic violation….

For example, an MCSO officer stopped a Latina woman – a citizen of the United States and five months pregnant at the time – as she pulled into her driveway. After she exited her car, the officer then insisted that she sit on the hood of the car. When she refused, the officer grabbed her arms, pulled them behind her back, and slammed her, stomach first, into the vehicle three times. He then dragged her to the patrol car and shoved her into the backseat. He left her in the patrol car for approximately 30 minutes without air conditioning. The MCSO officer ultimately issued a citation for failure to provide identification. This citation was later changed to failure to provide proof of insurance. The citation was resolved when the woman provided her proof of insurance to the local court…

In another instance, during a crime suppression operation, two MCSO officers followed a Latina woman, a citizen of the United States, for a quarter of a mile to her home. The officers did not turn on their emergency lights, but insisted that the woman remain in her car when she attempted to exit the car and enter her home. The officers’ stated reasons for approaching the woman was a non-functioning license plate light. When the woman attempted to enter her home, the officers used force to take her to the ground, kneed her in the back, and handcuffed her. The woman was then taken to an MCSO substation, cited for “disorderly conduct,” and returned home. The disorderly conduct citation was subsequently dismissed….

For example, during a raid of a house suspected of containing human smugglers and their victims, HSU officers went to an adjacent house, which was occupied by a Latino family. The officers entered the adjacent house and searched it, without a warrant and without the residents’ knowing consent. Although they found no evidence of criminal activity, after the search was over, the officers zip-tied the residents, a Latino man, a legal permanent resident of the United States, and his 12-year-old Latino son, a citizen of the United States, and required them to sit on the
sidewalk for more than one hour, along with approximately 10 persons who had been seized from the target house, before being released.In another raid, a U.S.-born Latina was taken into custody for four hours to determine whether she was lawfully in the United States.

In a nationally televised interview in 2009, Arpaio stated: “They hate me, the Hispanic community, because they’re afraid they’re going to be arrested. And they’re all leaving town, so I think we’re doing something good, if they’re leaving.”

This wasn’t a mystery. There’s nothing in these allegations that we haven’t read in news accounts. It’s been going on for years, and it’s extensively documented and available. Hell, Arpaio brags about this stuff on national television, and that’s the part that is absolutely amazing to me. Apparently his statements and (alleged) behavior are now completely acceptable to Republican leaders and all of the many media companies who have promoted and celebrated the “controversial” sheriff since 2006, and this isn’t the half of it. There’s also the massive corruption and arrest and prosecution of his political opponents, which has also been going on for years. The sheriff brutally targets one specific group of people for arrest, detention, abuse and humiliation, and he’s not a political liability to Republicans, he’s a national conservative celebrity who appears at Tea Party rallies with former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

What are Republicans and media thinking, lending this person credibility and giving him a propaganda and grifter-career platform? Do they have any standards at all?

Good Enough to Ride

I watched the Derby yesterday for the first time in years and holy shit is John right that the only thing whiter is a Klan rally (or a Republican convention), but the jockeys are a major exception. Lots of Latinos were riding, and the winning jockey, Mario Gutierrez, gave a nice shout out to his mom in Mexico. At one point, the local station showing the Derby inserted a Spanish-language National Guard ad. I can’t remember the last time I saw an ad in Spanish on a local station, so someone must think that the Derby is a big event for Hispanics.

Obviously, I know nothing about the sport of horse racing, so maybe this is common knowledge, but are Latinos big racing fans just to watch the jockeys? Also, too: the irony of having an immigrant ride the winner the biggest sporting event in one of the most anti-immigration states in the union seems to have been lost in all the commentary I saw.

Collateral Damage

Remember, America doesn’t have a right-wing domestic terrorist problem.  We have a long string of completely unrelated “mass shooting” events where gunmen declare that various minority groups or random bystanders are the enemy and kill a bunch of them seemingly out of the blue in an attempt to strike fear into the hearts of millions and/or to force political change through bloodshed, but since these folks are FOX News viewers, it’s just “unfortunate” when this happens every couple of months or so.   Meanwhile, the real terrorists are the New Black Panther Party because OOGA BOOGA BLOOGITY BLACK.  Cue the scary chyron, folks.

Longtime white supremacist and border vigilante JT Ready saw himself as part of a war that few others would fight. He amassed weapons. He donned a uniform. He formed his own brigade of volunteers to walk alongside him as he hunted what he described as “narco terrorists” flowing across the Arizona-Mexico border.

On Wednesday, reports out of Arizona said Ready died, not at the hands of drug runners, but with his own gun during a mad rampage inside a suburban home just east of Phoenix. Along the way, the reports said, he took the lives of four other people, including a toddler.

The Arizona Republic reported the victims were Ready’s girlfriend, her daughter, the daughter’s boyfriend and the daughter’s 18-month-old baby. Ready still somehow managed to use the event to blame immigrants even after his death. A posting on his Facebook page appeared hours after the massacre took place.

“Reports are unconfirmed that a cartel assassination squad murdered JT Ready and several of his friends and family this afternoon in Gilbert Arizona,” the posting said. “This page’s admin will keep you updated of the situation as soon as possible.”

Don’t dare call them racists, don’t dare say we need law enforcement to look into the militia and white supremacist movements, don’t dare point out the people going on shooting rampages are not young urban minorities, don’t dare point out how easy it is to get firearms and ammunition in this country,  don’t dare point out the people who actually are mounting up for a shooting war in our midst, because you should really be worried about the fellow down the street with the different religion or no religion at all or the unarmed black kid with the hoodie or the dirty effing hippie Occupy protester on the street corner or the Latino family driving along the border state highway or the people who want marriage equality for their loved ones, or the woman who wants to get rid of the fetus she’s going to be unable to care for in six months.

These people, I am told, are the terrorists among us who will kill people, and not REAL ‘MURICANS like JT Ready.  And man, this one stomps on all the asshole buttons, he gets all this hardware to play Metal Gear Solid on the border to shoot him some brown people because he has to protect the white way of life, and in the end the person who was the greatest threat to his loved ones was JT Ready him-goddamn-self, who took the chickenshit way out and punched his own clock after murdering a toddler.  Now that’s freedom, my droogies.

America, you need a good swift kick in the ass.  Here’s hoping this wakes up the somnambulant among us.

[UPDATE]  And let’s be clear here, this asshole apparently had a plan that consisted of A) kill his family, B) then kill himself in order to C) make it look like The Great Brown Horde offed him so D) he’d be some sort of white supremacist martyr and his angry nutjob buddies would E) then start a race war in Arizona.   He’s not just a terrorist, he’s a complete “New branches of mathematics are necessary in order to sufficiently quantify how evil this asshole is” type of terrorist.

[UPDATE, THE SECOND]  But didn’t you know that Ready was secretly a far-left dirty hippie Occupy protestor?  I know because the Dumbest Man In Saint Louis said so.