(Wolverines is not) A word in Spanish

PPP via Taegan Goddard:

A new Public Policy Polling survey shows President Obama and Mitt Romney tied among voters surveyed nationally, 45% to 45%.

In other match ups, Obama leads Rick Perry, 49% to 43%, tops Michele Bachmann, 50% to 42%, beats Sarah Palin, 53% to 40% and leads Herman Cain, 49% to 39%.

Key finding: “One big reason Obama’s doing pretty well in these match ups is the Hispanic vote. Exit polls in 2008 showed him winning it by a 36 point margin over McCain but he builds on that in all of these match ups… This is a good example of what Republican strategist Mike Murphy has described as the economics vs. demographics tension for next year’s election. The economy could sink Obama but at the same time an ever growing expanding Hispanic vote that he wins by a huge margin could be enough to let him eek out a second term. It’s certainly propping him up on this poll.”

Thank Bieber that in addition to being destructive sociopaths, Republicans are also politically suicidal xenophobes. We’d be in a world of hurt if they weren’t.

There are many white Balloon-Juice readers who are offended when I say that we would certainly be well on our way to a Franco/Mussolini-style dictatorship (or worse) if only white people could vote. Well, it’s a fact, deal with it.

Sharif don’t like it

Clash of civilizations, failure of multiculturalism, etc.:

“We’re here to protect the town. What went on last night was a disgrace. It shouldn’t be allowed. We’re taking a stand.”

On Monday night, the Turkish business owners in Stoke Newington, North London, chased a gang of rioters out of the area and last night men stood guard with baseball bats and fire extinguishers. In Whitechapel groups of Muslim men gathered outside the East London mosque to defend it and repelled looters from a bank.

The Great Unmasking: ABL Attends the South Central Tea Party Rally

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.”

So, hi there. It’s me. You may know me as ABL. Or, if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, you may know me as Angry Black Lady. I also go by stopthemadness. (Why? Who can remember. It made sense at the time.)

Some of you may just reference me as “Ugh. Her.” In any event, my name is Imani Gandy and, after four years, I am coming out of the blogging closet. It was cramped in there, and I was getting hungry.

Of course this shift in my life has startled my personalities — they are all verrah confused — and I haven’t quite figured out which one of them will reign supreme.

While they duke it out, I’m going to call myself “stopthemadness aka ABL” over here; “ABL” over at Balloon Juice, and “Imani Gandy” over at The Grio.

Why? I don’t know. It makes sense at this time.

Moving on!

The purpose of this post is three-fold: (1) to announce that my inaugural non-pseudonymous post — “Black reverend preaches stereotypes to mostly white ‘South Central’ Tea Partiers” — over at TheGrio.com has been published; (2) to share some of the photos from my coverage of the South Central Tea Party rally; and (3) to share this outstanding comment on my post with you:

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Republican Governor Demands Science

In Georgia:

Farmers have complained in recent weeks that their crops are rotting in the fields and orchards because migrant workers afraid of deportation are bypassing Georgia in droves, even though the law doesn’t take effect until July 1.

Deal, who signed the legislation last month and has been a strong supporter of immigration reform, said he wants to get beyond anecdotal evidence and look at actual numbers.

As Stephen Taylor points out at OTB, it would have been nice to look at the numbers before the legislation passed, but Republicans were in a too big a rush to verify their brown-hating bona fides.

Meanwhile, over in Alabama, a new law that makes it a crime to give an illegal immigrant a ride and requires schools to verify the immigration status of students was probably passed after careful study of that law’s impact on chicken processing plants and orchards.