Late Night Open Thread: New Winner in the All-time ‘Worst 9/11 Take EVAR’ Sweeps

And I, for one, sincerely hope this remains the worst take!

The Second Amendment is Again Waging War On The First: Alabama and Texas editions

Bouncing off of Adam’s post about the Odessa murders…

Last night a bunch of folks gathered together for some fun, a high school football game in Mobile, Alabama.  A teenager showed up with a gun and shot ten other kids.  By some astonishing good luck, no victims died.  Nine of them had to go to the hospital and six have been released from care already.  The shooter left the scene and turned himself in this morning.

So there you have it:  two cities, two crowds just going about their business, trying to have some good times on a weekend, and two assholes who demonstrate as brutally as possible the the right to free assembly can’t be fully trusted in these United States.

Second Amendment absolutism is at war with the right to assemble, to express our ideas freely, to pray if and as we choose.

Practically or actually unregulated guns directly threaten civil society.

Gun violence does more than just murder individuals.  It threatens the ability of Americans to express the consent of the governed.

The citizens of Mobile, of Odessa and Midland, of everywhere in the US,  no longer have the full enjoyment of their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of an afternoon’s entertainment.

I know that mass shootings produce a relatively small fraction of the death toll from firearms; suicide takes two thirds of that total.  But terror is not about the absolute destruction terrorists are able to inflict; what counts is the impact on the terrorized society, the change in our behavior, our expectations, and our ability to make free and unfettered choices about whatever it is the terrorists care about.

That’s what mass shootings do: make it harder for all of us to live the way we want.

The fight against the NRA, #MoscowMitch’s GOP and the rest of the gun cabal is a campaign against those who are, right now, using the tools or terrorism against the United States of America.

Georges Seurat, The Circus, 1891

Breaking News: Another Weekend, Another Mass Shooting in Texas

As of now there are at least 5 dead and 21 wounded and/or otherwise injured in a mass shooting spree in Odessa, Texas. The shooter was killed by the responding law enforcement officers and was a white male in his mid 30s. According to police reports to the news media, he attacked the cop who pulled him over for a traffic stop and after shooting the officer he hijacked a mail truck, took off, and went on a spree shooting.

As always, this will be a fast moving story and details are likely to change as today moves into tomorrow.

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Ongoing Active Shooter in Philadelphia!

This appears to have started about 4 hours ago and is still ongoing. It apparently started while Philadelphia Police were trying to serve a warrant.

And that despite taking casualties, the Philadelphia Police Department is trying to end this without further violence.

From Philadelphia Police Department Sergeant Eric Gripp:

Update at 9:47 PM EDT

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All That’s Missing From This Story Is an Alligator, a Golf Cart, and Several Kilos of Cocaine: Approaching Peak Floriduh! Man

Welcome to the Gunshine State!

Is that a GLOCK in your orgy party outfit pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Take it away Daytona Beach News-Journal!

A 9 mm Glock was taken from a bedroom during a sex party, in which guests wore masks during the orgy and were encouraged to use code names, deputies say

A handgun was swiped from a Deltona home during a weekend sex party and the gun owner couldn’t give detectives any names of possible suspects because the culprit — like the 20 or so other guests at the party — was wearing a mask, deputies said.

“We’re probably not going to solve this one,” Volusia County Sheriff’s Sgt. Todd Smith said during a public meeting Thursday. “And DNA (identification) is not going to be an option.”

The 9 mm Glock was holstered and lying on top of a nightstand in the master bedroom when it was stolen, the homeowner told deputies. It was taken during an orgy, in which the theme was anonymous sex, according to a report.

Guests who were invited to the party near Saxon Boulevard were encouraged to “come and go as they pleased” throughout the weekend and were told to bring friends and acquaintances if they so desired, the report stated.

Additionally, guests were told to use fictitious names or no name at all, the homeowner told the Sheriff’s Office.

The orgy took place July 19-21 and deputies were contacted a few days later. On July 26, the detective assigned to the case called the homeowner for more information, but he seemed “apprehensive” about giving further details.

The homeowner eventually told the detective that 20 or so people were in his house that weekend and he guessed that he only knew five or six of them, the report stated.

The party was advertised on a social media site, deputies said.

All this needed to achieve peak Floriduh! Man is an alligator, a golf cart, and several kilos of cocaine!

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