The Freedom To Hate, Con’t

The saga of Rowan County, Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis continues, as now the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied to step in on her behalf and stop a lower court judge’s ruling requiring her to issue marriage licenses again.  Davis isn’t budging and continues to ignore the courts.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis has refused to issue any marriage licenses, citing her Christian faith and constitutional right to religious freedom, since the landmark decision in June.

On Thursday morning, a deputy clerk in her office refused to issue a marriage license to William Smith Jr. and James Yates. It was their third attempt to get a license.

They said they will not give up.

“They just don’t like gay people, they don’t want us to get married,” Yates said. “And they’d rather burn the earth and not let straight people in Rowan County get married either.”

The action Thursday came just a day after a federal appeals court upheld a ruling ordering the clerk in rural Rowan County to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

U.S. District Judge David Bunning had already ordered Davis to issue marriage licenses two weeks ago. He later delayed that ruling until Aug. 31 or until the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling. The appeals court did so on Wednesday, denying Davis’ appeal.

But a deputy clerk in Davis’ office told Smith and Yates on Thursday that the office believes Bunning’s delay remains in effect until Aug. 31. He refused to give his name or give them a license.

Davis, meanwhile, sat in her office with the door closed. She talked on the phone, ignoring the commotion as the couples, trailed by activists and reporters, poured in through the door and demanded answers.

So now things get interesting, as Rowan County isn’t the only county refusing to play ball here.

Casey Davis, the elected Casey County clerk, spoke earlier this week to West Virginia radio host Tom Roten about his refusal to follow the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges because it violated his Christian beliefs, reported Right Wing Watch.

The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday slapped down the latest challenge filed by the Rowan county clerk, with help and encouragement from the conservative Liberty Counsel, ruling that county clerks are obligated to follow the law and not their personal beliefs.

Davis disagrees, saying his religious beliefs are more important than U.S. or state law.

“When you stand for what’s right and when you tell someone of the danger that they are in, and I think that when a person lives a lifestyle of sin whether it’s homosexuality or drunkenness or drug addiction or adultery or thievery or any kind of sin that you continue in or live in, you are endangering yourself of spending eternity in Hell,” Davis said. “So in my view of what the Bible says, when you’re truly loving someone, you stand and you lovingly tell them, ‘This is not the way to Heaven, this is not the way of right.’”

So the world’s dumbest standoff featuring the world’s dumbest people continues here in my backyard because FREEDOM and EAGLE and MURICA and frankly until Gov. Beshear actually decides to do something about it, these assholes aren’t going to do their jobs.

50 years of a BFD

Just a reminder — Medicare and Medicaid turned fifty today:

1st Medicare card issued

1st Medicare card issued

These two programs are a combined big fucking deal on making this country a better spot to be. We should celebrate our successes, and then get back to work on making our successes better.

Open thread

Something Something Paved Good Intentions

So the road leading to my apartment complex here in the NKY has a joint recruitment center on it (Army, Navy, Air Force) situated between two strip mall centers.  It’s a pretty accessible location and at a busy intersection.   I pass the center daily on the way to and from work.

For the last week plus, there’s been armed folks ostensibly guarding it from attack.

Yesterday in particular there was a fellow standing in the grass outside the center, very visible from cars, wearing shorts and packing a semi-automatic rifle.  Some folks were honking at him in support, most were ignoring him and going about their commute or shopping or whatever.

But it’s very odd to have an armed man, not in any uniform (military or police) in public with a military rifle just standing on a street corner.  I didn’t see any police around, nor any of the recruiters (I assume they were inside doing their job, because yesterday it was about 88-90 degrees out at 5:30 PM).

However, everyone was treating it as a perfectly normal occurrence.

I don’t find it normal at all, in fact I thought it was disturbing and outright insane to see this, but arguing with a guy with a rather large rifle is generally not a smart move, car or not.

One day last week there were 4 or 5 people out there at the center, two of them armed with rifles in a very public display, and what looked like their wives or girlfriends with them in folding chairs.  One had a cooler with water, so at least they were staying hydrated, I guess.

And yeah, this America in 2015, where citizens on street corners with rifles is the New Goddamn Normal.

That took a grand total of a couple of weeks to happen.

I fully expect to see somebody out there again today when I come home even though it’s supposed to get up to 92 or so this afternoon. They’ll most likely be there again tomorrow. And the next day. And so on.

And we’ll get used to that, too.

Post-Racial America Update

And speaking of President Obama’s trip to Oklahoma this week:

Supporters of the Confederate flag rallied Wednesday in Oklahoma as President Barack Obama arrived in the state for a series of events, including the first ever visit to a federal prison by a sitting President.

About 10 people waving Confederate battle flags were among the crowd that gathered Wednesday night outside the Oklahoma City hotel where Obama was expected to stay, according to a White House pool report. One person waved an American flag and another held up a pro-Obama sign, the report noted.

Protesters also gathered earlier in the day near Durant, Oklahoma before Obama arrived at a local high school to deliver remarks on a program expanding high-speed Internet access,according to local TV station KFOR.

“We’re not gonna stand down from our heritage. You know, this flag’s not racist. And I know a lot of people think it is, but it’s really not,” one protester who said he drove up from Texas, Trey Johnson, told the news station. “It’s just a southern thing, that’s it.”

So yeah, waving Confederate flags at a black president in 2015, that happened.

I’m constantly amazed at just how much of a better man Barack Obama is than I am, because I would have had these assholes rounded up in a fenced-in George W. Bush Free Speech Zone(tm) about 3 miles away faster than you could have said “Boomer Sooner”.

Another Milepost On The Road To Oblivion

Not enough thermite and bourbon on Earth for me to deal with this.

As Memorial Day approached, Hamptons residents girded themselves for seasonal headaches: traffic jams, guys in tank tops, the Kardashians. For the next few weeks, at least, another irritant will remain: helicopter noise. The East Hampton Airport, long a haven for discreet private planes, recently imposed restrictions on “noisy” aircraft, which aviation interests have sued to block. Last week, a judge delayed ruling on the matter until June. Much of the controversy revolves around new air services such as Blade, which allows people to crowdsource helicopter flights.

Blade works like Uber. You download an app, and when you find yourself needing a chopper you press a button to launch a charter flight, splitting the fare with other passengers. The system has brought the cost of helicopter travel from around thirty-five hundred dollars—C.E.O. territory—to six hundred dollars for a one-way forty-minute trip to or from East Hampton. Blade has been downloaded by twenty thousand users, and it advertises with slogans like “Beat your boss to work!” Locals hate it. Patricia Currie, a consultant, lives in Sag Harbor, close to the airport’s flight path. “It’s like the apocalypse is descending on top of your house,” she said. “It’s an ill bird that fouls its nest. And that’s what’s happening here. These people are coming out to Paradise. And then they’ll foul the nest and leave.”

If there are any supervillains reading, I’ll look the other way if you “fix” this. I’ll even throw in plenty of time to monologue.  And before you ask, yes, this is absolutely real and yes, this is why we cannot being having the things that are nice.