Confederate History Month (cont.)

The Republican Confederate Party continues their celebration of Confederate History Month.

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The AP reports on what Hayley Barbour–former GOP Chairman, current Mississippi Governor and 2012 Presidential Candidate–thought about including the issue of slavery when discussing the history of the Confederacy (emphasis added):

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Confederate History Month

A few days ago the Governor of Virgina designated April as a month to celebrate the Confederacy and their treason against the United States. I was not surprise to see Republicans from all over enthusiastically follow his lead this weekend as they gathered in New Orleans for a celebration of the founding fathers of the Confederacy in an over-hyped gathering know as Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

It is a bit ironic that the Party of Abraham Lincoln has been captured by the deadenders of the Confederacy–but it has. The Confederacy was one of the evil movements of history and I do not say that lightly. It was a movement based on the buying and selling of humans beings and the theft of their liberty and labor. This is the fact of it and no amount of myth weaving, fable spinning and even repeated screenings of Birth of a Nation can change that reality.

Reconstruction almost killed the Confederacy, but it found a host in the Democratic Party. For decades, it was the Democrats–especially those from the South–who kept the goals of the Confederacy alive. Over time the Confederacy lost their grip on the Democratic Party and when LBJ passed Civil Rights and Voting Rights Legislation, the spirit of the Confederacy went looking for a new political host. For a time this racist ideology found a home with the third party efforts of George Wallace, but it was Richard Nixon who thought he could invite this ideology of hate into the Republican Party and control it. He was wrong.

Now the Confederacy controls Nixon’s Party so completely that they would kick Dick out for being a squish. Reagan would get the boot as well.

There is just so much hatred and stupid driving the modern Republican Party. Bob McDonnell’s proclamation about Confederate History month was a ‘tell’ and so was the highly scripted ‘rebel yell’ of the SRLC. Lincoln’s Republican Party is dead. Like in a bad science fiction or horror film it has been taken over by a malevolent spirit: the Confederacy.

So in honor of Confederate History Month it is time to update the logo of the GOP:

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