Wednesday Evening Open Thread: Round ‘Em Up

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: “But My SHOWS!… “

(Jeff Danziger via

I can remember when the devotees of television soap opera were outraged that “their” programs were being pre-empted on all channels by the Watergate hearings.

Even Fox News would probably feel compelled to air Mueller’s testimony, if only for “rebuttal” (attack) purposes. It would be a nice fillip to imagine the Oval Office Occupant, remote in hand, furiously clicking away in search of his essential daily doses of ego-stroking from ‘Judge’ Jeaninne and the Blond with Two Boobs on A Couch…

Ohio Jackals – Contact Info For Your Legislators

If you are enraged about Ohio’s vile forced-pregnancy bill (H.B. 182), debbie has compiled a list of the sponsor and co-sponsors the members of the Insurance Committee who began hearings on the bill last week.. I’m going to put them below the fold. Keep in mind that the Insurance Committee is hearing the bill and is not responsible for it. The Sponsor and Co-Sponsors want the bill to become law. Write, call, demonstrate! Let these people know what you think! Read more

GOP Stupidity Open Thread: Devin Nunes Is… Seriously Misled About the Internet

*Somebody* on his pricey legal team should’ve explained the Streisand Effect… or at least a little more about how American libel law works. Because Rep. Nunes just stepped up on a global platform wearing a giant MOCK ME t-shirt…

If you’re a connoisseur of snark, it’s worth clicking on any of the his tweets to read Gabriel Malor’s whole thread:

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{Facepalm} Open Thread: A Little, Little Man in A Very Big Job

I think the real “news” here is that the Wingnut Welfare Wurlitzer is apparently trying to make Paul Ryan the new Nancy Pelosi — an all-purpose excuse for their collective failures:

(… because there were only so many futile attempts to subpoena the clouds in Jerome Corsi’s head that even Paul Ryan was willing to undertake… )

Yeah, that’s the problem: America hasn’t slid anywhere near down the economic greasy pole as Russia… and even in his younger fitter days, Donald was nowhere near as physically intimidating as Vladimir:

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