Thursday Morning Open Thread: Staunch in Opposition (to Reality)

For all the chaos of Lord Smallgloves’ mis-administration, some things remain eternal. The sun rises in the east; the tides go in and out; and Megan McArdle is proudly, aggressively stupid on the internet:

After years of failing at the grown-up business of passing legislation, small wonder the Democrats would like to let the Republicans have a try at being the adults in the room. In politics, saying “no” is a great deal of fun…

At the moment, of course, the empty gesture of blocking Gorsuch is delighting many on the left, who finally feel like their party has grown a spine. If this follows the pattern that evolved on the right, however, that feeling will turn out to be increasingly costly…

Democrats desperately need to become competitive again outside of a handful of urban agglomerations, not just because their rural failures cost them the presidency, but also because of all the other offices they’ve lost at every level of government below the White House. But making themselves more competitive is probably going to require backing away from an immigration position that was skirting dangerously close to “open borders,” and placing less focus on identity politics. If they try to do this, their base will (correctly) perceive themselves losing power and status in the party, and they will be incandescent. Their first priority will be extracting signals of loyalty to themselves, not winning elections … and if the Republican experience is any guide, they may well get what they want.

Bless her cold, self-satisfied, shrunken heart.

Apart from rolling our eyes, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Open Thread: Maximum McMegan

I did not think we could achieve this in our lifetime, but here goes:

  • NPR’s Planet Money team,
  • interviewing Megan McArdle,
  • who sounds like a cheerleader on Quaalude,
  • on her failed love life,
  • and her take on the “sunk cost fallacy” and relationships,
  • for Valentine’s Day.

whispering It is glorious.

Open thread.

One Of These Things Is Not Like the Other

[trigger warning: Megan McCardle]

Shorter McMegan: Some job security for your 50k a year job is exactly the same as earning 2 billion dollars in largely untaxed income as a hedge fund manager.

How this moron continues to fail upward is beyond me.

Utter and Complete McArdle Pwnage

Via valued commenter Bill E Pilgrim, a clip of Jon Chait delivering the most devastating retort since Woody Allen produced Marshall McLuhan to silence a pompous blowhard in “Annie Hall.”

Burn, baybee. Buurrrrnnnn!

Shut the internets – We have our winners

The delightful bspencer at Lawyers, Guns & Money:


This is what happens when you have a tiger by the tail, but you made the tiger. And you made it out of poop-flinging piranhas. How do piranhas fling poop? I don’t know. I’m not the one who Dr. Frankenmcardled the piranhatiger. Please quit asking me stupid questions.

What I’m saying is that Megan McArdle gets the commentariat she deserves, the one she created.

… and the wonderful Thers at Whiskey Fire, with a more in depth mcarglebargling:

Megan McArdle —

Yeah, I know, it’s probably pointless, but what the hey.

Megan McArdle delivers herself of a 59,000-word blog post (give or take) wherein she McSplains that while sexism exists, nobody, especially girls, should ever ever ever call anyone a sexist, no matter how sexist their behavior, because that is like shooting them with a gun, a gun that might cause hurt feelings. (Literal guns of course are harmless and everyone should have like nine of them, to go with their artisinal Moroccan fig-basters and stainless steel Syosset heritage goose denipplers.)