On The Road

These are the rest of the wildflower (etc.) I took on my last afternoon in Colorado in early August. It seems like a lifetime ago!

Have a great day and weekend, everybody. TaMara will be posting Monday and Tuesday, and we’ll see what I can brew up for Wednesday.









On The Road

A few weeks back, I took a brief road trip to Colorado – Fremont and surrounding counties (Custer, Chafee, Park, Summit, El Paso, Pueblo). On my last afternoon, I went to two different places I used to love so much. The drive from one to the other was amazing, and I hope to finally splice together my video so I can share it.

Today I’m submitting some of the wildflower pictures I took in the late afternoon at my final stop. They aren’t much compared to many of our great submitters, but I hope I captured a bit of the beauty that was all around me.

It wasn’t truly the golden hour, but the light was just amazing for some shots. These are un-enhanced; I expect I’ll do some work on some of them once my main pc is returned from service and I can take advantage of my 4k monitor/good graphics card/better setup.


I am not a botanist, nor do I know squat about wildflowers, flowering weeds, etc., so there are no descriptions. Any expertise is welcome, and will be again tomorrow, when we enjoy part 2.







Have a great day, everybody, we’ll re-convene tomorrow.

More YouTube, Less Pictures


I should have normal computer access for Thursday and Friday’s posts.


Until then –




On The Road – Hold On!


I’ve got little but inspiration for today.


Be well.We shall re-convene on the ‘morrow.

On the Road and In Your Backyard

Good Morning All,

Another “lost” submission. I’ve had to trash two dozen more that never worked, sadly.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the pictures!


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