Cat Rescue Bleg – San Jose Area

From “semi-lurker” commentor TMinSJ:

A friend of mine called me a few weeks ago to say that his apartment had been inspected by the management and they found his family’s contraband pets, a cat and a dog. He was given 72 hours to get rid of the pets or get a 30 day eviction notice. While he had found someone to take the dog, he had not been able to place the cat, and by then down to less than 48 hours, said if I could not take the cat he would have to go to the local shelter. I went and got the cat.

His name is Elby. He is one of the world’s sweetest cats, but here is my issue: I have a cat (Belle, showing off one of her favorite games in March of this year’s Pets of Balloon Juice calendar: stick under the tissue paper/kitty under the tissue paper) and she is not having it. She is having an epic meltdown over him being in our (hers and my) apartment, and even though they are separated by a gate, she is losing her shit. Her losing it is making me feel like I’m losing it, so I need to find a nice home for Elby.

Elby is truly one of the nicest cats I’ve ever met. His favorite activity since he’s been here is lying on my chest and doing head-butts and face rubs under my chin accompanied by purring, punchy-paws and occasionally licking my face. Unlike most cats he is totally chill being carried around.

Elby does have a challenge, and that is his right back leg is disabled and will not support his full weight, so he walks with a limp and is not able to jump. I took him to my vet and she said he has a compressed disk in his lower back and that the leg itself is not the issue. He takes daily pain medicine to help his mobility. The meds are liquid, and although he does try to turn his head away, he has never tried to swat or bite me, or even growled at me, while I give him his meds. While I was at the vet I had his shots updated, since they were due in a few months, so he’s all current. My vet said she thinks Elby is about 12 years old (he was an adult when my friend adopted him, so his age was always a guess). Other than the bad leg he is a healthy cat.

If I had written this a few days ago I would have said he can’t get on the furniture, but the other day I came into the living room and he was on the back of the couch. He was clearly VERY proud of himself, so I think he had been working on it for a while.

He would love to sleep with someone, but he would need pet stairs to get down to his litter box at night. Speaking of litter boxes, I got him the one with the lowest sides I could find, and he’s been fine getting in and out with no accidents.

I didn’t want Belle to have to share (I was aware of her hard “no siblings” policy before I picked him up), so I got him all new cat paraphernalia, including toys, beds, bowls, etc. plus the carrier he came in. I have a cat-kit ready to go, including this sweet boy, hopefully to a home that will give him as much love and attention as he deserves!

I’m happy to communicate with anyone interested via comments and/or email, and will work with anyone on transportation if needed.

You guys know the drill: Leave a comment, or email me (annelaurie dot bj at gmail dot com) and I’ll forward your message. Some of the very sweetest cats I’ve ever known — including my current Piper — have been grey (okay, cat experts: blue) tuxies!

Saturday Morning Open Thread: Finney Explores His New Home

From commentor and rescue-angel Aleta:

Debit suggested I send pics of Finney, in case it’s useful for “blog morale.”

You’re right about orange and white boi cats. He’s driving us hard.

Finney’s fascinated by the dog (who’s used to cats).

After 3-day surveillance from every side, he went deeper undercover.

Disguised as couch cushion.

Establishing rapport with subject.

(Supervised in all pics. He gradually oozed onto an arm that was already resting against the dog.)

Monday Morning Open Thread: Happy News

Pet rescue update, from commentor Aleta:

A very nice guy drove up to our door this afternoon with a wonderful cat from Minnesota. (It was like that sweepstakes prize that they promised would knock on the door. Except this happened.) It happened because of this blog and because debit is outright amazing.

We had thought he would arrive tomorrow, but Steve the driver had to get up here and then quick out of state before a snowstorm tomorrow.

Infinite Kitty has been his code name, so now we’re calling him Finn and Finney. He spent 2 1/2 solid days in the crate. Steve’s report to me was: “He HATES really HATES HATES HATES crates.”

Finn’s been bouncing around the room with me here for hours now. He’s smart, social, polite, hungry, sweet, playful, determined, gorgeous.

It’s good to see him relax more and more with every half hour. I’ll send some pics to a FPer tomorrow and also put them at a link in case they are busy.

If I know from ginger boi-cats, she *will* be busy. Good luck to Finn and to his new Maine housemates!

More upbeat clips to start the week:

(And I’m dedicating a post later this morning to Speaker Pelosi, who won this year’s Profiles in Courage Award.)

UPDATE: Cat Rescue Bleg – Minneapolis to Maine

From rescuer Debit:

We have a match! User Aleta has offered to give the kitten a forever home. I’m incredibly happy that she offered and I know he will be loved and spoiled for all of his days. Now we just need to get him to Maine.

I’ve asked for quotes on Uship and so far the going rate is $550.00. Another option is for me to fly him there, which is honestly not my first preference (3 hour flight there, several hours in the airport, then 3 hours home) but will remain on the table. That, including ticket, pet ticket and carrier cost is $378.00.

John spent a lot of his own money on Walter, so I’m going to pay some of it forward by covering the vet fees: exam, shots, FLV tests, travel certificate.

For the transport, I’m putting out the tin cup and relying on the generosity of our community.

Great news! Congratulations, Aleta, on your new feline overlord.

If you can chip in — and I know a lot of people offered, on the original post — email me at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll send you Debit’s Paypal address.

Cat Rescue Bleg – Minneapolis

From commentor & rescue angel Debit:

When I got home tonight, I saw two boys attempting to climb a tree in the park across the alley. Then I heard them calling “kitty kitty.” Then they saw me and asked if I was missing a cat. I was not.

I lured this little guy out the tree and brought him inside where he wolfed down a can of wet food and most of a bowl of dry. He looks about 6 month old, is probably not fixed and is the sweetest little lovebug. And with a household already full of pets I can’t keep him.

I have a call in to the local Humane Society to set up an appointment to surrender him, but if a local is looking for a cat I’d rather go that route.

He is such a sweetheart and was flirting like mad when he was in the tree, slow blinking back at me and me and rubbing his entire body along each branch.

I hope someone here can give him a home. Please, before my daughter convinces me that six cats is not madness.

Leave a comment below, or email me at AnneLaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com, and I’ll forward your message to Debit.