More Pets

Waiting for some video to burn, so I have some time to chuck up some more pet pics. We will call this the tongue edition:

That second group looks like something from Cute Overload. Claim your pets in the comments, peeps.

Alright, back to work.

Markets Are Tanking Again, So Here Are Some Pet Pictures

DOW down close to 600 and below 8000, around where they predict it will bottom out. Here are some pet pictures, think happy thoughts:

And now, in the time it took me to write this post, it is back up to down -180.

And Now, Doggies!

Lot of cats lately, so now some equal time:

That is Chloe. She looks an awful lot like my first dog, Ajax, who I got around Christmas in 1976.

This is Gus, and the look on his face just kills me. And he looks like a Gus, too.

Check out that wet nose on Rooney. You just know he uses that as a WMD in the morning, coming in and sticking it on your exposed flesh while you are still sleeping.

Claim your pets, peeps.

Open Thread- Lost Dog Alert

No name on this pup, who was mailed in during the flurry of pet-blogging emails. If this is yours, claim it.

At any rate, I am off to some meetings. Fill me in on the gory details of the events of the day below. According to the Times, the European markets stabilized today, so maybe the same will happen here.

This Radley Balko post was worth reading, explaining why, even though he believes Obama is a flawed candidate, he still supports him over McCain:

One reason is that I’ve found McCain’s campaign to be nastier, more blatantly dishonest, and more insulting to the collective intelligence than the Obama campaign. When I see Obama campaign commercials lamenting that women make only 70 cents on the dollar of what men make, or that “all of our jobs are going oveseas,” I roll my eyes. But though Obama may be wrong, I at least think he believes his own bullshit. That isn’t nearly as insulting to my intelligence as claiming that because a mostly barren corner of Russia can be seen from a remote Alaskan island, Sarah Palin has the foreign policy cred to be president, or that she’s the foremost expert on energy in the country.


But we’ve had eight years of a GOP administration, and before that eight years of a mostly GOP Congress. The result has been an explosion in the growth of government that by every measure has been the largest since at least the Johnson administration, and by some measures since FDR. I see no reason why a McCain administration would be any different, particularly given that he has made bipartisanship and deal-making the hallmark of his career (and let’s face it, “bipartisanship” is rarely a case where the parties come together to shrink the government–it almost always results in more government). In other words, the GOP has consistently been worse than the Dems even on the issues where they’re supposed to be better.

Worth a read.

A Random Pet Blog

Meet Fu, an ornery looking polydactyl.

Cats with usable thumbs scares me more than this, and that is probably because I own a cat.

And then you have this:

Jake is hungry, apparently.