Maysie and Big Tux Update: On Their Way!

cuddle of kitties

Just got some good news from AmyBlueKat:


We are now en route to Sister Rail Gun of Warm Humanitarianism’s house where lots of love and attention await.

I am beyond grateful for the outpouring of support I have received here in just 28 hours since I first posted. Bill Proctor – this would not have happened without you. May your heart finally rest in peace.

More on how Bill Proctor led to this happy pairing before he left us, here. May he rest in peace.

I told her we would need lots of pictures of the exchange. I will post them when I get them. I just thought we could use some good news today.

Open thread.



Kitten Bleg: These Sweet Cuties Looking For Homes

cute kitties

Newest jackal AmyBlueKat has two little foundlings all healthy and ready for their new homes. She’s even willing to transport. Right now they are in the Dallas area.

I found Maysie and brother Big Tux living in the woods beside a busy street in Texas.

They have been spayed, neutered, fully vaccinated, and dewormed.

They have been living indoors and outdoors, and are comfortable around people, other cats, and dogs.

They are very loving!

I will gladly transport them anywhere a good home awaits!

She doesn’t say they need to go together, but I can vouch that two are twice as much fun, but not really twice as much work. And look, they won’t need more than kibble, few toys, a quick vet visit, a litter box, and a lap or two.

You know you need them! Contact AmyBlueKat at amybluekat – at – gmail – dot -com or send me a note and I’ll connect you.

And welcome AmyBlueKat, we look forward to having you join the raucous playroom we call Balloon-Juice.


Respite (Sorta) Open Thread – Military Giant Cats

I could use a respite right now – I’ve been reading the tortured logic of some folks who claim that being able to fight a limited nuclear war, and believe that it won’t get worse, is absolutely necessary to keep a nuclear war from happening. The assumptions pile up in giant haystacks like Boris Johnson’s hair. (And hey, how about that first vote!)

This is something that my corner of Twitter is having a lot of fun with. A new account, started this month (like yesterday), called Military Giant Cats. They tweet out only photoshops of cats and military scenes. No comments, but others have been adding them. They have 48 tweets and over 14,000 followers. Some of my faves:

Open thread!

Saturday Morning Open Thread: CHONK

The Morris Animal Rescue twitter feed is currently full of adorable chonky (and imposter not-actually-that-chonky) cats.

And, of course, there is merch! PSA: Do *not* order this shirt as a gift unless you are very sure the recipient will not assume an implied criticism…

Friday Morning Open Thread: There’s Still Time!…

Nobody tell Cole about this, he’s got enough on his plate ottoman already. But if you’re curious, ActionNews suggests checking the shelter’s Facebook page.

Elsewhere… The Repubs have already decided that Trump is gonna lose in 2020, because we all know deficits only matter when there’s a Democrat in the Oval Office:

Further proof:

So — while we must still do our best to Dump Trump — here’s to the success of Amy McGrath!

Respite Open Thread: As Long As We’re Talking Chonks

Gabe and Scout - puppy and kitty

Last time I updated you on Gabe, I think I was still wondering if he was happy here. He’s erased all doubts about that. One day it was like a switch flipped, and he just relaxed into living here. He snuggles when he needs attention, sleeps on my feet at night, spends time outside and comes back when I call him, accepts the ducks as just part of the general craziness here and seems genuinely happy. Oh, and he very often sleeps on top of one of the dogs. Just ’cause.

He has put on a few pounds. But we don’t talk about that here. I’m sure it had a lot to do with being put on such a restrictive diet at the shelter to heal up his UTI. And the stress of the whole upheaval in his life.  As recommended by our very own WereBear, I’ve moved the cats to a mostly wet food diet. He may un-chonk. He may not. He’s still a handsome devil.

Scout is adorable as always.

Respite open thread…

Respite Open Thread – Find This Big Boi A Home

I wouldn’t be surprised if he were already spoken for, but this is definitely of interest to this blog.

Monday Morning Open Thread: Stay Wary

Rescue angel and beloved commentor Satby:

Since people have been hearing about my foster adventures with these three I thought I would share a picture for a respite / open thread. The little black and white one is the feral kitten, you can see he prefers to keep a sharp eye on me.

The marks on the floor are water stains aggravated by constant upending of water bowls. Carpet goes when they do!