Commenter Pet Blogging

I forgot to put up any pictures yesterday, but commenter Tony Alva sends us two pictures today:

Lucy licks herself.

Fiona being held by her person.

Remind me if I forget again tomorrow!

Toxic Pet Food

Since we have a lot of pet owners here, thought I would pass this along (which was passed on to me via email)- apparently a batch of Diamond Pet Food contains toxins which can be fatal and has been recalled.

Tunch and I exclusively eat Science Diet Light, Hairball edition, so this does not affect us, but I thought I would pass it on.

*** Update ***

Post edited for clarity.

Cats and Commenter Cat Blogging

The NY Times has an interesting piece up on the evolution of our beloved cats:

About nine million years ago – two million years after the cat family first appeared in Asia – these successful predators invaded North America by crossing the Beringian land bridge connecting Siberia and Alaska, a team of geneticists writes in the journal Science today.

Later, several American cat lineages returned to Asia. With each migration, evolutionary forces morphed the pantherlike patriarch of all cats into a rainbow of species, from ocelots and lynxes to leopards, lions and the lineage that led to the most successful cat of all, even though it has mostly forsaken its predatory heritage: the cat that has induced people to pay for its board and lodging in return for frugal displays of affection.

What on earth are they talking about? Perhaps commenter Jane’s furry little friends:

Phil (orange and white), who is the namesake of Tennessee football coach Phil Fullmer, and Izzy.

Or this sweet looking mug on Chelsea, who is owned by my friend Tammy (who lurks here but does not comment):

Don’t be fooled by the misleading cuteness in this picture. The stories I could tell about this cat. If I could figure out how to put sound files up, I would put some of the truly horrifying sounds this girl makes up for you to listen to. The stories I could tell- but I will let Chelsea have her moment.

Or Tammy’s other handsome fellow, Baxter:

This cat is actually ginormous, and the picture does not do his size justice. And I don’t mean fat- I mean just big- he has shoulders like a panther.

Perhaps Tammy will send some pictures of her other cats another day.

And if your furry friends have not been featured yet, don’t worry, as I have about eight commenters pets in the queue and they will be featured shortly. If you haven’t already, make sure you get your pics in so I can put them up. This is not limited to cats or dogs.

*** Update ***

Don’t forget about the ARK!

Commenter Pet Blogging

Time for some commenter pet blogging. Commenter Seth sends in two pictures today:

Clementine, who recently passed, doing a Harry Potter imitation

Tyge, enjoying the weather.

And, by poular request, another shot of Krista’s Dreyfus:

Anyone wanna spoon?

Don’t forget to send your pictures in if you have not already. Make sure you include the name you use in the comments and the name of your pets.

Also- PPGAZ, you need to send me your pictures again and with clear labels. If you have one or two pics with all of the animals, that would be easier.

Pet Blogging

Almost forgot, and since today was so depressing, here is some commenter pet blogging. First up, commenter Krista’s Lhasa Apso mix Dreyfus (aka the Fuzzy Fanger)

Does every dog on the planet love to do this?

Next, here is a beautiful kitty, Miranda, from commenter Carpeicthus:

Beautiful markings.

Don’t forget to send your pictures in if you have not already. Make sure you include the name you use in the comments and the name of your pets.

*** Update ***

Bonus Bowl Game Cat Blogging from the man who helped to start all this.