Friday CatBlogging

Tim informed me that he is off to a 4 day convention/getaway, so it is up to me to hold down the fort and provide the Friday entertainment. I know nothing about beer other than that I would rather be drinking a martini/wine/scotch, so beerblogging is out. Thus, our only option is to present pictures of fat cats.

I give you Dante, in all his glory:

And you thought the only fat cats were in Washington.

Friday Catblogging

I had a lot of entries this week for the return of cat-blogging, and I was initially going to put up a number of them. However, one stands head and shoulders above the rest, and even knocked Tunch out of contention. The winners are John H. and an apparently tasty Griselda:

You can make your own crude jokes, and I have been assured that no pets were actually hurt while making this picture.

A Preview

Just a preview for what is in store for us tomorrow with the return of catblogging:

Patches and Lexie

Send your photos in!

Back By Popular Demand

This Friday will mark the triumphant return of Petblogging to Balloon Juice.

I know you all are as excited as I am.

I’m Back!

A certain someone took the weekend off for his birthday, and I guess I kinda did it in an unannounced way. Meaning, I disappeared. Sorry, and to make up for it, I present you with this present:

Cats That Look Like Hitler