Cat Fosters / Transport Needed – Colorado Springs

From rescuer Barbara:

I am asking for help for some cats that have gotten stranded in Colorado Springs, in particular, anyone who could foster or transport in the area. The very small rescue I work with in the Springs is short on fosters but can provide supplies and I would cover gas if transport is needed…

Details: Rescuers in Oklahoma often transport cats to Colorado where they have a better chance of being adopted. Karen sent 6 cats via rescue flight to a rescue in Pueblo. Unfortunately the rescuer there tried to take too many and got busted. Karen’s cats ended up at the HSPPR. She has no way of getting them back. No other rescues have room at this time. HSPPR is also charging Karen the regular adoption fee to get the cats out. She is not a 501(©3) and does rescue on her own dime.

Penelope and Rose are wobblies – they have cerebral hypoplasia. I have offered to take them – problem is I now live in Tallahassee FL. Second problem – the kittens are being treated for ringworm. Once we get them out of the shelter, they will need a foster until they are cleared to be transported and we can arrange transport. The alternative is to try boarding them, which is expensive.

The other four who also need fosters (or adopters): Sage (male) and Jill (both grey tabbies) are adults; Sterling (brown tabby) and Judah (grey) are about 9-10 months old. If anyone can foster them – supplies provided – please let me know.

I have Barbara’s email and phone number; if you can help (or know someone who can), leave a comment, or contact me at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail (dot) com.

Guest Post: WereBear and the New Kittens

..and some kitty advice. Since it seemed like everyone liked the idea of WereBear guest posting, I asked her for another installment. Because we could really use some cute kitties. Amirite?

Welcome, Juicer Cat Appreciators, and all the lurkers at sea.

I am WereBear, but my secret identity is the cat advice enterprise which is Way of Cats. Last time I revealed we were struggling with intermittent internet. The culprits were multi-modal: a bad modem combined with kittens.

Yes, Mr WayofCats and I recently adopted two kittens. Though we already had cats, these two were a package deal: they were pair-bonded. Many shared their own stories of the joys of adopting two cats who were already buddies.

Lou Costello chillin’

This reluctance to adopt in Cat Social Units is baffling when one of the reasons to get a cat is the affection. Here are two cats demonstrating this very skill! What holds people back is often the stigma of multiple cats.

Which keeps them from experiencing the depth that comes with two, and then three, cats who cooperate, communicate, and enjoy their people. It is the joys of Cat Civilization, where we have a motley crew of cats who help us both fill and lighten our hearts.

Bud Abbott getting some scritches

My last three rescue cats came from a feral colony. This is good news in my literal neck of the woods. Colonies are being humanely shrunk, and the kittens relocated. My two little nutbars came from a project that has been operating for at least a decade that I can remember. They are taming up as sweetly and swiftly as anyone could wish.

I recently had a consultation with an accomplished cat foster parent who needed to take a break just as they fell in love with one of the kittens. We both agreed society has a mental block in people’s heads about Third Cat.

This is when we cross the threshold of “grudgingly allowed.” Three cats sounds like one of them might be deliberate. We all know where that slides us: into deranged hoarder territory, even if our cats are happy and cared for and so are we.

As we discussed this block between my advice about ways to integrate the new arrival, this realization helped them realize what they wanted. Which, not surprisingly, turned out to be Third  Cat. Because isn’t this a Love & Companionship model working as it should?

People become Cat Appreciators because the better we know cats, the more we love them.  So we want more.  In addition to keeping us on the couch so we can’t get up, they also have creative utility.  I discovered cat writer’s block can be cured by… more cats! It is my favorite saying, after all:

The solution to your cat problem is more cats.

Because so often, it’s true.


Way of Cats site and blog    click over for more cat adventures and advice

My book on Amazon: The Way of Cats: How to use their instincts to train, understand, and love them

I am working on a second book about a favorite topic, Cat Civilization.


What’s that I hear? How is famous foster Tristan and now-grown Mutant Sheep Mithrandir taking this turn of events? Has Reverend Jim done Master Po with two Grasshoppers? Does Olwyn disapprove? (Of course.)

Stay tuned. And ask questions.

You heard the lady, ask some cat questions! Or share your pet escapades, I can’t be the only one with crazy critters. LOL


Cat Rescue Bleg – Central California

From commentor Dangerman:

There is an ~8 year old Orange Tabby cat that just lost its owner where I live (call it San Luis Obispo, which explains the SLO in my email nym). My location is a bit of an advantage as I’m almost exactly halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

That said, a place “more country than city” would be better for him. His owner passed at 85 and loved this cat in a very big way (I’m a friend); in other words, this cat is spoiled in the extreme, but also very, VERY smart.

There is already kind of an option in place to house this cat but I believe that is much more of a trial/boarding thing than a permanent home thing, so I need to look for options in case of a further emergency.

So, about the cat in a few lines:

(1) VERY friendly, but not really a lap cat; he’ll do laps for a few minutes here and there, but it really isn’t his thing. Sleeping in a sunny spot someplace is his thing. He’s presently being boarded for a few nights and all the Vet Techs are gushing about him as to how chill he is (“so, you want to take my temperature, huh? *yawn*, OK, just make it kinda quick, OK, I got a nap to get to here”)

(2) He’s fixed but still has his claws; he doesn’t believe in cat scratching posts (walks by them, looks, and appears to laugh), so if people have antique furniture or similar, this is not the cat for them

(3) I stated it previously – this cat is SMART; I’ve never seen a cat so well trained. Now, he is a little older and I have no idea about old cats and new tricks. He either has an amazing biological clock or he has learned how to tell time as I could set a watch by his arrivals to be fed morning, evening, and noontime snacks each day (“lessee, big hand there, little hand there, I get food, WOOHOO”)

(4) He just had his shots and annual checkup; there was a minor anomaly in his urine results, but the Vet said no concern at all, just maybe something to watch for in the future

(5) Oh, important, this cat does his business outside; he is litter box trained but from all available evidence (you seriously don’t want to know) he only uses the litter box if his bladder or bowels are about to explode. He might use the box once a week or so

(6) Oh, also very important, this thing is an amazing hunter; he has a bell around his neck but still finds a way to bring in birds, rodents, and bats (yes, bats). He doesn’t kill; he just wants to play. Well, that presents a problem since the animals involved aren’t into the whole play thing. (ESPECIALLY the bats, who are otherwise highly skilled at playing dead, which places the human, generally me, at some risk when I go to dispose of the presumed dead bat.)

If you are interested, know someone who might be interested, or have other helpful suggestions: Leave a comment below, or contact me at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail, and I’ll forward your message to the Dangerman.

Respite Open Thread: My Quarterly Review Is Not Looking Good

2 great danes and 1 great cat have a meeting

I came out of my office the other day to find this going on.

Either they are:

  1. Having a quarterly staff meeting, and it’s not looking good for me
  2. Gabe is explaining “he who has the remote controls the picture box” rules
  3. This is the monthly book club and they’re reading my novel

I’m completely done in. News is off, music is on. How about you?

Respite open thread

Name This Kitty

Since it has been another slow, uneventful news day, I thought I would share some pictures of one of the kittens that Seth (Boghan sort of made the call, really) is going to keep. He needs a name, and despite my offering up the choice “Gary,” Seth told me no and that I am an idiot and I should ask my readers.

Throw your suggestions in the comments. Although I think Gary would be a great name.