Senior Cat Rescue Bleg – Rhode Island

From commentor KSinMA:

My brother is moving from Rhode Island to the West Coast, and sadly he can’t take his cat with him.

Lily is a black and white female. She is ten, spayed, and is up to date on all her shots.

She is very friendly and a great companion around the house. Loves her belly scratched and is very gentle. Great with kids, but not with other animals.

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be, leave a comment below. Or email me at annelaurie (dot) bj (at) gmail, and I’ll forward your message to KS.

Evening Open Thread – Cats and Dinosaurs

The New York Times asks, Does Fluffy Really Want To Be An Adventure Cat?

It tells the story of Copurrnicus, who lived through the initial paralysis of suffering a harness (Ric fell over on his side, too, the first time) to become an adventure cat, even going camping. Also hints about how to accustom a cat to a harness and leash. It takes a run at figuring out how to tell if a cat is stressed, but gives up easily.

All told, this means that cat owners should be attuned to signs of stress. But cats, can be difficult to read.

And that comma! Heavens to copy editors!

Another good read is New Clues Point to When Dinosaurs Began Reproducing Like Modern Birds. The key is when they started brooding their eggs, rather than just leaving them in the sand.


Tuesday Afternoon Open Thread

Think I need a bigger dog bed:

Monday Morning Open Thread: The Struggle Continues

Bixby Update

Bixby turned five today. I’m a terrible pet person because I don’t necessarily remember or celebrate birthdays or adoption days. This year, was of course, different. So grateful we have this day. Emma turned 16 this week, too. So big week here.

Again, thanks for going on the journey with me – both his puppy adventures and this past April. I was so comforted by your comments, emails, phone calls and offers of financial help.  Could not have gotten through it without you guys. I cannot emphasize how close we were to losing him.

He’s down to PT once a month and we are almost walking our normal distances again.

The rest of the crew is doing great too. For the Penelope/Pearl fans – she’s STILL growing. I keep telling her she’s the Great Dane of ducks. And she’s found her honk – OMG, has she found her honk. Hopefully, that will diminish as she gets older.

Respite open thread.