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I haven’t been explicit about this, but some of the Rochester readers probably know that I ran a blog about NY-29 called the Fighting 29th. I thought that would be my last effort, but redistricting put me in a new district with a competitive race, so I started a new blog, Roc25, to follow it. Since I posted something over 1,700 items in the five years, and probably got as much traffic in that time as Balloon Juice gets in a few weeks, I know that it’s hard out there for local political bloggers. Generally, your site won’t generate enough traffic for ads (I never bothered), and comments are few and far between, especially now that Facebook and Twitter have sucked up so much of the social conversation. Local race blogs are really a labor of love.

So, other than the obvious self-promotion and navel-gazing, I’m posting to ask whether there are some local race or political blogs that you follow that are updated regularly and have good insight into local elections. If I get enough of them, I could put together some kind of list and post it as a page here so those blogs could get a little more attention. I’ll start with two: one that reader HW3 sent me from Washington State called The Political Junkie, and North Decoder, which covers politics back around where I grew up.

Today’s Local Races: Washington State

Reader HW3 sends in this report on the races in Washington:

I live in the newly expanded 1st Congressional District, a formerly safe progressive district, where Rep. Jay Inslee served for years. It now reaches from the Microsoft suburbs and gobbled up the second district to the Canadian border. There’s quite the field running for this seat, but my favorite is Darcy Burner who ran against the conservative Dave Reichert in the 8th District before (gerrymandering) redistricting.

Additionally, Norm Dicks (D) of the 6th District is retiring and the candidates are scrambling to file.

In the Governor race is Jay Inslee, who quit his congressional seat to campaign full-time and Washington’s current Attorney General and good Koch minion Rob McKenna, who’s claim to fame is putting blue Washington State on the federal suit against the health insurance law.

It’s going to be an interesting summer.

This is Darcy Burner’s third run at Congress.

Also, too: In the comments on yesterday’s race thread, JasonF gave a good overview of the IL-10 primary. For those of you wondering, Schneider won last night.

Local Races: MI-3

Comments were pretty positive on my post yesterday about the House race in my district, so I’m going to start posting fairly regularly as long as I can find new material. If I don’t have new material, I’ll just make a thread so you can tell us about your local race. To kick things off, Reader Jeff wrote about his local race,  MI-3. Here’s Jeff’s report, edited slightly to fuse two emails into one:

In MI-3,  district boundaries have also changed a bit, making it a slightly more (in theory) Democratic district than it was in 2010.   We’ve got Justin Amash, a far right-wing club-for-growth type (who oddly enough was on the right side of SOPA, of all things) wrapping up his first term with TERRIBLE re-elect numbers – and so little popularity with the local republican establishment that BOTH of the Democratic primary candidates are attracting quiet but positive attention from prominent Republicans who would like to be rid of him.

In the Democratic primary, we’ve got Trevor Thomas, a young, gay, pro-choice progressive activist who just finished working on the effort to repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, squaring off against Steve Pestka, a former state legislator and judge, and a fairly wealthy businessman, who is (unfortunately, from where I’m sitting) both anti-choice and the favorite of the local Democratic establishment, such as it is.

Both candidates have poll numbers showing that they can beat Amash, but it’ll be an interesting primary, with an older, straight, wealthy, pro-life career politician (Peska) vs a young, gay, middle-to-working-class, tech-savvy activist, and we’re already starting to see some interesting endorsements and such (Sen. Levin did a fundraiser for Pestka, former Governor Granholm has endorsed Thomas).

Here are the candidate websites. I would particularly encourage you to look at the video on the front page of Thomas’ site, if you have time and inclination.

Cole is probably going to bring Tunch to my house and have that damn cat murder me in my sleep for adding another tag, but I’ll be tagging these posts “Local Races” as we go along. My email is at the right if you want to send in a report on an interesting race in your area.