So You Want To Vouch For Kavanaugh’s Character

How about this. If the press (or anyone) is going to delve into every aspect of Dr. Ford’s story and life, how about they also interview every one of the women who signed that letter of support for Brett Kavanaugh? Ask them to answer these questions with as much detail as is expected from Dr. Ford:

  1. When did you first meet Kavanaugh?
  2. How many interactions have you had with him over the years?
  3. Explain the extent of these interactions.
  4. When was the last time you had an interaction with BK?

Instead of expecting us to just take their signature as a statement of facts.

I mean, if I were calling a job candidate’s personal reference for a job, I’d ask a minimum of these questions.  And isn’t that what the GOP is saying these women are?

Otherwise, if you’re going to take them at their word (which in reality is just a signature at this point) you should also take Dr. Ford at her word. Period.


Manafort’s Information

The Special Counsel’s Office has filed a superseding criminal information on Paul Manafort.  

It is a 78 page document outlining all of the various ways that Manafort and Gates worked under the direction of pro-Russian oligarchs in the Ukraine and then attempted to hide their tracks and their money.

He will be pleading guilty to two charges: Conspiracy to Defraud the US and Obstruction of Justice.

Open Thread as more information comes in:

update 1: Manafort is flipping



Manafort pleading

As Josh Marshall notes, a plea right now is a favor to Trump as it keeps the FARA for the Pro-Russian plutocrats out of the October news cycle.

Open thread.

Geriatric Greatest Hits Rally Tour: Failing King of A Fading Clan

Another “reelection 2020” rally, this time in Montana. And the Oval Office Occupant is visibly coming apart under the lights. Question about this clip — if he thinks the Notorious Op-Ed Writer is a “she”, who could he possibly have in mind? KellyAnne Conway? Sarah Huckabee Sanders? Maggie Haberman? HRC? Melania?

Excerpts from Daniel Dale’s live-tweet-stream:

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Sad, Low Energy Late-Night Open Thread: Rallying the Deplorables, Disappointing the Rest of Us

From early reports, looks like the biggest news from the rally is that it was a bog-standard Trump rally — no epic meltdowns, no mention of the day’s earlier events. SAD!

Biggest takeaway that I can see: Trump *is* still capable of pulling himself together to get through another one of his Greatest Hits Arena Shows, like any other professional performer on auto-pilot. Bad news for the rest of the Repub criminals… it’s gonna be that much harder to convince anyone outside The Base that “we” need to take away Granpa’s car keys & checkbook if the old man can fumble convincingly through a competency performance in front of a sympathetic judge.

Ah, well, we all live with our little disappointments…

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Helsinki “Optics” Open Thread: The HAND, Sarah!

If your goal is to present this ‘summit’ as just another diplomatic meeting, WHY WOULD YOU PICK A PHOTO WHERE PUTIN SEEMS ABOUT TO UNZIP HIS FLY?

Party like it’s July 1914, Mike!…

Even the ever-supplicant Media Village courtiers Axios

President Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin was a disaster. And that was the assessment of many of his GOP allies…
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Late Night SCOTUS Scrotes Open Thread: “Baseball Tickets”…

… Is that what the kidz are calling it, these days?