Your Liberal Media

BTW, two hundred thousand people showed up in DC today to march for immigration reform. Using Michelle Malkin and teabagger math, that is like eleventy billion people.

As I write this, there is no mention of this march on CNN, USA Today, Fox, MSNBC, the NY Times. The Washington Post mentions it in passing. Maybe they should carry guns next time to get some attention.

Principled, My Eye

I’m getting really tired of the media portrayal of anti-choice Democrats as “principled.” You know what else is principled? Having enough faith in your fellow citizen to make the right decision about their own body without feeling the need to butt in and meddle in their business.

And besides, they aren’t even principled at all- they are, as we speak, negotiating an executive order with the WH which would basically reaffirm existing law. They’re just looking for political cover at this point. That is the opposite of principled.

Shorter NY Times Public Editor

Yeah, we pretty much got rolled by the wingnuts and got the story wrong and probably had a big part in killing ACORN, but no harsh feelings and good luck rebuilding, Ms. Lewis.

Watch the Narrative Change Before Your Very Eyes

The Politico, so for those of you avoiding clicks, you’ve been warned:

In the jittery days following Scott Brown’s Senate victory, Nancy Pelosi was eager to resurrect comprehensive health reform. But first, she had to get past longtime ally Rahm Emanuel, who was counseling President Barack Obama to consider a smaller, piecemeal approach.

During a mid-February conference call with top House Democrats, Pelosi made it clear she would accept nothing short of a big-bang health care push – dismissing the White House chief of staff as an “incrementalist.”

Pelosi even coined a term to describe Emanuel’s scaled-down approach: “Kiddie Care,” according to a person privy to the call.

Pelosi’s remark was more than just a diss. It sent a clear signal to House leadership that Pelosi wouldn’t compromise – and it coincided with Obama’s own decision to renew his push for an all-encompassing bill after weeks of confusion and discussion.

So… Do you think you’d be seeing puff pieces in Dick Cheney’s personal diary, the Politico, if the bill had failed? And puff pieces about Nancy Pelosi, of all people?

This is what I have never understood about those who voted yes the first time around but were then spooked on purely political matters (and not the actual content of the bill). The Republicans simply are going to oppose you no matter what (as Blanche Lincoln is learning, years of tongue-kisses to the GOP doesn’t amount to a bucket of warm spit), and if the bill passes, the entire narrative changes. For everyone. And the way the teabaggers are playing along, throwing out racial epithets and yelling faggot while screaming about taking matters into their own hands, they are providing the perfect frame for this comeback story.

As an aside, I think when people feel comfortable to talk on record, meaning years from now, I think it is going to turn out that the toughness of Nancy Pelosi and the patience of Obama are what saved his Presidency. She might turn out to be the best partner he has in all of DC, and will probably, depending on what happens, go down as one of the greatest speakers in recent memory. Every time she needs the votes, she gets them.

Smoking Grass

The Washington Post redefines “grass roots”:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, already one of Washington’s largest lobbying groups, is gearing up to play a major role in this year’s midterm elections on a scale to rival the nation’s two main political parties.

Modeled in part on Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign juggernaut, the group has built a grass-roots operation known as “Friends of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.” It has a member list of 6 million names, aimed at lobbying on legislation and swaying voters to back preferred candidates, primarily Republicans, in crucial battleground areas, officials said.

With an overall budget of $200 million — twice what it spent in 2008 — the group plans to target vulnerable Democrats in up to two dozen states with ads, get-out-the-vote operations and other grass-roots efforts.

Oddly enough, that sounds like a top-down organizational structure working with an existing budget, and not a grassroots organization at all!