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The Mythical Moderating Influence

I’m not sure why the media is so invested in propping up the female Trumps as a “moderating influence” on the demagogue in the White House:

CBS News has learned President Trump took a lot of heat from his family over the racist chants at a campaign rally in North Carolina on Wednesday. He heard from first lady Melania Trump, his daughter Ivanka and Vice President Mike Pence.

I suppose it’s remotely possible that Pence, a professional politician, winked and said “ix-nay on the acism-ray” because he’s afraid a full-blown “send them back to Africa” campaign will hurt the reelection effort. Pence’s lips are so firmly affixed to Trump’s ass that it’s difficult to imagine such a confrontation, but okay, maybe.

But we’re seriously supposed to believe FLOTUS Birther McBirtherface and Princess Complicity give a shit what the unwashed MAGA hordes in North Carolina chanted? They didn’t say jack-shit about the racist tweet that inspired the chant, but now they’re concerned? Give me a fucking break.

The press really needs to stop falling for this bullshit PR spin. It makes them look like suckers every time.

Fake Eyebrows (Open Thread)

As you’ve no doubt heard, NBC News unearthed a 1992 video of a coked-up-seeming Trump cavorting with serial pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at a party held at Trump’s tacky-ass Florida property. Here’s a still photo from the vid:

I apologize for inflicting Trump’s hideous visage on you, which I generally avoid. But I’m hoping someone can explain Trump’s eyebrows in that photo. They look fake, especially when you see them in motion in the video. Can heavy cocaine use combined with tanning bed and hair product exposure cause alopecia? I remember the early 1990s — the hairdos of the women in the NBC video brought on flashbacks — but I don’t remember fake eyebrows being a thing.

Allegedly, many of the women pictured were Buffalo Bills cheerleaders. In the video, Trump grabs one of them from behind by the pelvis and then smacks her on the ass. I took a quick spin through the mainstream news sites, and all have a blurb about the tape, but it’s not the main story on any site I saw, including NBC, which broke the story.

Since its now fairly unremarkable to view tape of a future POTUS leering at women and aggressively grabbing a cheerleader while yucking it up with a notorious pedophile, I thought I’d explore the weird eyebrows angle. What do y’all think of that pair of caterpillars attached to Trump’s ugly mug? Strange, huh?

Open thread.

Things a Journalist Should Never Say Ever Again, “Republicans of Conscience” Edition

Oh go fuck yourselves:

As Mistermix noted below, a grand total of four (4) Republicans voted to note that what the President said was racist as fuck and wholly inappropriate. Here’s what 187 Republicans couldn’t bring themselves to support:

This resolution states that immigrants and their descendants have made America stronger and naturalized citizens are just as American as those whose families have been in the United States for generations. It also expresses a commitment to keep America open to those who lawfully seek refuge from violence and oppression and those willing to work hard to achieve the American Dream, regardless of race, ethnicity, faith, or country of origin.

The resolution strongly condemns the President’s racist comments and states that they have legitimized hatred of new Americans and people of color, including his reference to immigrants and asylum seekers as “invaders.”

That’s about as fucking toothless as something in the house can get. It recommends no censure or other punishment, it does not call for impeachment, it doesn’t even call for the President to go without his Mickey D’s apple pie after his too well down double cheeses tonight.

And yet, no “Republicans of conscience” could be found anywhere to support it. If you are a reporter or journalist or pundit and find yourself thinking the phrase “Republicans of Conscience,” do us all a favor, submit your resignation, and go seek work more befitting your level of intellect and decency. Maybe as Steve Bannon’s hot tub scrubber.

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