A Meeting of the Mindless

Ari Melber decided to have Carter Page, Michael Caputo, Sam Nunberg, and Jerome Corsi all on tonight. On the same panel. I give you the Four Whores of the Apocalypse!

The only good thing about the this panel was watching all four of them both take their delusional conspiracies about Special Counsel Mueller out for a walk and turn on each other repeatedly.

Here’s some lowlights from Melber’s twitter feed:

How Carter Page 1) graduated from the US Naval Academy and 2) got a PhD is beyond me.

I’m pretty sure Melber’s producer is currently curled up in the fetal position sobbing while drinking bourbon straight from the bottle.

Open thread!


Repub Venality Open Thread: The Permanent GOP Sidles Away from Its Dear Figurehead Leader

If you are old & cynical, like me, you will remember that by the time Nixon coptered off the White House lawn, many Very Serious Persons (looking at you, Bob Woodward, not to mention Henry Kissinger) were informing us that Tricky Dick was a rogue psycopath — a lone gunman, even! — who wormed his way into the all-too-innocent Republican Party and corrupted a bunch of trusting younglings (like Dick Cheney) with his wicked political perversions.

Now cometh rumbles, amid the pleadings & sentencings of a new generation of Repub grifters, that the current Oval Office Occupant will be getting sent to the same Potemkin Coventry.

Today, for instance, Big Oil lifer Rex Tillerson trudged out in front of an audience to share horror stories of serving under the Squatter-in-Chief…

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Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: G20 Glimpses

Omens presaging the death of kings…

The Japanese Prime Minister throws shade:

Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver Open Thread: Requiem for A World-Class Fraud

Almost titled this “Respite from A WCF”, because we know he’ll be back on the Very Serious Media no later than Jan. 6 2019 (even sooner, if Trump completely decompensates and/or flees the country before then), making bank to represent whichever batch of oligarchs and kakistocrats offers him a dirty dollar.

But in this happy moment, let us remember the True Paul Ryan: lifelong suckler upon the gubmint teat, devout Ayn Rand fanboi, personage who stood out for unlikeability even in a party figureheaded by Donald Trump and frontlined by such specimens as Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, and Stephen Miller…

A special panel dreamed up by Speaker Paul Ryan to end the constant cycle of government shutdowns crashed and burned on Thursday.

The special panel tasked with recommending budget fixes overwhelmingly rejected its own set of proposals, even after lawmakers admitted the package included only modest changes to the way Congress approves budgets and funds the government…

Over several months, the leadership-appointed panel swatted down the most ambitious ideas for overhauling the budget process. The final text of the agreement contained changes like requiring Congress to pass a budget every two years, instead of annually. It also would have required a “fiscal state of the nation” report each year.

Sweeping proposals to “de-weaponize” the debt ceiling, tighten spending limits and disband Congress’ budget committees were all voted down or withdrawn…

He’s going out as he came in, attempting to delegitimize votes along strictly partisan lines…

Gee, ZEGS, let’s try to parcel this out, shall we? You fronted for an administration* that was xenophobic to the point of ripping families apart, apparently for sport, and for taking a brutally hard line on all immigrants, legal and otherwise. A somewhat gentler version of that was enough to end Pete Wilson’s political career in California 20 years ago. And Wilson was reasonably popular at the time and not a maniac…

Remember when people thought this guy was smart?

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Late-Night Pundtwit Open Thread: But If Political Scientists Get to Use the (Other) N-Word…

Trump and his hardcore base are making it very difficult for the Maestros of Bothsiderism to blanket the Repubs’ hate speech in a warm fuzzy cloud of pap, but give Ross Doubthat and his fellow Very Serious Opinioneers full marks for trying!

Ari Fleischer, once again a shonda fur die goyim: