A sigh is just a sigh

This tweet that Anne Laurie found was right on the money:

I believe that one of the reasons the 2000 race was so close — instead of being the blow-out it should have been — was the media fixation on Al Gore’s sighs in the first debate. Not to get all Bob Somerby on your asses, but all that bullshit about how Al Gore was the nerdy hall monitor and W was the likable jock…that bullshit is the reason W became president. Thus it’s the reason for the Iraq War and at least 5 or 6 trillion extra in debt.

All that bullshit is starting to happen again in this election.. So if anybody tells you that Hillary shouldn’t have glared at Trump or raised her voice or whatever in tonight’s debate, tell them to go fuck themselves.

Update. THIS (h/t Jim)

Open Thread: Media Shocked to Discover That Trump’s “Smart Pills” Are DEER DROPPINGS!!!

There’s a paleolithicly ancient joke about the bloviating know-it-all whose fellow hunters finally prank him into eating a handful of “smart pills”. And when he makes the awful discovery, they tell him “See — you’re getting smarter already!”

Just look at the outrage on Tapper’s mug…

#EventheNepotisticallyGifted Luke Russert!…
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Late Night Open Thread: Media Village Idiots, Projecting Harder Than An Octoplex of IMAXes

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So fucking stupid

The Atlantic has gotten so bad it makes me long for the days of Douthat, McArdle, and Sully:

It’s 2020, four years from now.


As the presidential primaries unfold, Kanye West is leading a fractured field of Democrats. The Republican front-runner is Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame. Elected governor of Louisiana only a few months ago, he is promising to defy the Washington establishment by never trimming his beard. Party elders have given up all pretense of being more than spectators, and most of the candidates have given up all pretense of party loyalty. On the debate stages, and everywhere else, anything goes.

I could continue, but you get the gist. Yes, the political future I’ve described is unreal. But it is also a linear extrapolation of several trends on vivid display right now.

What possible purpose could this kind of sub-Borowtiz material serve?

Yes, our political system has gone crazy but someday it may be sane, and Jonathan Rauch will still be a pompous idiot.

Tiny fingers you almost feel

I realize that saying “peak this” has become a joke, but I think Halperin may have a hard time topping this one, where he says Trump is one of the two most talented politicians he’s ever covered (the other being Bill Clinton). The friend who sent this asked: “Halperin believes nothing, what’s in it for him to pretend to believe something so stupid”.

I was going to joke that Trump was paying him, but I guess it’s more likely that the money’s coming in cash payments from the Ukraine.

Peak Both Sides was a lie

Zeke Miller making Ron Fournier look like Paul Krugman. Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.20.36 PM

These idiots will be screaming “both sides do it” as Trump drags them to the gulag.

I had a dream, I had an awesome dream

It looks like the media has decided to resume its regularly scheduled Hillary bashing. Got to have a horse race to cover!Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 3.03.40 PM

In a way, maybe it’s just as well, given that the alternative is two months of Paul Ryan white knight fan fiction:

That basically allows the RNC to come up with any reason to declare the spot vacant. For example, they could, following President Obama, deem him unfit for office – as in, mentally unfit. Or they could hold a vote of no confidence. No doubt, if Trump is fighting them, that would be a bumpy road, possibly involving litigation. It might be easier for leaders to endorse Gary Johnson and move on. But because of that word “otherwise,” it’s likely within the RNC’s power to dump Trump even without his consent. Then they would be able to fill the “vacancy” by majority vote.

Interestingly, that person could be anyone. Mike Pence does not automatically move up the ticket. On the contrary, unless Pence drops out (or is similarly found to be unfit, which seems impossible), he remains the nominee for Vice President, which, after all, is a separate office and a separate nomination. Most likely, the GOP’s knight in shining armor, House Speaker Paul Ryan, would be a leading candidate for a last-minute substitution.