Time to call the Senate

We know the AHCA is horrendous policy.

We know the AHCA is extraordinarily unpopular.  We know that it is unpopular even among Republican voters.  We know that the Senate is far thinner margins than the House and we almost won there.  So the goal this week is to let your Senators know that this is a very bad bill with very real consequences for their constituents.

Medicaid in the President’s budget request

The Department of Health and Human Services accidentally leaked their own budget this evening. Bob Herman at Axios saved a copy. The biggest aspect of the budget is it laid out another $600 billion dollars in cuts to Medicaid and CHIP over ten years in addition to the $820 billion in Medicaid cuts in the AHCA.

Between these two documents Medicaid would lose 47% of its federal funding over a decade.

Loren Adler at Brookings thinks the cuts would be to tie the AHCA block grants to no more than inflation rate growth without regard to population or case mixture. As the Baby Boomers retire, more of them will require nursing home care that is currently paid for by Medicaid but there would be no federal money.

This is a budget wishlist that pits old people versus kids, the disabled against the pregnant and state budgets against upper income tax cuts in the federal budget.

Call Congress and give them an earful.

Some good news on voting rights

Some good voting rights news from Alabama:

“Many” Alabama felons will soon regain the right to vote if Gov. Kay Ivey signs a bill that landed on her desk Thursday morning, according to advocates.

The bill, called the Definition of Moral Turpitude Act, passed both houses of the state legislature Wednesday, a victory for backers who have sought for years to see it codified into law.

If Ivey signs it, the bill would more clearly define the term “moral turpitude” as it is used in the state constitution, which stipulates that “no person convicted of a felony of moral turpitude” may vote….

the term would refer to less than 50 specific “felonies that involve moral turpitude which disqualify a person from exercising his or her right to vote,” the legislation states.

By redefining “moral turpitude,” the bill would effectively restore “thousands” of felons’ right to vote.

The governor has indicated she will sign the bill this week.

Open thread

Open Thread

I was flipping a coin between this and the Kevin Bacon Animal House All is Well memes.

Open thread

Two reminders for future candidates

1) Remember who the current President is and his level of qualification


If you’re thinking of running don’t disqualify yourself by giving into the imposter syndrome. Look at the case examples around you.

Open thread…

Call and visit Congress today

The vote for the AHCA in the House is scheduled for sometime around 1:00pm today.

Call your Congressional office today.

If you are in the DC Area there is a protest at the Hill at noon time.

If you are out and about, see if you can visit your Congressional district office to let them know that a vote for the AHCA will result in their names added to an Arya Starkesque mantra.

Bury this pipe dream

I want to get back to this comment at a future date, but first we need to bury the pipe dream and then pack the hole full of M-80s, det cord and a lit match before we run for cover (why yes, I had an interesting childhood).

Time to call Congress. We need to thank Democrats for staying firm, welcome the No vote’s, strengthen the undecided and waverers and scare the Yes votes. There is a strong rumor that a new round of amendments will be coming through sometime soon that will throw more money into the high cost risk pool but who knows.

Demand a CBO score for this complex bill that touches 17% of the economy. That is the easiest ask. No CBO, No Vote.