P.J. O’Rourke on coping strategies

P.J. O’Rourke on coping strategies in this month’s The Atlantic.

Then, in a more Wildean sense of the word “vulgar,” there’s the anthrax. A cowflop of a weapon has elicited all sorts of bull in response. On October 20 the Los Angeles Times devoted 465 column inches to a disease that had sickened fewer people (some press reports would claim) than the corporation that makes the antibiotic by which the disease is cured. Only five months ago Bayer withdrew the anti-cholesterol drug Baycol after it had been linked to fifty-two deaths.

Has anyone purchased an ‘Amazing

Has anyone purchased an ‘Amazing X-10 cam?’ If so, did it come with directions on how to avoid the pop-ups? Also, I just got Windows Xp on the new office computer, and it is counterintuitive, doesn’t work like Win 98, and has annoying colors. Is there anyway to change it so it performs more like Win 98? I can’t even figure out how to get on the LAN. I am sure this is payback for making fun of Apple Users or calling Linux users cheapskates.

Added a bunch of new

Added a bunch of new links, and I put them in alphabetical order. Hopefully I got rid of that email a friend thing. Ugly.

In an attempt to prove

In an attempt to prove that guest letter writers can be as idiotic as regular columnists (insert your Ted Rall, Jacob Weisberg or columnist of your choice link here), a WaPo reader states that:

At this time, when disagreeing with the foreign policy of our country is akin to treason, maybe we should take a moment to look at what we do to cause our own internal fanatics, if only to understand what we can do to help prevent future foreign fanatics from attacking our shores.

Let’s see, one sentence indirectly covers non-existent civil rights erosion hysteria post 9/11, touches on the ‘blame America’ theme, and cries out to examine ‘root causes.’ Folks- this is a left-wing trifecta!

The whole letter is here, although it probably should have been sent here.

Triple Yawn.

MSNBC has decided that Jacob

MSNBC has decided that Jacob Weisberg’s blather about Bush was so awful that it just had to be on their opinion page. Hooray for joint ventures.

IN a related note, I have not seen the bimbo broadcaster lately. I wonder, has she dyed her hair again?