Hamid Karzi ‘Gets it.” Too

Hamid Karzi ‘Gets it.” Too bad he is busy rebuilding Afghanistan, and not doing something really important, like writing op-eds in the U.K. or for the NY Times. Check out this exchange with Peter Jennings:

JENNINGS Do you think that the prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba should be classified as prisoners of war?

KARZAI They’re terrorists. They have not been captured in a regular war. They were there to kill Afghan people. They did kill Afghan people, positively. They destroyed my country.

We’re not at war with them … I would not classify them as prisoners of war, but I would treat them nicely, properly.

JENNINGS Would you treat them under the, under the rules and regulations of the Geneva Convention?

KARZAI I would treat them, I would treat them … within the framework of that Convention, but I would treat them nicely. They’re not prisoners of war. They’re terrorists.

JENNINGS Are you aware of the prisoners being held at Sheburgen who were fighting with the Taliban and are now in custody largely of the Northern Alliance? And do you think you have the authority and the strength to do something about that from the government’s point of view in Kabul?

KARZAI Yes, surely. Definitely.

JENNINGS And what do you think should be done?

KARZAI Well, we will provide them [with] … better living conditions and give them the rights that they should have of prisoners in that prison … Whether they will believe it or not is depending upon the situation of terrorists or collaborators …

Hanan Ashrawi from the ‘Palestinian

Hanan Ashrawi from the ‘Palestinian Legislative Council’ was just on MSNBC excusing terrorist suicide bombers “This is what happens when you punish people beyond the breaking point,” she said with a straight face. All I can say is that I wanted to backhand her as hard as possible.

Yasser Arafat is finally acting

Yasser Arafat is finally acting on the arms ship incident (Karine-A).

Blame Saudi Arabia. According to

Blame Saudi Arabia. According to this report, 100 of the detainees in Gitmo’s Camp X-ray are Saudi Arabians.

New poem from Will at

New poem from Will at Unremitting Verse, making fun of Jonah’s denial of the obivous. I came up with an unconvincing list of ten reasons why the Corner was NOT a blog, but I have convinced(fooled) no one.

Psst. Jonah- Will’s point is that it is a blog….