But this had me laughing

But this had me laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face.

“John did not take up arms against America,” his father, Frank Lindh, said yesterday.

Yeah, well, Mr. Lindh, you and your ex-wife, Marilyn Walker, seem to have launched a full-scale war against common sense.

Groan. I might be going

Groan. I might be going out for cocktails after work after all.

From the WaPo:

Hillary’s Big Adventure: A supportive spouse, surprisingly accepting colleagues, and a mandate to legislate. For Sen. Clinton, life is almost perfect. If only they weren’t still out to get her…

New links for Glenn Kinen,

New links for Glenn Kinen, Ted Barlow, and Matthew Yglesias.

A Fool and His Money

A Fool and His Money

The International Community just pledged 4.5 billion dollars in aid over five years to the new Afghanistan government. This morning, Instapundit links to this story titled Afghans to carry on stoning criminals, in which we learn:

CRIMINALS in Afghanistan will face Taliban-style punishments including amputations and stonings as part of the interim government’s drive to keep down crime, the chief justice said yesterday.

The remarks will raise concerns among Western donors who have made the restoration of the rule of law a priority in the shattered country’s reconstruction.

Chief Justice Fazul Hadi Shinwari said he wanted adulterers whipped or stoned to death, the hands of robbers amputated and murderers publicly executed. Proselytising Christians may face the death penalty and Muslims who drink alcohol could be given 80 lashes.

Wait. There is more of this:

“The main issue here is that infidels or Westerners protest against a hand being chopped for theft,” said Mr Shinwari. “But since the robber has committed a crime then he has to be punished for obvious and justified reasons – ridding society of crime.” He also warned foreigners against trying to convert Afghans from Islam.

“The Islamic government, according to sharia, is bound to punish those who get involved in anti-Islamic activities,” he said. “We can punish them for propagating other religions – such as threaten them, expel them and, as a last resort, execute them, but only with evidence.”

Islam, the ‘peaceful religion.’ And you thought Enron was a bad investment.

Will Warren’s newest piece is

Will Warren’s newest piece is classic. Here is a tidbit:

By the shores of old Pacific,
By the shining big sea water,
Lived a brave named Hiawatha
(Name was really “Cavanaugh” but
Here we’ll call him Hiawatha
‘Cause it fits the meter better.)

Hiawatha grew to manhood
In the famous tribe of Sucksters:
Famous for their wit were Sucksters,
For their wit and hipness noted;
Long they thrived with wit ironic
And the very latest slang terms.

By all means, go read the whole poem (Thanks to Sgt. Stryker for the heads up).