My hotel internet connection is

My hotel internet connection is terrible. No more blogging tonight.

Yeah. Bush is Wobbly alright.

Yeah. Bush is Wobbly alright. The speech today should end that argument.

Hooters = 1 part white

Hooters = 1 part white trash, 1 part hot pants, 2 parts annoying customers, 2 parts bad food.

I give it the finger. I hate eating on the road.

I don’t know if anyone

I don’t know if anyone listens to Public Radio anymore, as they are so damned biased politically, but I for one am a reasl fan of several programs they do.

My favorite has to be Mountainstage, which is always great. If you have never watched/listened, I would recommend it. Today while driving I listened to a repeat jazz special, with Los Hombres Caliente and Kenny Rankin and many more. Good Stuff.

I kinda like Garrison Keillor and the Prairie Home Companion, even if he is a pretentious jackass politically. I like the skits and the stories, and I like the old timey radio feeling with the sound effects. Radio was my first love as a kid (got my broadcasting license from the FCC at 14), so maybe that explains it.

Car Talk is great, too, as well as Whad’ya Know. The Infinite Mind is fascinating, too. And their jazz programs are cool, and I like that Austrian sounding fellow who plays the classical music in between guttural orations every morning starting at nine. In fact, the only time I listen to anything other than NPR is when they are doing their perverted version of the ‘news,’ and when Rush is on.

In fact, overall, they put out an incredible product that I use a lot. Soooo. Two quick questions/comments:

1.) Why not charge me for this product, or have advertising like every other radio station? I certainly think you have a superior product a great deal of the time, so get some advertisers and quit living on the federal dollar.

2.) Watch how fast the news coverage changes if they are forced to solicit advertisers.

I guess my second comment answered my first.

This is why I read

This is why I read Lileks. Not his best, but still good.