The Quote of the Day

The Quote of the Day is dedicated to the House of Saud and their sycophant lackeys in the arab press:

“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. ”
– Sir Winston Churchill

From the Weekly Standard, Enron

From the Weekly Standard, Enron and the Clintonites. Keep digging Mr. Waxman. Please keep digging.

Blogger Questions in Case anyone

Blogger Questions in Case anyone cares to answer:

1.) How do I get my archives on the main page?

2.) What do I have to do to change it so I can post an unlimited number of column inches? As it is, if it is over a certain length, I format in blogger, cut and passte to word, the post, in reverse order, smaller chunks, so that it appears in the proper order (see the Saudi News Links).

3.) What is the best comments script to use?

4.) Has anyone used the spellchecker on the blogger website?

5.) I have seen people put headlines on their sites. Is there anyway to generate headline like that from other blogs?

If you have time and are inclined, please email me….

Answering Ken Layne’s House of

Answering Ken Layne’s House of Saud challenge, I have done some rudimentary searches. Not all of these are House of Saud specific, but the majority are. Enjoy.

From the ADL:

Saudi Newspaper Claims “Jews Are Taking Over The World”


Special Dispatch No. 328: Arab Antisemitism – Saudi Government Daily on the Culture of Hatred

Special Dispatch No. 327: Saudi Arabia – Saudi Government Press Attacks U.S.

Terror in America (19): Saudi, Syrian, and Palestinian Authority Press Attack Giuliani and U.S.

Iranian and Saudi Reactions to the US’ Indictment of the Khobar Bombing Terrorists

Saudi Government Daily: The Jews

Saudi Government Daily: The Jews are Taking Over the World

Saudi Ambassador to London: ‘Bush Has Complexes…’ ‘The Entire World Fears a Future in the Shadow of Dubya’, which sports this gem:

“When George Bush Jr. came to the White House, after a long period of ambiguity and confusion, it was clear from the outset that his behavior stems from two enormous complexes. His first complex is [an urge to] manage matters completely differently than his predecessor, the popular and beloved Bill Clinton.

Ha’aretz on the Root Causes of the September 11 Attacks for the ‘root cause’ apologists in our midsts………

Excerpts from an interview with Hamas leader, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, Our friends, the House of Saud:

Question: Was the fact that the King of Saudi Arabia received you during your tour of the Arab states a message to the United States?

Yassin: It was an expression of appreciation on the part of Saudi Arabia for [our] activities for the sake of Palestine and to tell the world — especially the U.S. and Israel — that Saudi Arabia supports the path of jihad. Saudi Arabia has demonstrated strength and courage because it declared its position loud and clear, telling the U.S. that it supports the path of struggle to restore the plundered land. In other words, the welcome I received was a clear message to the U.S. and a provocation against its policy…

Debating the Religious, Political and Moral Legitimacy of Suicide Bombings Part 1: The Debate over Religious Legitimacy– Islam, the ‘peaceful religion.’

Terror in America (10): Prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement, Sheikh Yussef Al-Qaradhawi: ‘Islamic religious law dictates that we join the Taliban’s Jihad, not the US coalition; It is forbidden to attack American citizens, but permitted to attack the American military.’ so sayeth Johnny ‘jihad’ Walker.