Greedo Probably Would Have Shot Himself

Kevin Drum tweeted this last night, and I just remembered it thanks to Bob Cesca, but this seven part review of why the Phantom Menace sucked is just awesome:

You can see the other six parts here. May the force be with you.

And if you cringed every time he pronounced protaganist as “Pro-tuh-gone-ist,” you are probably an effete liberal who likes arugula and dijon mustard.

The View From Your Couch

I have some time tonight, so I am going through the 1700 messages in gmail and filtering out all the pics from the spam, and here are a few views I love. The first has no elevated feet (I never really campaigned on elevated feet) despite the clear rules, but I love it anyway:


This one has the appropriate level of holiday timeliness:


And because I know if I post two pictures of dogs but no felines, the cat lovers will freak on my tender soul, this offering:


And finally, since this website is where 4chan meets Cute Overload, here is RedKitten’s offering:


You do know the ultimate goal is to get Sullivan to send us a pic of his feet and his beagles?

Hooked on a Feeling

I’m feeling a little odd this morning. A mixture of perkiness, optimism, contentedness and maybe a little holiday cheer.

Is this what you people sometimes refer to as a “good mood?”

Happy Thoughts


Let’s just forget your host is an ill-tempered, foul-mouthed, acrimonious, conflict-seeking jerk who takes every opportunity to needle people but who (barely) is redeemed by a love for animals, and spend this thread talking about positive things.

And I was talking about Anne Laurie.

*** Update ***

An action shot for the lovers:


Be back after I shake out the blanket, vacuum, and shower.

*** Update ***

Top this for good news:

Happy thoughts? I can do that. My cousin, who was in a coma for 7 weeks with H1N1, walked 36 feet today, is beginning to be able to speak again (even with a trach) and is set to kick rehab butt. You go girl!

View From Your Couch

I like this look: