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Happy Halloween


And no. That is not Tunch.

I’m off to bed- I can’t keep my eyes open.

Open Thread: FTFY

I really wish Steve Gilliard were here to share his opinions on the Hoffman Surge in NY-23. There is a war between the native NYCers and the appleknockers cowhumpers upstaters with at least 200 years of history behind it, and the Ankh Morpork Big Apple team has all the good snarksters.

I am not superstitious but I am a devout animist, and this worked for the first game:

Home at Last

Finally home with both animals back. Apparently I have the kids that can not behave outside of the home. Lily whined and was generally super needy the whole time I was gone, and according to Tammy, Tunch refused to use the litter boxes and in a fit of pique shit on her pumpkin table display.


Open Thread

Betsy, White Sands, NM.


shoutingattherain, winter home.


Email me a link to your one or two favorite pics on a photo site like Flickr (do not send the image itself please) and I will put up favorites in open threads. Send a short caption if you want one.