Still the Boss

I was sitting here working when I felt the cold Tunch glare burning into my back like a laser. So, I did what any cat owner would do. I went over and rough-housed with him, rubbed his fur the wrong way, and got him all worked up. He then shot me this glare, which I thought was just priceless:

If looks could kill. I’ll be back late this afternoon. Behave yourselves.

USA Today Asks the Trillion Dollar Question

Where were regulators when banks were failing:

When ANB Bank of Arkansas failed last year, it was easy to blame executives whose pursuit of high-adrenaline growth led to the bank’s demise. But now other key culprits have emerged in ANB’s collapse: the government officials who were supposed to be policing the bank.

The inspectors general at the U.S. Treasury and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) have both issued reports saying that bank failures surged because regulators in some cases didn’t step in and prevent hazardous behavior, and in others actively helped banks hide their growing problems.

As early as Wednesday, the Obama administration is set to release details of a new regulatory framework for the vast and complex financial system of commercial and investment banks and brokers that has evolved in the last few years. However, the recent reports from the inspectors general highlight that bank regulators failed to do their job properly even when supervising far simpler banking institutions, showcasing the difficulty the administration faces in ensuring the new supervisory system will work effectively.

Good piece. I’m wondering if Obama’s cautiousness will mean that the new regulatory structure they are proposing will not go far enough.

Monday Night Open Thread

Some quick hits because I’m too lazy for separate posts.

1.) Maybe I’m being overly cynical about the American warblogger coverage. I had a conversation with one person who noted that at least this time, unlike 2003, bloggers aren’t cheering on a war, they are cheering on fair elections. I can get that, but some of it just seems so over the top on our end, and we have nothing personally at stake while the folks over there have everything at stake. Who knows. Maybe I learned all the wrong lessons from the past decade, but for right now, I’m just going to hope for the best.

2.) I’m behind on my podcasts, but I listened to the May 30th Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me with special guest Robert Earl Keen, and it was one of the funniest hours of the show that I can remember.

3.) The Stanley Cup Champion Penguins had a parade today.

4.) On my way home today, I saw a good looking sedan, and wondered if it was a Volvo or Honda, and as I got closer, I was stunned to see that it was a Chevy Malibu. I’m one of those unAmerican types who is, for the most part, wholly uninterested in cars, but I thought it was pretty good looking.

5.) Lily is doing well, and we are so over the crate. Also, she is starting to prance and smile while we walk, which is really gratifying. She also is starting to respond when I call.

6.) What happened to Bill Kristol?

7.) House Dems planning to change how the CIA conducts briefings. Good.

That is all I have for now. I’ll be back later.

Sad News

This really stinks. John Amato’s father has passed away. John and I have been friends going back 6-7 years, exchanging emails and IM’s about a variety of subjects (I bet the two of us have spent more time talking about BTVS than anything else, tbh), back to the days when Crooks and Liars was just getting started and leading the way with bringing newsclips to blogs and I was a foaming at the mouth right-winger, so I’m really sorry about this. John’s a great guy and this is just terrible.

You’re in our thoughts, John.

Open Thread

Behave, or I will unleash Pandora:

You’ve been warned.