On the Road and In Your Backyard

Good Morning All,

On The Road and In Your Backyard is a weekday feature spotlighting reader submissions. From the exotic to the familiar, please share your part of the world, whether you’re traveling or just in your locality. Share some photos and a narrative, let us see through your pictures and words. We’re so lucky each and every day to see and appreciate the world around us!

Submissions from commenters are welcome at tools.balloon-juice.com


Something short and sweet, and just plain awesome. An unexpected blossom/fruiting tree post-purchase is a dream. A former house of mine had a small pear and a small peach tree out front. In-season, the mailman happily took one fruit per day on his driving rounds, a smile beaming from a 1/2 block away as he approached. He was a tea party jerk, most likely now a diehard MAGAT. I hated his leer but loved that my trees welcomed and sustained him, even if he wished for our (pro-Obama/liberal) despair.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the picture!


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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Jabba the Barr

(Nick Anderson via GoComics.com)

… “I think Bill Barr has all the duplicity of Rudy Giuliani without all the good looks and general likability of Rudy Guliani,” Schiff said during the Center for American Progress 2019 Ideas Conference Wednesday. “The most dangerous thing, I think, that Bill Barr has done is basically say that a president under investigation can make the investigation go away if he thinks its unfair which, by the way, means the other 14 investigations firmed up through other offices he can also make go away.”

Earlier Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee postponed a vote to potentially hold Barr in contempt of Congress, following his refusal to testify before the committee last week. Schiff, who chairs that committee, said in a statement explaining the postponement that the “Department of Justice has accepted our offer of a first step towards compliance with our subpoena, and this week will begin turning over to the Committee twelve categories of counterintelligence and foreign intelligence materials as part of an initial rolling production.”…

Election 2020 Open Thread: ‘The Cheesecake Factory Candidate’

Someone in the replies to this tweet came up with the ‘Cheesecake Factory Primary (candidate).’ This is… not a bad analogy, IMO. And not to defend the usual objects of Village Idiot coddling, but there’s a lot of people think of the Cheesecake Factory as a nice restaurant, when they need one. White tablecloths, a fat menu with fru-fru drinks, no salad bar. You can schedule an office party or bridal shower there without worrying that your guests will be either appalled or intimidated.

Thing is, I don’t think this is an ordinary, low-stakes, Cheesecake Factory election. But we have (Murphy the Trickster God willing) a good few months yet during which the other candidates can show off their talents, so here’s to a good clean competition…

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Grifters Gonna Grift Open Thread: It’s the American GOP Way!

Your Honor, my client is but a humble immigrant aspiring to achieve some portion of the wealth and fame accruing to more favored agents selling ‘Presidential’ access to foreign nationals. Such as, for instance, the Oval Office Occupant’s daughter, son-in-law, and business partners…

Last week, Li “Cindy” Yang, the Florida massage parlor entrepreneur and Trump donor who has been part of the recent controversy involving Donald Trump’s private resort, Mar-a-Lago, filed a defamation lawsuit against the parent company of the Miami Herald… The suit claims the newspaper published false statements about Yang and her business that suggested illegal conduct had occurred in her spas. But the suit also contained a surprising passage that acknowledged that Yang had also run a business that provided Chinese executives “access to American business and political culture”—and this included entry to events at Mar-a-Lago.
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Lining Up Volunteers to Test the Site: Early Evening Edition

Good evening!

It’s time to check in with the early evening Juicers to see who is interested in testing the site rebuild.  No rollout of any system has ever been perfect, probably in the history of the world, so I don’t expect this one to be, either. So please think about whether you might have some time for serious testing, and start thinking about the devices etc that you have available for testing.

We want to identify people who access Balloon Juice on various devices (laptops or tablets or phones), using various operating systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, etc.) and various browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Some examples: Dell Inspiron laptop, running Windows 7, browsers Firefox (version #) and Google Chrome (version #) OR MacBook Pro running High Sierra (10.13.6), browser: Safari 12.1 OR iPad, running iOS 12.2, browser: Safari 12.2.

You can volunteer in this thread or send email to me at BJfestivus at the google mail place.

In fact, please send email even if you do volunteer in this thread so I will have a way to contact volunteers.

We really want to put the site to the test: pressing every button, clicking every link, trying the same thing on multiple devices, operating systems or browsers. If that sounds too tedious, then this isn’t the job for you.

Oh, and I see that WordPress is still grumpy – on all the testing threads so far it has randomly inserted a big blank space. I think this server knows it’s about to be replaced and is taking its revenge.

Thanks in advance to anyone who volunteers!

P.S.  Anne Laurie has a post in progress, but I don’t think this testing post will be in competition with that.