Ending on an Up Note

Two unrelated Lily stories to end a shitty day:

1.) I’ve noticed an odd quirk about this dog. She simply does not like getting her feet wet. Whenever it is raining, she will simply go outside, turn right around, and come back in with a “I’ll hold it” look on her face. When it stops raining, she absolutely refuses to walk through any puddles. She’ll stop like a mule, and if there is no way around the puddle, I have to pick her up. And at night this spring, when there is dew on the ground, when we do our bedtime potty, she refuses to get off the sidewalk. I have to push her on the butt into the grass, and then she will grudgingly do a quick potty and then come back onto the concrete. I find this odd. And no, there is nothing wrong with her feet.

2.) Last night, because it was warm, Lily was sleeping next to me on top of the covers. When it is cold, she sleeps underneath them nestled up against my right thigh (she and Tunch have worked this out somehow- she gets the right, he gets the left side). But around 2:30, I woke up because Lily was kicking me. I thought she was dreaming and running in her sleep, so I just moved a little bit. But then I looked at her and noticed she was wide awake, and was now taking advantage of the extra room and stretching. I looked at her and said “You have to be shitting me. You couldn’t move? You had to wake me up and make me move so you could stretch out?” And then she looked guilty and rolled over and offered me her belly, so I pet it and everything was ok.

I love my pets.

Mighty White of Him…

Newt Gingrich is a ridiculous political figure, and yet he is continually presented as the “big thinker” of the Republican Party.

Now I know that there are endless numbers of folks that could, on any given day, be pointed to as the most ridiculous political figure in Wingnutopia and Newt does fade to the background from time to time. Still, when he does open his mouth, the most amazing nonsensical utterances spew out. And then this bile gets treated as ‘serious stuff’ in the Village.

Today, Jed over at Dkos caught Newt being Newt. The topic was a handful of Black Republican candidates for various offices in 2010. Why is this happening? Well, let’s let turn to what Newt told the NYTs (emphasis added):

“Things have evolved,” said Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House, who is heavily involved in recruiting Republican candidates. “I think partly the level of hostility to Obama, Pelosi and Reid makes a lot of people pragmatically more open to a coalition from the standpoint of being a long-term majority party.”

Newt and his pals hate Obama so much that he is willing to suffer the problems that might come from letting a few token African-Americans into his party and the conservative movement. That is might white of him.

I guess I just can’t put the new logo of his Republican Confederate Party away anytime soon.

ConfederateGOP Logo



Another Open Thread

Here is something positive- I had the pictures I showed you a couple weeks ago professionally framed, and they came back and look absolutely beautiful:

You’ll have to click on the pictures- the colors are just so vivid and wonderful.

Open Thread

I’m obviously in a pretty angry and volatile mood, so I’ll just stop here.

Early Morning Open Thread

Here’s the spin: Maybe it’s everybody’s fault! Because if it’s everybody’s fault, then it’s nobody’s fault!

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