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I got nothing and lots of it. What do you have?

“The GOP Wants to Raise Your Taxes”

Harold Meyerson, bless him, is shrill. The WaPo‘s only non-Villager columnist has the perfect short-form payroll-tax summary to email your low-information-voter acquaintances and family members:

America’s presumably anti-tax party wants to raise your taxes. Come January, the Republicans plan to raise the taxes of anyone who earns $50,000 a year by $1,000, and anyone who makes $100,000 by $2,000.
Their tax hike doesn’t apply to income from investments. It doesn’t apply to any wage income in excess of $106,800 a year. It’s the payroll tax that they want to raise — to 6.2 percent from 4.2 percent of your paycheck, a level established for one year in December’s budget deal at Democrats’ insistence. Unlike the capital gains tax, or the low tax rates for the rich included in the Bush tax cuts, or the carried interest tax for hedge fund operators (which is just 15 percent), the payroll tax chiefly hits the middle class and the working poor…
Republicans like to complain that Democrats practice “class warfare” and “the politics of division,” as House GOP leader Eric Cantor argued on this page Monday. What the Republicans’ position on the payroll tax makes high-definitionally clear is their own class warfare on working- and middle-class Americans. Their double standard couldn’t be more obvious: Tax cuts for the wealthy are sacrosanct; tax cuts for everyone else don’t really matter. Norquist, Cantor, Ryan, Camp, the Journal editorialists and the whole Republican crew give hypocrisy a bad name.

And we have a winner!

Kay beat me to a quick post on the Virginia earthquake. I had written:

Apparently there was a moderate 5.9 earthquake that hit Virginia between Richmond and Charlottesville. I felt the shakes up in Baltimore and TPM reports folks felt something all around the region from NYC to North Carolina (and some reports from pretty far away as well).

Somehow, I’m certain that this is Obama’s fault for being on vacation. The only mystery will be which wanker will blame him first.

And with that let’s have an Open Thread.

But as I went to preview the post I saw Kay had already put one up and decided to stand down.

And then I saw this Diary by Kos and it appears that my joke about folks blaming President Obama was all too real. And which wanker was first out of the gate:


I still look forward to the Politico headline about Michelle Obama feeding her family a dead chicken and using the bones for soup.

I guess we start the news cycle with the media we have and not the media we wish we had.



I see you’re talking about this in the comments, so here’s somewhere to do that.

An earthquake sent tremors from the nation’s capital to New York City and New England Tuesday afternoon, the result of what officials said was a 5.9 magnitude earthquake based in Virginia.

Because Animals and Food are Never Bad Things (RUS edition)

So John’s gone galt because of some sniping from the comments…but I am made of sterner stuff.

I sincerely believe that readers of this blog can multitask:  maximizing outrage, frothing at the mouth, and fainting in coils (yup, that’s Professor Tortoise to you…;) whilst simultaneously kvelling over the kind of cute that would make a Hello Kitty addict gag….and gluttonizing-by-proxy.  So here’s my contribution to the genre:

So there’s my RUS — a rodent of unknown species, caught on the fly (amble) whilst hiking in California’s uninhabited quadrant a week or so ago.  ID anyone?  (Why yes.  I am no naturalist.  Why do you ask?)

And as for all those (one person?) complaining of an excessive focus on the pleasures with which we seduce our taste buds?  Then I won’t tell you about last night’s seared salmon (from the best fishmonger in the Boston area, IMHO — New Deal Seafood) in lemon-mustard sauce, nor the black bean/grilled corn salad and the sautéed kale; nor will I mention that one of the best decisions in my life was to marry a former pro chef (at good to excellent restaurants).

My wife and I tend to spend one good dinner planning the next night’s gastronomy, so perhaps this could be a “how I’m going to eat well this week” open thread.

Cheers all.