Not Fair

Get a new bed, new bedding, new pillows, sheets, and comforter, and you don’t even get to be the first one to use it:

One of these days I will figure out how Lily manages to tuck herself in. I guess this is the price I pay for bringing strange knocked up bitches home.

Doggie Drama Update

So I talked to my dad’s friend Joyce (our barber), and she put me in touch with the animal shelter. I’m going to see how things go tomorrow with Tunch, and if there is no fighting, the new dog (mom and I are alternating between “Rita” and “Rosie” and “Aggie”) can stay until I can find her real home or figure out what to do with her.

The new dog is surgically attached to me and sits at my feet, and Lily’s nose is a little out of joint. I tried to call Lily, and she turned her head away from me as if to say “slut.” On the other hand, we went to the park where they can safely run without a leash, and they romped around a bit with no issues.

I’m also starting to think the new dog is pretty obviously pregnant, which adds a whole new dimension of fun to this ordeal. She also can not operate stairs (Lily couldn’t either when I got her), so if nothing else I can banish her to the basement when Tunch comes home (assuming there are issues).

She’s just very clearly a house doggie, though. I sit down and she and Lily both jockey for lap space, I took a little nap and they both got in bed. I’m horrified at the possibility that she got out of her collar and someone is running around frantically looking for their doggie- Don’t worry strangers! Lily and I got your back!

Tomorrow I will take her to my vet and scan her for a chip. I need to get one put in Lily and Tunch, so I guess we can do that all at once.

All I Wanted Were Some New Damned Sheets

Dropped off Tunch at the vets (he is fine, surgery went well, I’ve called several times to check on him), went to Petco and Bed, Bath and Beyond with mom for a featherbed, some new pillows, a light comforter, a duvet cover, and some sheets, and on my way home I found this:

That is a Tunch-sized Jack Russell Terrier- she is every bit as pudgy as she is affectionate, that I found on a side road in the middle of the country on the way home. She was just sitting in the middle of the road, wet, tail between her legs, panting, and in obvious distress, so I stopped to check on her. I opened the door, went back to behind the car to get her, she ran around the other side of the car and jumped in the driver’s side door that I had left open.

She had no collar but had marks from where she used to have one, so I don’t know if she is someone’s pet who got away, but that area is notorious for dumping and I went to every house for five miles in either direction and no one recognized her. I’m taking some pictures and posting them around this area.

She’s already bonded to me, and Lily has her nose out of joint, but they have managed to figure out a way to share my lap when I sit down in the lazyboy. I really don’t need another dog, so I am going to try to find her owners or place her. If anyone in the northern panhandle wants a very, very sweet and well-fed JRT young lady, email me.

Open Thread

Big day for Tunch- off to the vets to have his teeth cleaned and a tooth removed. He is really bitching up a storm because I did not feed him this morning because I didn’t know if it was safe to feed a cat before surgery. I guess I never thought to ask if cats were like humans in that regard.

BTW- It is a good thing this little fellow was already adopted, or I was going to grab him. I really need to stop visiting

Monday Night Open Thread

RedKitten passes along a new picture of her spawn:

I’d say he is filling out a bit.