Now This Is Genius

I think my rabbit problem has just been solved: Motion-Activated Sprinkler. I added it to my cart for the next time I make a purchase.

Also, my Norpro Ceramic Compost Keeper showed up and it is the perfect size for a single person and very stylish.

*** Update ***

You’d think this would be effective against wabbits:

Open Thread

So the birthday menu will consist of a bottle of Redwood Ranch Syrah, an aged ribeye, broccoli, squash, and a salad with some crumbled blue cheese.

I’m quite excited.

Mid-Day Open Thread

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It rained like hell last night, and it turns out that Rosie is afraid of thunder, so I was aggressively spooned and licked from about 3:30 on. I actually went back to bed for an hour this morning as a treat- what the hell, it is my birthday!

Going to try to get some work done, although it is pretty hard with the LAZERS boring into my soul from underneath the desk:

BTW- I’m so very proud of Lily. She has just been a perfect angel with Rosie, and I feel like I did a really good job making her a happy healthy dog. She has accepted the new addition with open arms, they share food and the couch and the bed and my lap, they ride well, they play well, and she has just been such a good doggie. Tunch has been good too, but let’s face it- for Tunch, Rosie is just another underling to ignore as he struts through his fiefdom.

Open Thread: Happy Birthday, John Cole

John Cole, 22 June 2009:

“Also, every time it is my birthday, I think of that scene in 16 Candles when Anthony Michael Hall sings the Beatles to Molly Ringwald.”

Happy birthday to the best damned bloghost ever!

Another Open Thread

Not sure what it is bout summers, but I lose my taste for politics. Too much other stuff going on.

This is JenJen bait- the Last American Cowboy on Animal Planet rocks, and the border collies are all amazing. The one that is able to ride on the back of the four-wheeler kills me. He must be going 30 miles an hour and that dog just hangs on and loves it.

*** Update ***

By request:

Also, some talk about Great Pyrenees in the thread. They are wonderful dogs, and my mom, dad, Ginny, and Guesly are all visiting the beach where they stay with their friend and this gentle giant:

He is a wonderful dog, and when there are other dogs around that look hostile or sketchy, he always steps in between the other dogs and Ginny and Guesly to shelter them.